Shifting Your Mindset to Achieve Your Business Goals // Carrie Green

Shifting Your Mindset to Achieve Your Business Goals // Carrie Green

One of the biggest reasons
that I see so many people struggling to actually build the
business that they want is because they are not in the
right mindset to create success. It is that simple and for
such a long time I was that person and
it was so frustrating. So one day I decided that
I really needed to have a mindset shift
and when I did this, it literally changed my entire life. So in this video I want to share
with you my four simple steps for how you can have a
mindset shift so that you can actually build
a wildly successful business. Hey, it’s Carrie here and
I am so excited because I am going to be
sharing with you some things that have really helped
me when it comes to shifting my mindset so that I can actually create
the success that I want. This stuff has really helped
me to build the business of my dreams. It is what helped me
to write my book and get it published
with Hay House and turn it into a bestseller. It is what has really helped
me to achieve some of my biggest goals
that are on my vision board. So I’m really, really excited
to share this with you. So the first step when it comes
to shifting your mindset is to actually create
awareness around where you’re at right now. What is your current mindset
like right now? So there’s a really powerful
intuitive journaling exercise that I absolutely love to do. It really helps me to create
awareness around what is going on in my life
and how I’m feeling right now. So I want you to just
take some time with a pen and a piece
of paper. Go somewhere quiet,
go outdoors, go wherever feels good. Give yourself permission
to sit down and just to spend some time
tuning in with yourself and writing about how
you’re feeling and what is going
on internally. So I want you to ask
yourself the question, “how am I feeling right now? What is my mindset
like right now?” I want you to start writing
and just allow the words to flow onto the paper. Don’t really think as you go
and just create awareness of what you’re currently
experiencing and what your current
mindset really is. The good, the bad, and the ugly. This is all about being really
honest with yourself. So the second step,
once you’ve done that, is to actually take a look
at what shifts you actually need to make. So as part of the intuitive
journaling exercise, I want you to write down
what your biggest struggle is right now, what your biggest mindset
sticking point is. So for example, maybe
you’ve realized that you actually have this
really deep seated feeling that you are not good enough. Or maybe it’s that you
actually are really stuck because you feel embarrassed
to put your idea out there. You’re embarrassed about
what people will think of you. You’re embarrassed to
be judged by maybe your friends,
family, or people out there that will discover your business. So whatever it is that’s
bubbling to the surface for you in terms of a mindset block or a doubt, a worry,
a fear that you have, focus on that and I want
you to ask yourself, “but why do I feel like this?” So write down, okay,
“right now I really feel like I’m not good enough. Or right now I’m feeling
really overwhelmed and totally confused
by things.” So whatever it is for you, then you’re going to
write it down, “but why do I feel like this?” As you go, I want you to keep
asking yourself questions to help you to basically peel
back the layers of the onion that is you,
to get to the heart and soul of what’s really going on here. So I want you to figure out
why is it that you feel like you’re not good enough or
you’re overwhelmed? What is truly going on that
is causing those feelings? So often we think overwhelm
or not feeling good enough is the problem,
but when we do this exercise, we actually realize that there’s
something else going on that is the real problem. It could be that you
discover something that happened three years
ago that you didn’t even realize is having a huge impact on
how you’re actually feeling and the mindset that you’re
actually keeping today. So doing this exercise
helps you to uncover what is really going on. So ask yourself,
“But why do I feel like this?” And just keep going and maybe the next thing
you are going to write is, “But why, but why? But why?” Keep asking yourself
questions to dig deeper and deeper and deeper so
that you can really uncover why you are feeling the
way you’re feeling or why you have a certain
fear, or doubt, or worry, or challenge that you’re
facing at the moment. So once you’ve done that, the third step is to look at
what you need to shift into. So looking at the solution. So if you know,
for example, okay, I keep feeling like
I am not good enough and I feel like I’m not good
enough because I realized that when I was a kid, the teachers at school
kept telling me that I was stupid, and that
I wasn’t good enough and that I was never going
to be good enough or whatever it might be for you. So then you think, “Okay, so then what’s
the solution? What is the solution
so I don’t let this hold me back anymore?” So get clear on that
solution and just again, do the intuitive journaling
exercise and literally write down the solution
is going to be: one, I need to put a Post-it
note on my wall saying you are good enough
and I need to read it every single day to myself. Just start thinking of things
that you could do that could actually help you to
shift from this negative mindset that you’re keeping or
whatever, this fear, the doubt, worry to a more positive
