Showing You How to Scale a Cashback Arbitrage Reselling Business [& New Sourcing Site]

Showing You How to Scale a Cashback Arbitrage Reselling Business [& New Sourcing Site]

what’s going on guys so today I’m gonna
run you through a brand new cashback website it is nice discount dotnet now
I’ve never talked about it before on this channel but it is another gem of a
cash back site that you can get great products to your door for practically no
money or free right so it’s gonna depend product the product it’s gonna depend
like I always say on whether the seller sends it to you via friends and family
on paypal or you know as a business transaction then you might get ding with
that slight fee right it’s also going to depend whether it’s a hundred percent
free or not if you get taxed on that actual purchase on Amazon so these are
the little things that make it whether you know let’s say you buy a twenty
dollar product right and I want to take you through the entire tracking system
that I use and we’re gonna run through a trial example of scaling this business
model up because I get this question a lot you know how do you implement it how
do you scale it what happens if you don’t get you know a hundred percent
cashback I’m gonna outline it literally in front of your eyes here so that you
can see that this is how you can make it profitable this is how you can scale it
and these are some potential issues that murder might arise but this is how you
deal with them and this is why they’re not really issues okay so what I’m
trying to say is maybe you buy a product that’s like $20 and you get $20 cash
back right because they send it to you friends and family and you didn’t get
taxed right and that happens a lot but maybe you buy a product that’s twenty
dollars and then you get taxed on it so you end up spending like twenty dollars
and sixty cents right on the tax or something like that and then maybe they
ding you because they don’t send it friends and family they send it as a
business transaction so when you get cash back you only get cash back for the
twenty even though you paid the twenty tax but then you get ding for the
business transaction so you end up with like nineteen twenty instead of the
twenty sixty that you spent right then obviously it’s not free like people say
now in my opinion if you’re getting products that cheap and high quality
products that as you can see here you can sell some of these products back for
like 60 bucks or fifty bucks you know high-quality products or 20
bucks 15 even right you’re still getting a ridiculous amount of free products and
cheap products to your door which you can then list on Macari Poshmark and
eBay and make a hundred percent or ninety five percent profit margin on
those potential products so it’s very easy to scale there’s practically
minimal risk another question I get asked and we’re gonna run through some
of the example products here in a second it’s like when you actually scale up
with the with this stuff right it looks like in the beginning when you don’t get
all your rebates back that you might not be profitable or that you’re losing a
lot of money right so let me demonstrate that here for you in a second before I
show you some of the products on the actual site right so what I what I do I
always recommend that you track everything there’s many reasons that I
recommend they track everything and yes there are other software out there like
inventory lab for example but that’s more geared towards like shipping into
FBA and sourcing onto other sites like wholesale sites or like you know for
tactical arbitrage and stuff like that right or a flip would even be a good
example how to track with that software when you’re doing cashback arbitrage
there really isn’t a software necessarily that’s too geared towards
that I just recommend that you track it a because you’re gonna be able to see
firsthand with the data in front of you right the numbers don’t lie that you are
profitable it will show you okay you’re you tend to be profitable on this you
tend to sell more of this type of item so that means source more of this item
you tend to not sell this item as faster that means you know avoid potentially
sourcing items like that you’ll see what sites you’re getting the best deals on
right so you can continue to source from that site and all sorts of the numbers
the numbers are not gonna lie so let me outline a specific example of how I
might go about doing this for you so let’s just pick one of these random
products and act like we bought it cashback wise right so we’ll pull up
this little broom thing not one of the best products I’ve actually sourced this
before on another site I think it was extreme rebate I don’t remember so let’s
pretend that this is actually here right so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take
the link that’s how I track it and I’m gonna put the link in to me in here
right now I’m also gonna take the product names alright so this is these
are placeholders really fast but what I basically do like I said is I take the
link right so that when I do receive this actual item because sometimes it
