-ŠK-Výlet do přírody-

-ŠK-Výlet do přírody-

Meowy Neon Wake up we’re going to the nature today And then everybody get into the car, and drove to the nearest shop Bananas Still not have We don’t have time for this, come on we’re going YES? Joe, just go with us And then everybody get into the car, and drove to the final destination We’re probably there So what are we going to do We can go for wood Everybody agreed, and after that they went for wood Why are you cutting the tree, did it ever do something to you After failed attempt they went to their camp This won’t work Then we’ll eat dinner Don’t have, they didn’t have bananas Then we’ll sleep First day of their adventure ends and begins the morning bear noises You’re ugly Good morning Good, we are going home right? Fuck, we don’t have Joe OOps You’re ugly That was on the bear But you’re ugly too Now we are really going home I came for your soul I won’t give Then I’ll have to kill you You’re ugly After they defeated Satan they went home But you forget me but, BUT, I’ll return, I swear

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  1. O můj bože to byl ultimátní crossover skrze tvé epizody o můj bože. O můj bože tam je RomerpodtržítkoCzE. O můj bože oni stále nemají banány co je to za neplechu jaký nezbedný hoch tak skupuje všechny banány asi je dává opicim, o můj bože v tom případě musí být subs TvKikkat prezraní banánů a subs fiziho a datla jakbysmet. O můj bože

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