mindset that’s going to help you to create more of what you
want more success in your life. So have a think about the
solution to getting away from the negative mindset
into the positive mindset. So before I get into
the final step, I’d really love you to leave me
a comment and let me know what the biggest things
you are struggling with are. So what is the biggest
mindset shift that you know you need
to make? Definitely leave me a
comment and let me know. And if you are struggling,
ask me a question. I would love to help you. So leave a comment
and let me know. So the fourth and final step is to create your daily rituals
for a growth mindset. This is so important. So obviously we’ve talked
about creating awareness, looking at what mindset
shifts you need to make in order to create more
success in your life. So this step is the practical
step that’s going to actually help you to do it
on a day to day basis. So your daily rituals for
a growth mindset are going to include things
that will help you to step away from self
limiting thoughts and step into a place
where you feel confident, you feel like the best
version of you. You feel like your mind
is expansive and you are just in such
a positive frame of mind that enables you
to take the action that you need to take. So for example, a ritual
for growth mindset might be taking five minutes
every single day to visualize. To literally close your eyes,
take a few deep breaths, and connect with the
vision of success that you hold for yourself. Maybe it’s that you’re focusing
on a specific thing that you want to achieve
in your business, a specific business goal and
you vividly visualize that having happened. So you’ve achieved it,
you’ve made it happen and connecting with how it feels
to have made that happen so that every single day
you are connecting with the feelings of success. You are connecting with the
success having happened. So you’re experiencing it
like it’s already happened. So instead of spending
your days feeling like, “Oh, I can’t do it. I’m never
going to make it happen.” Or being consumed by this
mindset that’s holding you back, instead you’re immersing
yourself in a mindset that is helping you to
connect more with actually making it happen. So visualizing is so powerful
because it really helps you to connect with actually
having achieved what it is that you want
to achieve. So that’s one thing you
could do. Another thing that you
could do is to actually set in your intentions
every single day. So every single day,
get really clear on what it is that you
want to achieve. Wherever it is that you
want to go, what it is that you want
to make happen, and this is going to help
you to really get into the right frame of mind
because you’re so intentional about what you want. I always say this,
but success is not an accident. Success is something that
we create on purpose. So we have to get
intentional about it. If you want to be successful, you need to get intentional
about it every single day. Another thing that you could
do is take time to actually listen to something or
watch something that’s going to help you
to expand your mind. Or it could even be
reading a book. So reading a book,
listening to a podcast, watching a video on YouTube, doing something that
is going to help you to expand your mind and get
away from a limited mindset into a more expansive mindset where you really believe
in yourself, you have more confidence. So listening to a lot of
personal development, listening to people that are
going to really help fire you up and inspire you and get you
to believe in yourself again. Get you to feel good
about yourself. Get you to feel good
about your dreams, and the fact that you
absolutely 100% can make your dreams happen. So have a think about what
you would love to do on a day to day basis that
you think could help you to get into a real growth
mindset and make a list of your own daily rituals for
having a growth mindset and then do them. Practice them every single day. Give yourself a challenge
to practice them or the next seven days,
and then the next 14 days, and the next 30 days and
just keep doing it over and over and over again until they just become part of
your natural daily habits. I promise you it will make
such a difference and that will really help you
to go from a mindset that’s holding you back to a
mindset that’s enabling you to grow and create the
success that you want. So if you want more help
with immersing yourself in having that shift, then definitely download
a freebie that I have for you. It’s called Our Miracle
Month Challenge. It’s so powerful. We’ve had so much amazing
feedback on this over the years. So definitely download it. It’s going to take you
through a 30 day plan for really getting in a
miracle mindset to create the success
that you want. To help you even more
with this topic, I’ve got two amazing videos
that you can also watch. One is How to Think
Like a Millionaire, and the other is Four Steps for Conditioning Yourself
for Success. So definitely check those out
too if you want more help with getting in the mindset
for success and I will see you next time.

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  1. I will try it , I will let you know the results in 30 days, approximately 🙂 Thank you, I downloaded Monthly Planner .

  2. Thank you Carrie! Coming from Georgia USA. I love your inspiration and getting me to think outside the box. My business is where it is because of your help.

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