Shopping for Business Advice with Shay Mitchell

Shopping for Business Advice with Shay Mitchell

♪ Hey there, I’m Shay Mitchell,
I’m an actor, an avid traveler and most recently I’ve become
an entrepreneur. It was my love for adventure that really
drove the creation of my travel line and brand – Beis. As a entrepreneur,
let alone a female entrepreneur there’s not really any roadmap to follow. You know there’s no blueprint on how to do this. Because of my exploration in this I really wanted to meet
and go and speak with different female owned and
operated companies. It’s actually been kind of
funny because I’ve been calling up different friends being like “Hey, do you
know any other female entrepreneurs?” It’s almost kind of like speed dating like I’m setting myself up to make
these new relationships and I am really just trying to expand
the community of people that I interact with. That is what I’m
gonna do today, so let’s see how it goes. ♪ So right now we are
heading to meet Doris who owns this really awesome vintage
store called The Way We Wore. One of my first questions
that I’m gonna ask to Doris is what’s the cleaning process of
these items? When you find a t-shirt
on a pile of other t-shirts. (laughs) Don’t keep that. I think a lot of designers
must pull inspiration from you know past fashion, like things were
really made well then which is why they’ve stood the test of time. Hi I’m Shay. – Hi, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you to. Boy you’re a tall drink of water. I am? I’m tall? It’s the heels,
the heels help a little bit. I have so many friends that are like
you have to go and meet her I say that if a piece has
wow factor, then I want it. – There’s a lot of wow factor right here.
– Yeah. ♪ For me because I sell one item
one size one color. Right, right. It’s important to find the thing
that really fits the person. – You have to be!
– I call myself a foster parent Oh, I love that! I’m a temporary possession of
these items and I’m looking for permanent homes for my wonderful pieces. I could be a permanent
home for something… for a lot of things in here. You like to wear solid colors, not… No, no I’m everything.
I’m prints, I’m glitz, I’m glamour. The sparkliest, the shiniest. Cheetah print, bedazzled. A little collar, you have me. Oh my gosh! So what would you say it takes to sort of remain the best in an
ever-changing industry? I have an issue with people
that follow trends. – Right okay
– I mean that’s just my thing – Right So instead of buying something
because it’s a trendy buy something because you love it and because it looks
good on you. Look at how beautiful this is! I’m starting a new bag line
you know. I’m trying to constantly see what’s out there, see what people are gravitating towards. So try to follow trend is
also very exhausting too. See you look at these bags
back then and now you see them everywhere. I’m doing bags like this now too and it’s like,
this was from when? Fifties. You could put anything on
and rock it. For you all I can say is
be true to yourself. Too many people are afraid they
fall into a security situation where well I’ve got
medical benefits, I’ve got you know this
kind of benefits. And instead of saying you know what
I’m not really happy in my job. What I really want to do is
bla bla bla. To be able to say “that’s it I
don’t want to do this anymore I want to do something that feeds
my soul” is really important. So bravo that you’re doing that. Since you’re beginning
your journey and creating your brand and
your product, there’s a young designer
named Melody Ehsani who does jewelry and
accessories here in LA. You guys might really hit it off. Amazing! If you’re recommending that,
then I will take you up on that. Oh my gosh. I’m gonna be in so much
trouble today, and this is like my ultimate
dream world. Everything is pink. – Hi, are you Melody? I’m Shay
– Yes, so nice to meet you This is sick. The store, everything,
the pieces – it’s amazing. Yes! This is so great This store – your brand is
named after you, so what kind of pressures
come with that? Yeah, a lot of things that you don’t
really think of when you’re first starting. Like, initially I was just like
“I don’t have any better ideas” so you just sort of name it that. And then, especially with
social media and stuff there kind of becomes a thing
where you’re like, well how do I differentiate myself
as a person from the brand? And even though there’s a lot
of overlap you know, obviously I don’t do anything that
doesn’t represent me properly, it’s still challenging
personally sometimes. And, what if I want to sell it at
some point and step away from it, do I sell my name,
like how does that work? So it’s interesting.
It’s still kind of a thing in progress. I pointed this out right away.
This is sick. Matching pants! I noticed Lauryn on the wall here… – Yes! We just did a collaboration
– so you just did a collaboration with her? I met her at a show about
nine years ago and we just sort of
connected from that point. So from the beginning I was like
how am I at at Lauryn Hill show, my first Lauryn Hill show,
and I can’t go home with a t-shirt. I was so mad, she just
didn’t have merch. – Right She kept saying, she was like
“I’m not there yet, I’m not there yet” I’m like cool when you’re there. So we did a full like cut
and sew collection for her . – Amazing For me, it’s like I did
a lot of things and people were like
“you can’t do that”. – Right You know, and I was like
well why not? It’s hard to trust that when there
isn’t somebody that’s done it yet. – You know?
– Exactly and that’s what I was saying there’s no blueprint to
how this sort of works out you just have to kind of do
what’s true to you, which is clearly what
you have done here. – Thank you so much
– Thank you! This is awesome. I love this – I’m gonna be back,
and continue support I can’t wait to support your line! I’ll show you some stuff,
I’ll bring you some stuff Yes, ok! Alright, so right now we are
heading to Wild Flora, which is a place that we get
our flowers from for the house. When are you not in
need of flowers? -Hi, how are you? Welcome
-I’m Shay! Hi! I heard that this was a
family-owned company. Family-owned, um –
started with my mom, so a second-generation florist. Kind of took a spin off of her
flower and gift shop and put my earthy version of it. I love how you set this all up. – Oh my god, that’s my favorite flower!
– It’s a peony, it’s a coral charm. – I love these.
– Aren’t they gorgeous? How did you, if it was family-owned,
like make this into your own sort of? Well, so the big difference
was thatI grew up in New York. So, took that vision… – That’s where the shop was before?
– Yes, the shop was there. Got it. Basically took her business concept
of florals, gifts, plants, brought it here with more of
an earthy, urban feel to it. – It’s like bohemian. I love it.
– Yeah – With the macrame outside.
– Yeah. It’s so awesome! So I took more
of that spin on it, and I think the California culture’s
a little bit more boho style anyways. The biggest thing I’ve done is
just go against the grain. Unique flowers, different flowers
you can’t get. Different textures, colors. My mom almost had
more like country… – Okay …sort of goods and gifts. – Right. So I went again, with more of
like a natural earthy feel. So a lot of our stuff is either
made in California or we make it. Do you think, because I do make
Sammy talk to my plant. Like I walk by and I’m like
“I love you please don’t die on me”. – Yes! You know I think that
like adds something to it. -It does, it really does.
– Right? There are studies that prove
music helps the health of plants, Positive energy. I mean
we are nature, they’re nature. We’re all interconnected.
So yeah, showing a little love. – It definitely makes a difference.
– That’s what I tell her. Sammy, you’re gonna continue
singing to all of our plants. The floral industry aside, I think female entrepreneurs
in general have your back. Oh my gosh! This common thing where
we look at each other, we don’t know the
answers to everything. But your experience
might help mine. – Exactly. And you can give me
advice on what you’re doing, because essentially we’re all
looking for the same common goal. – Thank you!
– Thank you, bye Alex! Oh my god,
this is so awesome. Just left one of my favorite
flower shops, Wild Flora. Can we talk about how beautiful
all of these flowers are? Today was really refreshing. I mean, it was amazing to get out
and talk with other female entrepreneurs and feel the camaraderie. They were all so inspiring,
and not only was it nice to be reminded to think beyond trends, go against
the grain and be true to yourself. But just feeling the support from
a bunch of my peers was pure magic, and I encourage young
females to do the same. Let’s support and
encourage one another. ♪

