Sex Workers Pay This Woman to be Their Mentor

Sex Workers Pay This Woman to be Their Mentor

How do we rebrand being
a sex worker, being an escort? Become your own producer, control your image, set your prices. It’s gorgeous. I don’t understand why the
anti-trafficking movement doesn’t see that by taking away our ability
to use the internet, to stay safe, sex workers are the population that
is going to end up being trafficked. It’s horrifying. It’s slaughter. So just keep trying to create
a different solution. That’s the angle. But I always feel when people say,
“Oh, she’s a pimp,” I’m just not going to go out of
my way to constantly reassure people who don’t like me. I just don’t need
that type of validation. [Red Light] [Heaux Mentor] I’m Sarah Ratchford, a journalist
specializing in sex and consent. And this isRed Light, a show that explores the changing
face of sex work around the world. In the US, the industry has been
turned upside down by a new law known as FOSTA/SESTA, which
essentially makes it illegal to promote sex work online. Before the bill was signed,
websites weren’t liable for the content people posted
advertising sex work. Now, they are.
And sex workers have to get creative in the face of massive restrictions
on the websites they relied on. Here in L.A., many are
turning to a controversial woman named Lydia Dupra, who goes with
the alias, “The Heaux Mentor.” She brands herself as a business
consultant who helps sex workers navigate this new legal landscape. She also has apps, books,
and an online reality show. This is…The Doll House.I never said, “Hey, move to
the Doll House and we’re going to
hang out all the time.”I know.You’re supposed to move to
the Doll House and we’re going to work
and make money all the time. Kinsley has been out
every single night past 3 AM. And I just went by to say
“Good Morning” to her. And she’s not home yet. Do you consent to
taking this drug test? Alright, go pee in a cup.
Come on. It happened when my jellyfish
overdosed on cocaine. That’s the Doll life for you. -Hi!
-Hey! -How are you?
-So nice to meet you. So nice to meet you. Thank you for coming. Thank you for inviting us
over today. I’m Lydia Dupra,
and I’m The Heaux Mentor. I mentor women in the adult industry, so I help them get to wherever
they’re trying to go. So whether they’re trying to get
into porn, start a business, raise their rate
as a provider or companion. Whatever it is
to help them get there. So basically I’m like a branding
strategist with emotional support. So many escort websites
look exactly the same.I know and I don’t want that.You know, also if we’re
trying to be subversive…
Lydia’s an all around businesswoman. And part of her daily ritual
is waking up at the crack of dawn to call her clients
all around the world. And I want to do
virtual reality, 360. I want them to be able to pan
the room, and see you in every room. And then, boom!
There’s your $2,000 an hour.Yeah, I would love to.
I think that’s a great idea.
Everything is just a strategy. I want to be incorporated
in your life every single day, whether it’s me personally,
or my products. Let’s nail down ten bomb photos. We have the name,
we have the backstory. I’ll write a bio.Yes, yes.
OK, fair enough.
-I’ll talk to you soon.
-OK, bye.Bye bye.I mentor women all over the world. And then, of course, there’s some
that live in my house, too. We need a fan, for your hair. So let’s see,
we’ve got to tilt it like this. Oh, that looks nice.
That’s like the perfect amount. Lydia is heavily involved in the
lives of all her mentees in the house as she helps them
market themselves to clients. So you know that the painting
was painted by the millionaire. And now you’re looking at it like, “Wait a minute,
I’m worth more than this painting.” Yeah, yeah, yeah.You look beautiful.Just… that is the look. The goal of the house is to always be a constant flow of positive energy
and support, and learning and personal growth. So what about the girls
who live here, do they pay you to live here? Yeah. But they signed the contract
with the rent? Yes. It’s a ten-page contract,
and rent is from $700 to $1,100. What’s funny is, that actually works.Oh, beautiful.Go ahead and relax. In order for people to come
and live in this house with you, at what stage in their career
do they need to be? What are those criteria? You have to have
an established career and an established sense of self. Like, this is by no means
any type of halfway house. I’m not a babysitter. It’s not like–
I’d never turn anyone away in a capacity where they
couldn’t get the information. Like, I’ve never banned a customer
from buying books or something. Yeah, so I think that’s why
I don’t feel too bad. You’ll be fine anyway. I’ll mentor you and help you
find a place to live, just not here. OK. Gold dress. Good job. That was amazing. Gold dress, gold dress, gold dress.
