Simple Public Relations Ideas for a Small Business

Simple Public Relations Ideas for a Small Business

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information that you can apply to your own business right now hello and thanks
for watching another amazing episode of duct tape and popsicle sticks I am Mike
Keiser along with a woman who once went to the dentist to get a bluetooth Maria Keiser all right I’m glad you approve I love it
when you approve hey everybody thanks a million for hanging out with us we’ve
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everything you need to know like how to get to our brand-new website to our
other videos to our podcast is in the show notes below but I want to get right
to it because um we’ve noticed on Google Trends and some other things that people
search business owners search a lot about PR public relations but don’t
necessarily know what it is or why it might be helpful because it’s not really
the same as well it’s part of marketing but it isn’t advertising what PR is
really is just growing a favorable public image growing and creating a
favorable public image and there’s a number of ways to do that you can pay
experts that do that but we think it’s really important and can be very useful
in your overall marketing campaign so what are some simple things that people
could do on their own that they don’t have to pay a bunch of money for but can
be good for PR well a little-known secret is the the news venues out there
the newspapers the the news channels things like that their budgets have been
severely cut so they are always looking for news and so the more news you can
provide them the more they are grateful for the opportunity now that doesn’t
mean you know on the day there’s a big murder investigation or there’s a car
wreck that they’re gonna take your story but there are slower news days so create
an article that is newsworthy that has has its place in the news and submit it
you know that’s that’s a great tactic and you’d be surprised how often you do
get picked up we’ve had a number of successes with press releases for
ourselves and for our clients and if you’re like well I don’t know how to
make a press release there’s there’s easy templates online to show you
specifically how to write a press release yeah and and once it’s a
than the people at the at the station or the the newspaper would would edit it
appropriately right yes right right so I mean other other areas are you know
get get the word out about what you’re up to what you’re doing so you can even
use social media or other other places to create buzz about what you’re doing
you can yeah social media can be a great place
you know you’ve talked about a business owner up in Worcester that’s been around
for years and years and years I believe decades I’m not exaggerating a funeral
home I believe although it’s hard to cold-call if you’re right it really is
all of there it seems like all of their growth has come through PR in the form
of community service community service right they are right there in their
demographics so they’re on the bocce court they are sponsoring the Sons of
Italy dinners there they’re in there with the people so when the time comes
they’re the the logical choice there was also another store in the Worcester area
that was pretty famous called Spags and all he did all day long was walk up and
down the street and talked to the people so depending upon what you’re selling
and what what type of business you have go out there and create buzz about who
you are and what you’re up to right you mentioned reporters you can
also go to other influencers like bloggers youtubers and present stories
to them as well right right see if they’ll interview you or capture you in
one of their in one of their stories so there’s there’s a lot of ways that you
can get public relations out there and creating buzz about what you’re up to
right so as you’re building your marketing campaign strongly consider PR
being a being a piece of it are you good good
all right well everybody thanks a million we hope you enjoyed the show we
hope you got one or two nuggets you can take away from it you have been watching
duct tape and popsicle sticks where we make your business better three minutes
at a time for now you’re watching duct tape and popsicle sticks with Mike and
Maria Keiser

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