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Small Business Living is brought to you
by the TAMIU SBDC. Today we visit one of their success stories, “Carne Seca
Dona Blanca” Hello this is Christina for Small Business Living and I’m here
with Michael Gonzalez, the director of the TAMIU SBDC and right now we are
at Carne Seca Dona Blanca, also known as Dona Blanca’s gourmet dried beef. So tell us a little bit about this business Mike. Mike: It is an amazing establishment,
manufacturing of gourmet dried beef here in Laredo Texas, for the whole world.
We’re really excited that the TAMIU SBDC could be a part of this wonderful
business it is absolutely delicious if you have not had it before, I very much
encourage you to go out and try Carne Seca Dona Blanca and today we’re gonna talk not only about Carne Seca Dona Blanca but how the SBDC was able to help them to achieve their dream. Hello, Christina Mendoza, again and I’m
here with Naomi Mercado, who is the co-owner of this delicious Carne Seca
Dona Blanca, she’s gonna give us a little bit of an inside look into this
delicious business. So tell us a little bit about where this came from? like this
idea? not the secret recipe we know you’re not gonna give that away. Naomi: Right, well it’s very exciting it’s a family business for one and this is a
dream of my husband and like any good wife, of course I want to support my husband, you want to be passionate about what you’re doing and of course the
motivation was there and the passion was there. So we said let’s do this and Carne Seca Dona Blanca was born. Mike: Hi this is Mike Gonzalez, we’re here with Small
Business Living and today we are at Carne Seca Dona Blanca, back here in the
production area, I’m here with Mr. Eduardo Mercado, he is the co-owner of Carne Seca Dona Blanca and so tell us a little bit about what happens back here
and and what’s new here at Carne Seca Dona Blanca? Eduardo: Okay, thank you Mike and so
what we do right here this is where we cook or dehydrate the meat. So we can
come out with this delicious taste of the product. Mike: I see this as
this is your classic package, the Texas quest for Texas best finalist
right here. Then we have your travel pouch, right. A two ounce package maybe
taking a little piece of Laredo with you anywhere you go. I think that’s an
important one and now the prototype of your one pound for large
families or for kitchens and food trucks. Tina: With the Mercado family, productos Dona Blanca Gourmet Beef and we have a the Mercado is here with us today and they’ve been a part of our
SBDC family since 2013. We’ve been part of their process with helping their business get started, so if you wanna share with us how you started your business and what future plans do you have for your
business? Naomi: Okay, well first of all I met Tina at Small Business Development
Center, we enrolled in the classes that they offer for new businesses and they
give you classes on marketing and on social media, your finances and it was
definitely a tool that we use, used and are still using today. Blanca: De Nuestra Casa a Su Mesa, (from our house, to your table) Carne Seca Dona Blanca. Carne Seca Dona Blanca one of TAMIU SBDC success stories. You can be one to! Subscribe to their YouTube Channel and
follow them on Facebook. The TAMIU SBDC Building the Texas Economy One Business at a Time!

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