She Sings the Blues: Jamming With the Legendary Beverly Watkins

She Sings the Blues: Jamming With the Legendary Beverly Watkins

(blues music) – [Announcer] Give it up one more time. (blues music) – Blues is a feeling. And it is an experience. Blues is about something
that happens in my life. ♫ Rock me all night long My name is Beverly Watkins. I was born here in
Atlanta, Georgia, in 1939. – [Narrator] Beverly Watkins was a pioneer for women in Blues. – When I was playing back in the ’60s, there wasn’t no female guitar players, not in Georgia. They said I played like a man, but they’re using the wrong terminology. The main thing is because I play so good. – [Narrator] After high school, Beverly began touring with the band Piano Red and the Meter Tones. Shortly thereafter, she was opening for some of the biggest acts in music. – We opened up for James Brown, B.B. King, Otis Redding. I played over two or 3,000 shows. Back in those days, the artists took time and help each other. – [Narrator] Her hard classic
blues style has evolved over the last 60 years. Touring with different bands
and eventually going solo. – I never stopped. When they said I should,
I didn’t pay them no mind. I kept going. Yes, it has gotten hard
out there, you know. I clean houses, I worked at car washes, I clean offices, but I never
stopped playing my music. – [Narrator] And she
has no plans on stopping anytime soon. Well into her 70s, she still puts on a show for the crowd. – It is keeping me
living, keeping me going. I’m going to look good
and have a good time. And get up there and do my thing.

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  1. Your show was amazing last night! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you and to hear you play. Play on!

  2. She plays a Fender Squier? She deserves better than that. Or maybe it actually stays in tune, unlike the piece of crap my buddy has.

  3. Never give up, never give in; never go quietly into the night. Always go kicking. and screaming, and crying the blues! She's my, and yours Mom! Go Granny! If the Devil shows up at your door you will whip his butt with you guitar strings!

  4. A true inspiration and legend! Thank you for paving a way Mz Beverly "Guitar" Watkins for MANY female musicians and artists today!

  5. AMAZING. Thank u, thank u, thank u for posting this story. Praying awesome women musicians like Sis. Beverly Watkins get celebrated & applauded more. You are blessed by God. Be encouraged.

  6. I recently heard of your passing. It was an honor meeting you and hearing you play that thang and sing the blues!

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