Shout Out Saturday Episode #9 – Basta Pasta

Hey, Happy Saturday, everybody is Sam Palmer here with Compass Home Group We’re here at Basta Pasta in Fallston shouting out another local business in Harford County They have some great Italian food here and we’re gonna go inside and learn a little bit more about the place from George So if you want to follow me in All right, so we’re in here with George Sakellis, from Basta Pasta. George thanks for having us you appreciate it. Yeah Yeah, definitely. So tell us a little bit about the place sure. Yeah, so we opened April 2005. So almost have 15 years next year Since then we’ve opened up two more locations One in Eldersburg off Liberty Road, and one in Timonium off Timonium Road. My dad came over from Greece as an immigrant As a teenager he opened up a hot dog stand in, New York Yeah, and he met my mother here at a wedding event and him and his two brothers opened up a restaurant in Salisbury And he kind of wanted to branch out do his own thing after about ten years there. So he came to Fallston, back to our hometown because our first time was in Abingdon and he opened up pasta pasta and we have two more and it’s all run in the family the other two are run by our First cause his first cousin and nephew. So um, yeah, it’s been great. It’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah a nice family-owned business Yes, it is. Yeah, that’s great. Yeah, we’re really glad a you know, serve the people of Harford County This is our first location. This is our baby. Yeah, i’ve been coming here for years. Yeah. Yeah It’s a great family place, very casual Everyone’s kind of intimidated by the Italian feel because they always think high-class but we’re very casual, accept all customers. Yeah. Awesome Yes, so what would you say is your most popular dish here? Most popular dish is for sure Chicken Parmesan Yeah, so that’s one of my personal favorites I’m able to get after a long day here. I get chicken parmigiana I like to mix up. I get a Fra Diavolo sauce with a spicy marinara put that instead of a regular Marinara. It’s really really good. I’ll have to try that. The Cream of Crab is pretty good. Cream of Crab is really good Crab cakes are probably the second most popular dish here So we sell them single or double you have fried the boiled and we also ship them all over the country. Yeah, so a lot of our customers they move to Florida after they retire and they’re our recurring customers So they just keep ordering from us online. So yeah, it’s great for them – awesome Now do you guys do any kind of events or catering here? Yeah, so we do we do both we do catering It’s a pickup. But if it’s a large enough party, we’re more than welcome to deliver it. We’ve done catering up to 300 people So we can cater a big party and we’ll deliver for you if that you would wish. For events we do fundraising events We’ve had a bunch of fundraisers here and we’ll work with you to figure out you know A price that we can donate to the fundraising event We usually do it probably like 20 to 30 percent of sales, but we can work with you Well for however you feel is best for we also do big parties. So we do wedding rehearsals birthday parties We’ve done Fallston high school local sports teams. They have their end-of-the-year party here So we do all kinds of parties we can seat up to 80 people. Okay for the bar set here. Awesome. Awesome How about any kind of daily specials or anything? Yeah, so daily specials. Are they change everyday? We do have weekly specials that are Consistent so for Mondays and Wednesday, we have half off bottled wine for Tuesdays. We have our Tuesday cake specials So instead of 35 dollars during the week. It’s $28 on Tuesdays and Yes, I just have our daily specials the rest of the days as on top of our weekly specials We also do happy hour at Sunday through Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. It’s a $3 draft Coors Light $3 Rail drinks and Dollar off house glass of wine. Okay, awesome. Awesome Now if anybody wants to get in touch with you here if you want to place an order or anything You have some info here. Yeah, so we have a website. There you can go and order our crab cakes. You can find information for the other two locations as well as this Fallston location Phone number you can reach us at is 410-692-5100 and the address is 2745 Fallston Road in Fallston, Maryland 21047. We’re out there intersection of Baldwin Mill Road and Fallston Road So if you drive past the high schools, not too far from there. Well, we appreciate you taking a minute So tell us a little about the place and you know I guess we’ll get going so I can try and convince George here to give me some of that chicken parm he was talking about But uh, but appreciate your time. Yeah. Thank you. Thanks for coming tonight. Yeah, definitely you

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