I already have the shoes. So this is the night time, nightclub,
cocktail, yacht party after dusk. I pick all the wardrobe, style, fluff, fuss, choose hair,
choose makeup, choose shoes, accessories, everything. They’re Dolls,
they’re my Lydia Dolls. Oh, did you want to help too? This is Money. My Frenchies. What is it that we’re really out
to do here? Rebrand and… just be different
from what I came from. And so, this is like a
new journey for me. Because I didn’t have anybody,
like, literally, anybody. She has been a really big
help for me, I talk to her every day. Every day. Do you think you would maybe move in,
would you consider ever doing that? I love L.A., I wanted to move here. This house, all these girls
they’re like me. So, yeah. I think a big, burning question
that a lot of people would have is they would see someone who has
the knowledge and experience you have and they would see newer
workers coming into the industry and coming to you for
that guidance. And they would see you and say,
“Is this a madam, what’s going on?” People recognize mentorship
in other industries. A lot of people say, “Oh I’m
successful because I had a coach, or I had a mentor,
and thank God for this mentor.” But because it’s the sex industry
and I’m this mysterious, young woman, how could I possibly
want to help other women? It’s so sexist and so…
it’s just so frustrating. It’s just, like, the total opposite. But I mean **** them, right? I got to know Sofia,
one of Lydia’s in-person mentees, and a grad student who’s planning to
support herself through sex work. She let me in on a call
with one of her clients. Hi, this is Sophia calling you back. And told me how Lydia
helps her navigate this new world under FOSTA/SESTA. Yeah, you sound really nice. Yeah, you sound super sweet,
I would love to meet you. Tell us a little bit about Lydia,
like what she’s been doing, how she’s been helping you
and mentoring you. When I didn’t know anyone in the
sex worker community and was working for an agency,
like nine months ago it was really horrible
working conditions and– Like, I don’t want to have to
hide certain parts of myself, which my former agency
was having me do. She was able to take these qualities
about me and really bring them out. That were part of my queer identity
and other identities too. Right. So everything I’m doing, including
this branding and all my other jobs, are really centralized
on grad school. It’s my big goal for doing this. And her adaptability is
a really key characteristic, because each girl is so different. And she’s able to not just
put me in this stereotypical place. She’s able to see where I want to go
in my academic career and then she’s able to incorporate
things like that into my my branding. So this was a site
that I developed with Lydia. There’s that. Yeah, we figured out I look
really good in a beige-white. Yeah, you do. So we started focusing on that
and the cream. How are you doing to change this
whole portrayal of yourself online in the face of FOSTA/SESTA? It’s been a lot of rebranding of…
turning it into a photoshoot, and booking for photoshoots. So a lot of it is being really
careful with language and… yeah. Everyone had to go in really quickly and just change
their whole website around. I think everyone in the industry kind
of has this extra edge of uneasiness. Like, at any point
something can go bad. And I think when you have
such a high risk coming in, it just makes
the whole situation more stressful. But I think also that anyone who is a
sex worker is also extremely clever, and I think already
have all these alternatives. Keep your legs more bent in,
right there. Sometimes, business and politics
collide in the house, especially now. Lydia invited me to watch her in
action during a one-on-one rebranding session with
sex worker and activist Siouxsie Q. -Can we have some fur on it?
-Is that bad? I’m not opposed to it,
we can do some shots, but I don’t want it to look
showgirl-like. Yes, you’re right. What drove you to shoot
with Lydia today? I mean as soon as I saw Lydia… even our first meeting, she was like,
“I don’t care about politics, I care about money.” And I’m like, “I’m trying
to be president in ten years.” Everyone expects me
to be politically active, which is just a lot of pressure. It’s hard for a businesswoman. So, I will probably be that side,
she holds me on this side. Yeah, that works out really well. When I first met Siouxsie,
she was like, “We’re going to be friends.” -Oh yeah.
-And I was just like… My name is Siouxsie Q,
and I am a sex worker. I’m also a writer
and kind of a politician, but from an activist
and advocacy space. So, we’re in the midst
of a rebranding. Well, she’s still learning
who Porsha is. And honestly, up until last night
we were still conflicted. So Porsha is Siouxsie’s persona, because Siouxsie is basically
a political figure now. And that’s just not that hot,
honestly. Remember, Porsha, not pin-up. I’ve been Siouxsie for like
seven, eight years now. So in terms of branding and
making money in the adult industry, I need some help there. I need Lydia’s superpowers
and she needs mine, because she’s not super into
the political side of stuff. But she has to be,
I mean you can’t not be right now. What have you guys been working on? I mean the SESTA stuff has been huge. Between she and I,
I’m on the conference calls getting the briefings from people. And we’re collaborating and
getting that information out to the people that really need it. While the sex worker community is
scrambling to find a solution to these new restrictions. Much of the general public isn’t
even aware of what’s going on. I needed to learn more about what
FOSTA/SESTA was supposed to do, and what it actually does
in practice, to better understand how the bill
has been affecting people like Lydia and her Dolls. What is FOSTA/SESTA, exactly? FOSTA/SESTA is supposed to be
a measure to reduce human trafficking of particularly young people
into the sex industry against their will. What it does is
make it potentially illegal for anyone to be communicating online
about anything related to sex work. Which is really dangerous
for the participants in the industry. It is hard to see how FOSTA would
actually be helpful to people experiencing trafficking. It’s a basic problem with laws
criminalizing sex work. When people are being exploited,
the criminal laws combined with the social stigma make it very
difficult to reach out and seek help. So to me, this just seems like
furthering that stigma and further complicating
the process of trying to get help. I don’t understand why the
anti-trafficking movement doesn’t see that sex workers, runaways,
the queer community, the trans community, people living
with HIV, that’s who you’re killing. You know for me sitting in a place
of privilege, I can be like, “OK, I’m going to rebrand,
I’m going to utilize these things.” But I think the people who are going
to be hit hardest by this… is POC, women of color, trans women. And that’s why taking away our
ability to use the internet just to stay safe is so vile. It’s all we have. It’s the only tool that we have.
