Smartpayroll | Payroll Software Specifically Designed For Farmers And Agri-Business

Smartpayroll | Payroll Software Specifically Designed For Farmers And Agri-Business

(bright music) – [Narrator] Welcome to SmartPayroll. In the next two minutes, we’ll show you how easy it can be to pay your stuff. There’s even a special custom
feature just for farmers. SmartPayroll is New Zealand’s
leading online payroll system. Powered by Datacom. It automatically works at your pace. Deducts all IRD payments. And files your returns for you. To make things even easier, SmartPayroll has an app to run your pay on the go. There’s also an app for
employees to enter their time, request leave and view
paystub information. How easy is that? After signing up with SmartPayroll, a customized payroll
site will be setup and you’ll be given a secure
log-in and password. To run a pay, open and click the log-in button. From here, you can enter your
own username and password. Once you’ve logged in, click run a pay. You will see a list of employees to pay. If the hours are the same each pay, just click one-touch pay. Immediately, the pays
will be setup for all those paid the same amount each payroll. If you’re in farming or agriculture, SmartPayroll has a top-up
feature that allows you to record additional hours worked
without changing the salary. It will also alert you
if you need to top-up the employees pay to meet minimum wage. Double-click an employees name. The normal hours worked
will already be entered. If they worked additional hours, then enter the correct hours
in the hours worked field. If the additional hours take the employee below minimum wage, a warning will pop-up. You then have the option to top-up the employees pay so they are not underpaid. Just click the top-up icon
and the rate will change to ensure the employee is
paid at least minimum wage. Maybe your employee prefers to use their employers app to
send in their hours. If your employee has sent in
their timesheet by the app, then the hours worked
will already be filled in. Then if leave has been taken, click add leave item to
enter any type of leave. When you’re ready to finalize the pay, just click process pay run and into the date you wish the payroll to be sent to the bank. Then click submit all
pays and close pay period. It’s done. The wages have been paid. If you bank with one of the main banks, the pays will be in
your employees accounts within a couple of hours. Payslips can then be
printed out or emailed. Just click display payslips, then click email employee payslips. Thank you for watching our video. Call us now to find out more. (bright music)

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