Simon Meyer, Carson Scott – Sky Business News | Part 3 | Nov 2016

Simon Meyer, Carson Scott – Sky Business News | Part 3 | Nov 2016

The battle for talent going across continents across geographical divides… I’m looking at numbers out of the UK, wages rising a 2.4%. Now they’re rising here, if you’re lucky, at just on 1.9%. So, and if anyone says the cost of living more expensive there they are wrong they are wrong they are wrong, so on that measure how do you entice people to stay here? That’s a really good question and probably the other way of looking at Carson, is how do we attract more talent into this market to diversify the thought the IP and the ability to grow some of these new startup businesses and SMEs, so you know we talk all the time about that. I think the UK… BREXIT – did it really allow Aussie companies to get over there and find talent? Not really. You know that situation is settled down and quite isolated with regard to city only. Most of the businesses that we know commercially in the UK are still in reasonable shape and they’re playing a protective game in terms of talent. So the Aussie and Kiwi influx that we thought that we might have seen probably hasn’t really eventuated That’s a challenge here because our talent base is too narrow. We don’t we don’t have enough spread in terms of people coming through and that’s an issue for for the business community in both Sydney and Melbourne

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