Sex Workers In Brazil Learn English For World Cup

Sex Workers In Brazil Learn English For World Cup

our back on the powers out as you know
the World Cup is going to Brazil and guess what the sex workers are Brazil
are preparing their hearts out yes america’s truth
600,000 tourist will converge on Brazil in the
month logged ornament and the prostitutes are preparing or the
sex workers are preparing for their foreign
customers and here’s how to do now first
prostitution is legal in the state in the country Brazil just so you know but sector team Brazil are gearing up
for the influx by learning English in a once-a-week last are and beyond
that you know they’re learning English learning how to protect themselves
they’re really really really really really preparing for this on the first game is Costa Rica first thing when on June 24th
arm would be all predominately English
speakers arm and its third the third largest spoken language in the world and after
that as you know in 2016 Rio de Janeiro will be the host up the
2016 Olympics and let me tell you the sex workers are
preparing themselves to service their new sector Cox customers now there to tell you about this whole
thing so yeah I know throughout that led to the prostitution that’s fine but in Brazil prostitution is legal the legal thing you can do it go that’s
what’s up right but I’m happy that there’s
education because usually instant in in countries where prostitution is
legal those individual human rights and beyond given rights so they’re not getting you know pam or
abused but also given like protection proper contraception all these things on so you know I’m happy that they’re learning
about the process and the learning English at the same time where home now

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