Serving Persecuted Christians Since 1967 | The Voice of the Martyrs

Serving Persecuted Christians Since 1967 | The Voice of the Martyrs

Jesus Christ was beaten mocked and
misunderstood. He endured the cross and despised the shame though the king of
kings he was persecuted and died for our sake (Singing) In this world we will face tribulation but you promised You’ll be
right here with us (Narrator) and he said to his followers if they persecuted me they
will persecute you also and to this day, all over the world, they still do (singing) nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus if our God is for us we are not alone (narrator) but Jesus promised more that those who
suffer for his namesake would not be forgotten. Not by God and
not by the family of God The Voice of the Martyrs was founded by a persecuted
Christian as well Richard Wurmbrand reached out for
Christ to the Nazis in the early 1940s when they came into his native Romania.
He felt a calling to reach out to atheists for Christ. He prayed for
opportunities to share Christ with the Russians as well and when the Soviet
communists entered into Romania in 1944 they came right to his doorstep.
Richard boldly witnessed to them as well and just as Jesus promised they hated
him for it. He was arrested and sent to prison for a total of 14 years often in
solitary confinement often tortured. Through it all he held on to his love
for God and committed to witness for Christ in word and deed even to his
torturers. In 1967 Richard–now free from jail and out of Romania–founded an
organization committed to sharing the stories of others who like him were
being jailed, persecuted, tortured or killed for their faith.
He often quoted Hebrews 13:3 remember those in prison as if you are in prison
with them that organization today is operating in 68 countries around the
world in regions that are dangerous, in countries that are restricted reaching
out through persecution response through Bible distribution and through frontline
ministry. That organization is committed to stand with their persecuted family by
saying we will not let them suffer in silence we will not let them serve alone that organization: The Voice of the
Martyrs. We will share their stories we will mobilize the body of Christ to
stand together with our brothers and sisters who face persecution wherever it
happens. We will serve our persecuted family through practical and spiritual
assistance and we will carry on the mission of the one who called us: Jesus
Christ. Who said go and make disciples of all nations no matter the cost

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