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[ Music ] My name is Manny Cappello, I’m a
professor in the Business Department. What makes me really excited about the Entrepreneurship Program
is that, it doesn’t discriminate. There are no glass ceilings in
entrepreneurship, it treats everyone equally. If you’ve got a great idea, if you’ve
got a great business opportunity, and you are able to execute
successfully, then the sky’s the limit. Entrepreneurship is more than just
simply coming up with a new product, it’s also being creative in
the way you get things done. As such, I encourage everyone regardless
of the field that they’re studying, or that they see themselves getting
in to, to obtain as much knowledge as you can relative to entrepreneurship. For me, going into the program,
I was very unfamiliar with it. So, as I, you know, progressed into the
program, I actually learned how to communicate with others working in a
group, working with others. That’s what I’ve learned, and I’ve picked
up, and I’m really glad that I have, because, you know, especially when I want to
open up my own place, I need to do that. The type of jobs that are available to a
student who has completed this program include, you know, the creation of their own business where they’re not just getting a
job, but they’re creating jobs. But then, there’s also another
element associated with this program that’s really
important, and often times overlooked. And that is, companies, well established
large companies are looking for individuals who have an entrepreneurial type of perspective. Innovation, creativity, all
these things come into play, and they’re qualities that all employers want. [ Music ]

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