Small towns create consortium for aerial mosquito spray

Small towns create consortium for aerial mosquito spray

FOURTH OF JULY, SURROUNDING TOWNS ARE DOING WHAT THEY CAN TO MAKE SURE THEY’RE MOSQUITO FREE. SO, THEY’RE SENDING PLANES WITH MOSQUITO SPRAY TO TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM. OUR KLBK’S ALLYSA TELLEZ TELLS US HOW THIS ALL HAPPENED. Darrell ALLYSA THIS PLAN ACTUALLY TOOK SOME TIME TO GET GOING. A COALITION WAS FORMED WITH SEVERAL SMALL TOWNS TO GET VECTOR DISEASE CONTROL INTERANTIONAL TO SPRAY FOR MOSQUITOES. AND THOSE PLANES WILL FLY OVER A TOTAL OF 11 DIFFERENT REGIONS WITH THAT SPRAY. 00:10-00:14 Darrell Newsom//Wolfforth City Manager 00:25-00:34 Elena Quintanilla – Ransom Canyon City Manager TAKING MOSQUTIO REPELLENT TO THE SKIES.. A CONSORTIUM HAS FORMED BETWEEN SMALL TOWNS TO GET VECTOR TO SPRAY FOR MOSQUITOES USING AN AIRPLANE. “It’s really not a different chemical than what we’re spraying now on the ground, it’s just being applied aerially so we can do it much more quickly.” COVERING MORE GROUND AND KILLING MORE MOSQUITOES. “This has a 65 to 85 percent kill rate doing it aerially.” THIS PLAN– TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING…. “I’ve worked hard to market this program getting cities on board and we are fortunate that the coalition continues to grow as we start seeing the need for aerial mosquito spray” THE REASON ITS TAKEN SO LONG IS BECAUSE IN ORDER FOR VECTOR TO DO THIS SORT OF OPERATION, A MINIMUM OF 10,000 ACRES IS REQUIRED. SO TOWNS LIKE IDALOU, CROSBYTON, AND WOLFFORTH HAVE JOINED WITH RANSOM CANYON TO MEET THAT ACREAGE REQUIREMENT, AND IT WON’T BREAK THE BANK. “Our licensure has changed for our small towns to be able to procure these type of groups so unfortunately that’s made it very costly for them to actually run these kinds of operations.” THE COST OF THE SPRAY IS 92 CENTS PER ACRE, AND THE CHEMICAL IS SAFE AND LOCAL. “Work with this company because they’re very reputable, they work a lot with the state of Texas in terms of managing hurricanes, mosqutio control during that time frame and so we were fortunate enough to get together with the city of Plainview and they have an inter- local agreement with all the small towns. SO THIS FOURTH OF JULY, YOU WON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MOSQUITOS CRASHING THE PARTY. “the holidays, so people have folks over and they’ll have their friends and family outdoors, in their yards, that type fo thing so we wanna try to control as much of the mosquito population.” ALLYSA THE SPRAYING WIULL TAKE PLACE FROM DUSK TIL DAWN. THE OPERATION HAD TO BE CANCELLED TODAY DUE TO WIND. TERRI AFTER THE PARKLAND AND SANTA FE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS – THE

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