Short Takes: Extraordinary Fellows | University of Arkansas

Short Takes: Extraordinary Fellows | University of Arkansas

Krystle Sherrell: The University of Arkansas’
Bodenhamer Fellowships are among the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships in
the nation. Conferred by the U of A’s Honors College,
each Bodenhamer Fellow receives a seventy thousand dollar award over four years, based on academic excellence and their commitment
to service and leadership. Bob McMath: I think the Bodenhamer Fellowship
is, if not unique in the country, it is extremely unusual in that the student is receiving a very lucrative
financial package, is having access to our very top professors as research mentors, but also has the founder of this fellowship,
uh, as a friend and a mentor as well. Dr. Bodenhamer: One of the, the greatest privileges
of my life is to have these young people that I can relate to —and they do feel like they’re a part of my
family— they’re special people, they’re doing great
things and they’ve got incredible careers ahead of them. Kikko Haydar: He’s always, you know, kind
of like, uh, our, our father or grandfather to the family, and we’re very thankful for him and all he’s
done for us and the mark he’s leaving on this university. Rachael Pellegrino: Having the Bodenhamers’
made my college experience what it is. It’s helped me actually find what I want to
do with my life and I don’t know if I would have had that experience anywhere else. So, it’s really
meant everything to me. Kikko Haydar: It’s just allowed me to do what
I want to do on campus, study what I want to study. Bob McMath: They’re not just bright students,
they—without exception—are people interested in serving, and so these are people
who will be making a huge difference in our nation’s society and economy in years
to come. Krystle Sherrell: Certainly a remarkable program. For more about the University of Arkansas,
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