won’t come looking like a broom obviously a broom is bigger so you’ll be
able to I kind of identify that but some items will come with just a little
package and like slight writing on it that’s why I take the product name so I
can see what the writing is potentially match it up with the corresponding
cashback products or coupon product you can also check track coupon products on
the same thing right but then you’re not gonna get a rebate back so that’s always
going to be zero but your purchase price will be super super low so you can track
them both on the same spreadsheet if you want and if you guys ever want to
spreadsheet a cash back spreadsheet a book spreadsheet a coupon spreadsheet a
bulk spreadsheet literally any spreadsheet just shoot me an email I
have the templates of all of them right they’re not gonna be autosum like I’m
gonna show you here in a second but it will help you track and then you can
Auto sum them yourself right I’ll show you how to do
here in a second so just shoot me an email I’ll pop my email up on the screen
right now and then I’ll link you the template I don’t have a problem doing
that it’s really gonna help you out I’m telling you it’s gonna prove the concept
and once you prove the concept that will inspire you to scale so then what I do
what did i purchase this for so let’s pretend that I went ahead and I
purchased this and it was twenty two ninety eight right I didn’t get taxed on
it so twenty two ninety eight and now I don’t have anything in the rebate column
so that’s you don’t need a place order for there now when I receive it I’m
gonna change it to a green why so I know that okay I have this received but I
haven’t listed it on ebay Poshmark makar yet right so another thing on that is
you can list them individually on each platform or you can use a multi channel
listing software like list perfectly is one that I recommend I highly recommend
looking into list perfectly it’s relatively cheap it works very well it
has an inventory tracking system too so when you sell on one platform it will
remove it from the others highly recommend looking into that if you plan
on selling on multiple platforms but you don’t need it if you just want to kind
of list on all the platforms initially right so then when I do go ahead and
list this if I received it and I listed it I’m gonna change it to a listed right
it’s gonna be red and if I have not received it yet and that will help me
keep track of my inventory that I’m getting because let’s say I’m scrolling
down I’m continually going down and I happen to notice that a product I
purchased like three weeks ago I still haven’t received well I can look into
that in my Amazon orders and figure out what’s the deal with that and that has
happened me before and get my money back or get a refund or message to sell it or
something like that right so track everything don’t just blindly trust now
let me go through and act like we’re actually spending money here but what I
really want to do is I want to go down and Auto some of these first to show you
exactly how I keep track of this right so I’m gonna auto sum this column right
here and all that means is it’s gonna add up
all the totals here and some it at the bottom in the bottom column right so
we’re gonna auto sum there now it’s 20 to 98 in this column and that would that
way I know in this bottom column right or this bottom row right here that’s the
total that I’ve spent on products right I’m also gonna auto some of the rebates
so I know exactly how much I got back in rebates so I can kind of look at the
correlating numbers as I scale and see how much I’m actually spending in the
products which if I’m spending like 50 products and I’m getting you know like
98% of my rebates back it’s pretty solid or something like that right so it’ll
just give you an idea of the number and how much you’re actually spending before
we Auto sum this let’s pretend that we actually did get a rebate back and I’m
scale this up with a bunch of products here in a second to show you how it can
look like you’re actually losing a lot of money right before you get a lot of
money right before you get a lot of money back and that’s why you always
want to track especially if you’re doing multiple business models right because
if you’re doing cashback and you have rebates coming from all directions and
you have products coming in and products listed and and not sold yet on other
platforms and you’re also scaling up like book arbitrage or both the alarbus
charge or any of the other arbitrage is at the same time your your money and
your inventory is going to be everywhere so make sure you track it so you can see
the numbers and keep track of everything it will help you because what you track
you can improve and obviously the numbers won’t lie so let’s pretend that
we got you know 2250 back on this rebate maybe we got a little bit of a ding with
a business transaction right so I’m gonna Auto sum this column as well so I
can see the discrepancy in what I’ve actually gotten back versus what I paid
