Simon Meyer, Carson Scott – Sky Business News | Part 2 | Nov 2016

Simon Meyer, Carson Scott – Sky Business News | Part 2 | Nov 2016

and Simon yesterday wages data showed that wages growth has continued to slow it’s still in positive territory I should point out has continued to slow and in fact was a lowest reading in around 20 years on an annualised basis, does that surge in full-time jobs today speak to that wages-growth scenario, does it provide an inflection point could we see a turn up in wages growth from here Look maybe I mean it’s you know we were always look at in supply and demand so if the the candidate volume’s strong and there’s not that many opportunities it’s gonna keep base packages you know fairly flat. I think the the overall orientation in the market is to really try and think very carefully about base levels and keep it keep it capped and I’ve said this before you know where where organisations are prepared to pay is where they see performance and and bonus return. I caught up with a couple of CEOs yesterday now in the context that their businesses and and they will play some bonuses, you know in sectors like FMCG as we come up to Christmas, but if I was looking at in 10 year trend you know the bonuses that will see in the market this year reflect you know still pretty tight conditions you know in terms of in terms of how much organisations are trading particularly the big end of town

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