#ShareTheLight | The Presidential Precinct Fellows

#ShareTheLight | The Presidential Precinct Fellows

Light the soul (multiple voices) Light lay quietly at the Beginning ‘Til it was called into action by God Then it split the darkness, warmed the cold, Brought motion to the stillness, touched our souls And they say there is light at the end As we brace ourselves for the final journey The Word is, there is light even then (repeated 2x) Light that Blinds you, Binds you, then sets you free From Alpha to Omega, the Light shines through. From dawn to dusk it orders what we do By particle and wave, it prompts the birds to sing By pulse and reflection, it points out the way Light can lift depression, dispel despair Bring Hope to the weary, lead us from fear Light can raise up emotions, quiet the storm Beckon us from rolling seas into the calm We learn by light, we grow by light. We sit in the dark transfixed by its sight And as the light flickers our hearts respond We can see the connections we can feel the bonds It has been given to some to handle the light To mold it, to craft it, to bend it to right It has fallen to some to sculpt what we see To sharpen, to brighten, to make it run free (Many voices)
To those who would hold light in their hands There is much to remember, to understand In the Right Light, Love can shine. In the Right Light, We can leave Wrong behind By the Light, there is good we can know. In the Light Justice can grow Light the soul! We are the Light
(multiple voices, multiple languages) We are the Light of Africa.

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