for it on rebate sites now if you’re tracking the same thing if you’re
tracking coupons here as well keep that in mind because obviously you’re gonna
be spending like 50 cents or $2 or $3 into a coupon product so that might skew
your numbers a little bit but just keep that in mind now what I’m also going to
do is I’m also gonna auto sum the total profit right so I’m interested in you
know what my total profit is at the end of the day I’m also gonna going to write
here my profit on this site right so what that’s gonna do is I want to know
what my purchase price is minus the rebate right because that’s basically
what I’m spending into the product actually to get it so that might be what
48 cents total I spent 48 cents on this because I paid to 22 98 I got 2250 back
on this actual product but what did I profit on the site so let’s say maybe a
week goes by and then I eventually sell this I listed it at the retail price or
a little bit higher at like 25 but I made a few offers and got a few likes
and eventually somebody bought it at like 15 bucks right so my profit on the
site if let’s say we sold it on Macari for example and I always keep track of
the market place that it sold and the market place that I actually got the
deal from as well you don’t have to do that on there it’s it’s just extra data
for me to actually expand this when I want to and see hey I’m selling about
eighty percent of my stuff on Macario or I’m selling about seventy percent of my
stuff on eBay right and I’m getting like sixty percent of my stuff on extreme
rebate that tends to sell so it just gives me more data to be like okay I
probably want to source more from this site or I probably want to list more on
this site it just gives you more data to kind of see
where you’re selling where you’re getting your deals it’s important
information right so let’s say we got this from what was a nice discount and
then what I’m interested too is I’m interested in the profit on the site so
let’s say what I said I we’re selling us on Merc Ari for $15
we’re always I always personally recommend doing uh you know paying for
the shipping because you’re gonna compete with Amazon Prime and other
sellers across all marketplaces so that’s what I genuinely generally
recommend let’s say this this ended up being like nine ounces just putting in
numbers here just to kind of get an idea of what it might end up costing us so
it’s gonna cost us $4.99 to ship this out 115 in selling fees so that means I
profited 851 alright so profit on the site was 851 so then what’s my total
profit margin right so I can do this number of different ways I can actually
calculate this right here or I can Auto sum of this column right so profit on
the site and this is exactly what I do I Auto sum the profit on the site column
and then I don’t ever worry about inputting the total profit here because
I want to know my overall total profit right what is this business model
punching me out right what am I actually making right so then with this each
column right here and I keep it in blue to make sure that that it’s like this
you can also put it down here because as you like the what it actually is because
as you scale this is gonna move down you’re not gonna be able to see it
full-heartedly so we’re gonna say like purchase price or maybe like spent’
‘received’ profit onsite total made right something like that we’ll stretch
these out a little bit more so now I want to find out what my total mate is
right so we need to put in an equation here to auto sum this so it just
continues to calculate for us as we add different numbers into the spreadsheet
right because then at any point in time I’m gonna be able to look at this total
number right here and see okay this is what we made overall in the business
model this is what our bottom line is so we can drive that forward and make more
money alright so we need to put in a little equation in here so what I want
to say is I wanna say it was here H or sorry g28
– and then we’re gonna put this in parentheses here because we want to get
C 28 – d 28 and then take the difference of whatever that is 4G right
so we’re gonna say G 28 minus C 28 minus D 28 so C 28 minus D 28 right and then
boom it’s gonna tell us what our total profit margin is so now we have that
Auto we have all these columns Auto sum then we have this right here to shoot us
out whatever the difference in this is obviously subtracted from this right
here and that’s gonna tell us what we actually made overall and now this is
important the way to set this up and you know you can obviously rewind this and
watch it again if you need to understand why it is so what you want to do like I
said for this column is you want to take it and put an equal sign to make it auto
sum for all those those columns right there and get the difference right so
equals whatever your column right here is so maybe it’s an F right and F 23 to
get your profit right so equals F 23 minus and then in parentheses whatever
your your total that you spent minus your total received right boom and then
just hit enter and that’s gonna start auto summing that now this is super
