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  1. How bout back up the recorded video footage prior to the affected area being disturbed and they would know exactly how many people are under the snow

  2. Took a Schiff, wiped my Pelosi, scratched by Nadlers. And what’s this now? Avalanche? You’re talking about Trumps re-election. Cool. [Scratching Nadlers, again]

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  4. The information in this report is incorrect and they jumped the gun. It didn't happen in subway and this video should be removed.

  5. All the snow drove the slopes down by gravity pull disturbed heavy weight cracks split breaks to liquified snow created avalanche.

    The all trees swept away by the avalanche.

  6. This avalanche happened on the Scott Chair, which is ALL black diamond. You CAN take a blue down but this is expert terrain and avalanches are much more common on steep, expert terrain. This was NOT a beginner run so I don't know why this guy is saying it's unusual for an avalanche in this type of terrain…. and he grew up in the Tahoe area? Mis-information …

  7. I was there about 10 years ago and a teenager died from hitting a tree. Have fun, but don't get too crazy out there.

  8. Avalanche can happen on any slope. It has more to do with the base layers of snow/ice. If there is fresh powder on top of ice, that is a recipe for disaster.

  9. Avalanches are not uncommon. They are very common. They occur naturally. Usually ski resorts set off avalanches on purpose when the resort is closed to prevent them from happening while people are skiing. The fact someone was killed on a major ski resort by one during operational hours is whats uncommon here.

  10. For the information of the news people, all of the snow that has hit most of the country, should be counted in feet not inches of snow, don't they know anything. When it gets to be this bad, or even worse, then you stop saying inches, and you start saying feet, because that is exactly what it is.

  11. I know because I grew up in this area. Nice flex bro. Now report the news no one cares where you grew up you flake

  12. The survivor was saved by a passerby who saw a tip of a snowboard sticking out of the snow. Thank you for aware and vigilant people!

  13. Just because a lift services runs that are rated as beginner or intermediate skill level doesn’t mean all the areas are. You can have a run from the top of the mountain to the bottom that’s rated at a beginner level and then have trails leading off of that run that are double black diamond runs. Think of it like a mountain highway that you can easily drive your car down and that has steep trails leading off the sides that you can only hike down. The beginner run could wind down the mountain with all groomed trails and off those trails could be steep advanced trails that aren’t groomed and can have several feet of powder that could break free at any time. Even after blasting for avalanches you can have snow break free later. I’ve personally seen avalanches happen in areas hours after they were hit with 105mm cannon shells by avalanche crews.

  14. This is honestly not News at all. Its so disgusting that media relies so heavily on tragedy to create ratings. An avalanche on a mountain is just nature doing what it does. Once again not news worthy at all. Just more distraction from actual issues.

  15. I was just telling people the scariest road i ever drove on has a 50 foot wall of snow directly to your left while youre driving mountains. That was road to california near lake tahoe.

  16. They have those inflatable emergency jacket things that prevent this sort of thing. All skiers should invest in one.

  17. The REAL story is this… these stupid F-ing snowboarders go out of bounds on purpose, which sometimes triggers an avalanche. Happens every single year.

  18. OK, don't bark at us! I was under stress watching this. OK, you grew up in the area, we're on the other side of the screen. We're not arguing with you!

  19. Comment sections like this are exactly why comments get disabled. Bunch of interweb warriors who have never lived in the high country giving their “expert” opinion.

  20. Subway is at the very bottom of the resort, itself. Right at the parking lot by the lodge and ticketing. Really unusual that this would be the area affected.

  21. Avalanches happen , this is nothing new , I will pray for the victims & their family & rescuers . Do not listen to those thqt would blame this on climate change, its all a lie.

  22. This is complete trash "apparently there was one spot that wasn't checked" completely not true. I live in Tahoe and spend alot of time in the Backcountry. Sometimes it's takes more than a few ski patrollers to trigger a slide. It can be the 100th person of the day. Don't talk poorly about ski patrol not doing their job if you don't know what your talking about.

  23. Sounds like it was off of Scott’s chair and within boundaries so it sounds like avalanche control should have been better performed. Ouch…. I am sure lots of investigations going on. So sad….

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