Simon Meyer, Carson Scott – Sky Business News | Part 4 | Nov 2016

Simon Meyer, Carson Scott – Sky Business News | Part 4 | Nov 2016

Simon, argy-bargy is arguably Canberra’s greatest export, but did you read any significance into this week’s argy-bargy around 457 visas? [laughs] Yeah I’ve been asked that question about 15 times this week. It’s one that’s close to my heart because 457 is actually; power; diversity; and talent, and allow international expertise to enter into this market and contribute. And actually you know what? What no one ever comments about is how many of those 457 visas convert into permanent residency here so we actually we keep the talent here and they contribute to our economy, measured over five to ten years. Now of course I’m thinking over from a professional perspective, I think a lot of the argy-bargy this week was really associated with trades and industrial labor so you know very very different market, but if you’re thinking about it in professional terms you know we should be thinking outside the box in terms of attracting and supporting international talent not trying to turn away. Because I mean even to that piece on industrial you got the the problems across the Tasman now and the war for talent on even that type of the rebuild. Again, where does that leave project pipelines here and the ability to stay within budget? It’s not agile thinking in talent terms, you know it’s old school thinking and quite frankly we need to we need to address that

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