important because as you spend more into products and this is exactly what people
who start tracking asked me is like let’s say you’re spending like 25 to get
a high quality product here right and then on the next product you’re spending
like 40 and then on the next product you’re spending like 12 and then on the
next product you’re spending 11 and then on the next product you’re spending 50
and then on the next product we’re just can continue to do this 28:22 a hundred
maybe or 105 you got a great product 15 you got some low quality products 11 10
right and you can see this is gonna start adding up very very fast now maybe
you got rebated for this one already and you actually got your money back maybe
you got rebated for this one right here already and you got 27 20 back because
you paid a little bit of taxes right but as you’re looking right here all this
money that you’re spending into products looks like you’re losing a shitload of
money you are negative 3 12 77 now maybe you sold this one on this platform
already boom so you sold this you listed it higher outlets 1 and you slowly drop
the price on like Poshmark for example right so possnmark you sold it on maybe
you source this one from tests on maybe you profited on on a Poshmark maybe you
actually profited like 11 dollars because you sold it higher than retail
value and somebody decided to buy it right and then your
profit on the site was 16 right so you know what I’m trying to say is as you
kind of scale this up let’s say hypothetically let’s throw some numbers
in here maybe you profit on the site was there your total profit ended up being
like 15 bucks right so it does look like initially you’re losing a lot of money
right because you’re not getting any of these rebates back but now look as you
slowly get these rebates back let’s say you got 24 bucks there and this is why
it’s super important to track it you got 38 bucks there you did something this
person and this happens every once in a while
actually sent you more because they didn’t realize that has happened to me
quite often this person sent you 45 you actually lost a bit of money on that
that will happen from time to time as well now you can obviously email the
seller or email the website I personally choose unless it’s like a big issue for
me with a lot of products I personally choose just choose to ignore it because
I’m getting all these products cheap right so right here maybe you end up
getting 22 back on this one you got 102 60 on this one and then as you get all
these rebates back you’ll start to see you got 16 on this one you got 10 on
this one you got 10 on this one and you got 20
850 on this one right now if you look at it you’re starting to make money because
you’re getting all your rebates back so now you’re into the products you have
all these free products that are listed on other platforms right so let’s say
pretend that you listed all these products they haven’t sold yet right so
you have all these free products that are valuable listed on other platforms
as slowly as a slow steady drip of cash flow as they sell right and then you’re
slowly profiting off money maybe this one sells finally and you and you made
you didn’t sell it for a hundred but you sold it for 80 right we’re sorry you
sold it for 80 and then your total profit on the site after the fee was
like was like 69 right and then maybe this one sells and then you sold it for
you know relatively low at 10 and then your total profit was like 7 right and
then finally this one sells you sold it higher for 15 and you know you made 12
bucks or 11 bucks how about right and all these other ones are sitting there
just waiting to sell and as they sell now you have free products sitting there
waiting to sell that are gonna profit you steady cash flow and now you’re up
$137 maybe a few days later because you’ve got all your rebates back and you
started to sell some items so that’s how the business model works now imagine
right imagine if you started to scale this up maybe you got some more
a little couple little tricks here too as as right before we do the scale-up so
when you do so what I do on the spreadsheet is I’ll just turn change
change this into like a 1 so you don’t have to worry about that anymore and now
it’s really really small but all that data is still in there to save these
numbers right you don’t want to delete them because then it’s gonna change your
numbers another little trick too you can add another another row right here if
you hit ctrl shift + that’s just continue to add rows and it’s not gonna
mess your numbers or your auto sum up at all right and now as you add more rows
you’re gonna start continue to Auto sum down here now let’s say you got more
products right so you start to get more products and you paste these in here and
it’s starting to look like again you’re losing a shitload of money right but
then what happens if you start to get your rebates back as you start to get
your rebates back now you’re up a lot of money and on top of that you have a
bunch of free products sitting in a bay pause mark and Macari like I have