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  1. Wow! This is so inspiring to women (and also men) who wants to start their business. Have been wanting to quit my job and put up a coffee shop and a bee farm. So I'll just go do it.

  2. WildFlora is one of my favorite places to visit in Studio City. If ever I need amazing Floral arrangements, or gifts this is the place I go. I also buy all my candles for WildFlora (which our 100% soy, contains the best essential oils) I love them. Also, I am always greeted with a hug by the owners Alex and Michael. WildFlora is a Gem!

  3. Shay you are so amazing. I am so happy that I watched PLL, because through the show I found you. I wouldn't have followed you if I wouldn't have watched PLL. Also I love Beis. I'm so proud of you. Everything you've done is awesome. I would love to meet you sometimes but sadly I live in Germany. Much love from Antonella. ?

  4. Very Inspiring!! I recently quit my job and am now immersed in something that "feeds my soul" . I am scared to death and also empowered beyond belief!!

  5. This really is a blessing everything was cool relaxing business smart and i really like it so i hope she keep this going i will be starting my own business soon and i will make sure that i will stand out from the rest that was my plan anyway to stand out

  6. This has to be one of my favourite videos of yours so far. Absolutely loved seeing such different stuff and hearing such inspiring stories!

  7. As soon as I saw the video opening, I thought I’d Melody Ehsani; halfway through the vid they go and visit Melody this just confirmed some things for me. I’m just going to keep building because I know I’m getting closer!

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