Time, space, and scrutiny. That’s it. And each other. So, in the face of these new laws, I know that you’ve been acquiring
more mentees and really reaching out
to help a lot of people. I know it’s been
a really intense time. How is your business changing? By the minute. Truly by the minute. I mean I have the largest
influx of new mentees and people asking for direction. But also we’ve had
the most restrictions I’ve ever had on the company. And it’s crazy because
I’m trying to help people. But if what I’m doing could
compromise my own legality of it, it’s really terrifying. But honestly,
I wouldn’t stop doing it. Why wouldn’t you? It’s just the right thing to do. You just have to help people. I think I’m going to
get sent to a really nice jail. I’m pretty sure, yeah… I bet I can meet
some new clients in there, and they’re probably
really nice, white collar. It depends on how you spin it. Oh, yes. Yes. You want me zipping you up? -Yeah.
-Yes. Yeah.
OK, this is the one. So everyone’s getting ready
for this party. They’re going to this party that’s
run by a bunch of pornstars. And so it’s just kind
of a little hectic. Everyone’s getting ready and looking
forward to meeting some connections in the porn industry today. Oh, I’ll bring her some shoes. So, what’s the significance
of this party in terms of the gathering aspect
for you? Like in the light of these laws,
especially FOSTA/SESTA. Do you think this in-person gathering
will happen more in this community, in the sex industry? I don’t know. I don’t know,
it’s really hard to change people. What do you think are the
implications of that kind of divide? Do you think that can cause potential
harm in the community or– I don’t know,
I don’t like these questions. Honestly, it’s making me really
uncomfortable. I just know I’m going to get raked
over the coals, no matter what I say. So, I’m just very nervous about it. -I’m sorry I’m having anxiety.
-It’s OK. I understand what that’s like. Everyone’s future
is really compromised. But we’re trying,
we’re trying everything that we can. And now it’s really like
life and death. I feel like I have such a
responsibility to people. I just don’t want to let them down. So we’re trying. So it’s like, “OK, girls. You can
get in porn, there’s webcam. Let’s do… let’s make
a YouTube show, get ad revenue… if you want modeling careers…” Like, I’m trying so hard to at least
save the girls that live with me. I’m sorry for being emotional. I haven’t really confronted
my feelings about it, at all. When there is such an urgency, it’s
like you don’t have time to feel it. I also have all this guilt
associated, because I know, no matter what,
it’s not going to affect me as a person. So it’s, like, my business is
doing great because of it. And I feel guilty about that, too. So if everyone’s panicking, people are buying my books,
or buying my videos, and I’m just like,
“I feel guilty about this.” Kinsley, why aren’t you in a dress? Because…
Kendall don’t have nothing to wear. Get in a dress.
Tell Kendall to get dressed. There’s a pink dress in her room. There’s dresses on the couch. We have to go. What time is it then? It’s… we’re supposed
to be going now. -Kinsley, get dressed!
-OK. Alright. I’m going to see if it fits. If not, we have a
red leatherette one. And then just like that, I’m fine. Are you sure? Do you guys go out together often?
Do you go out partying together? We don’t really party party. But we definitely do other things
where we get to connect and build a stronger relationship
and everything, which is pretty cool. It’s just that bond. It’s not common to have someone
to talk to within the industry. A lot of people are alone. You feel like
everyone’s in competition. And it’s always good to have
a shoulder to cry on, or someone to rub your shoulder
and be like, “It’s OK, I’m here for you.” So, yeah, I actually love it. You ready? Where are the dogs?
Head count, one, two. They’re fine. -Have fun guys.
-Thank you. [Station1640
Los Angeles, California] After spending so much time in
Lydia’s home with her and her Dolls, and looking at how
they’re changing their business in response to FOSTA/SESTA, I came to learn how much Lydia
truly cares about her clients. These women she calls
her Dolls are her life. And even though Lydia
might be a bit non-traditional, and definitely controversial, she’s a vital part in
every one of her girls’ lives. And in their survival in
this industry now. But even though she’s working so hard
to help women in the industry, not a lot of sex workers have
this opportunity for mentorship. And that’s scary. Personally, what really gets me
with working with sex workers is just the strength and spirit
of their community. So time after time, no matter what
obstacles come into play, sex workers are a group of people
who will unite together and fight the dangers
that they face on a daily.

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