directly behind me just waiting to sell and drip you steady cash flow every
month so that is how you scale the business model up that’s why I recommend
that you track everything this is literally how I do it if you want this
template with the spreadsheet it’s just gonna it literally all it is is a kala
is the columns right here with what I track you’re gonna have to set the auto
sum up for yourself but that’s basically how I do it right so another great site
that you can find great products on nice discount dotnet I highly recommend that
you check it out on top of that I am still running a new year new you sale on
online arbitrage pro at 65% off it has never been that price before it will go
back up at the end of January I’m just running this for the month of January
there’s a few more days to get into the course at 65% off if you want to take
advantage of it not just learn a nice discount right not just learn cashback
arbitrage unlike the 10 to 15 other great cashback arbitrage sites in the
actual course but nine other online arbitrage business models that you can
scale up and make money doing right from your laptop like I sit here and teach
you today if you want to hop into the course at 65% off it will go back up
after January first link in the description for 65% off online arbitrage
Pro let’s look at some of these deals really fast this is a great deal I might
get this vacuum right here $50 vacuum you could sell that looks like the deal
has ended but you could sell that obviously if you were able to get that
back on you know I list that on Poshmark Macari an eBay
for like maybe 70 bucks and then slowly mark it down and hopefully someone would
make an offer and I’d sell it relatively close to 50 now keep in mind if I sell
this for 40 it’s still free you know potential 40 bucks minus the fees on
that site obviously because I got it for free or very very cheap right same thing
with this right here this is a nebulizer machine right so an air compressor
system you can sell this back on on eBay let’s say you sold this back on eBay for
you know not even 40 $6.99 let’s say you sold it back on eBay for 30 bucks still
a free 30 bucks let’s say you sold it for 15 bucks
still a free 15 bucks all you have to do is front the money now another little
side note on that how you can make extra money basically doing this is use a cash
back credit card right because if you Auto sum you look at all the money that
you’ve spent right here on all these products now it’s over a thousand
dollars right so if you’re getting 5% back on your cash back credit card and
there’s two credit cards that I recommend I’ll link them down in the
description below the first one is the discover it card and second one is the
Amazon store card I use them both but I use my discover it card more when I’m
doing this the reason being you get 5% back on all
Amazon purchases right so when you turn that on the discover it card or that
comes off standard on the Amazon store card then you’re gonna get 5% cash back
and it’s just gonna add that to your total right because then let’s say 5% of
this is gonna be like a little bit over 50 bucks let’s say you spent you know
let’s pull the calculator up let’s say you spent 4 grand into products and you
end up getting like 3,900 back right so you end up spending a hundred into
products but really you spent 4 grand and you got 3900 back
what is 5% of 4 grand back 200 bucks every month that you’re gonna get for
free just because you use the cash back
credit card right so I highly recommend that you look into a cash back credit
card as well it’s really gonna help you make a lot more money with this business
model I recommend that you check out nice discount on net another really
great site where you can find high quality products where you can get to
your door for free we’re very very cheap if the rebate doesn’t exactly equal what
you spent right so check it out remember online arbitrage Pro 1st link in the
description for 65% off I hope you guys like this video I put a lot of thought
and time into it I wanted to outline the back end of it a little bit more with a
spreadsheet so you can understand a little bit more of how I track and how
you can as well keep in – it might look like you’re losing money
because you don’t have all your rebates back right or maybe you haven’t sold a
bunch of items yet right like you’re looking at this and you’re like holy
shit I’ve spent all this money and all this time to list all this stuff I’ve
only made about 200 bucks but what you’re not keeping in mind is you’ve
done all that work to have like 30 other products sitting into in eBay Poshmark
Macari right maybe there’s like a three grand retail value of those that you’re
gonna potentially see that drip that slow steady drip of cash flow over the
next month or two right so that’s how you scale the business model up remember
I’ve hit at home a million times but I preached it for a reason track
everything it doesn’t take a lot of time to do it’s really gonna help you see the
numbers so that what you see you can improve

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