Service with a Scowl: How to Employ Employee Customer Service

Service with a Scowl: How to Employ Employee Customer Service

how many times have we heard it the
expression the customer is always right supposedly
it’s the Credo of good customer service yet more and more these days people are
complaining about bad customer service in stores restaurants practically
anywhere we go to spend our hard-earned money in the box files tonight our mark
Saxon where breaks out the hidden cameras trying to figure out what ever
happened to service with a smile Robin parking lot of these games were
getting service with a scowl unfriendly cashiers incompetent flirts, and snippy sales
associates we gripe and grumble about all you want but
tonight a look at what we should really do what we can do about all those bad
manners and botched orders a busy day of errands and I’ve got
places to go things to buy no time to waste in return all I’d like is a little
assistance a little appreciation, perhaps some kind words instead at this fast food restaurant i
get silence while the employees gossip amongst themselves completely oblivious
to my presence as the only person in line at this drive through more silence
and then SAS are you there okay at this grocery store the lines are
long the wait even longer there’s no way you guys can open another
lane oh really you’re just short today no that’s how it always is at this ice cream parlor i order a
chocolate sundae from this employee but that’s not what I get this is sunday
single scoop sundae sundae yeah so I asked for in other
establishments they either stare at me blankly without any kind of greeting
gaze at me blankly with complete indifference to my questions or best of
all convey a kind of passive-aggressive contempt have a good day today and have
wonderful I started to take it all a bit
personally thinking perhaps I was sending out some bad vibes still what happened to me has
undoubtedly happened to you you feel like you’re not being respected
he would be a rude and just kind of running over you feel you’re being
ignored and not knowledgeable about the this stuff to each other by I do see
people give you attitude you know they’re in a service industry they need
to understand that when i asked these Hotel clerks why I should rent a room at
this nationally known inn as opposed to the competition across the street here
is the less than compelling sales pitch i received is one better than the other
is one cheaper super 8 might be a few dollars cheaper than we are so you don’t mind if I go there you
don’t care I care but I don’t mind an internal survey conducted recently by
mcdonalds found that at least eleven percent of its customers were
dissatisfied to the point that they complained about their service yet when
I asked this employee about it she said the problem is rude customers not brute
employees I thought the custom doesn’t matter the
customers me ok anything well that’s true I guess are they mean a lot really but I thought the customer is always
right still important to wear that smile to grin at the consumer and to make them
feel like you’re giving them the very best of the best even though on the
inside other things are going on Gloria Peterson runs a company that specializes
in business etiquette we asked her to do some customer service
evaluations for us as well at this coffee shop the service was very abrupt
at this donut shop and a hard time understanding the person behind the
counter and then I got the wrong donut and when she ask for a receipt at this
takeout lunch spot to the little irritated peterson says much of all this customer
disservice stems from the way employees are treated by their bosses treat your
employees as you would want them to treat your customer I mean it’s as easy as that studies have shown that a dissatisfied
customer may tell on average between 10 and 30 people about his or her poor
experience the problem is most of us remain
complacent when it comes to complaining to the actual place of business you have
to say something you do have to speak up and now internet
sites like planet feedback . com complaints . com and consumer affairs .
com are making the process a whole lot easier becoming the modern-day equivalent of
the complaint department the grievances are then forwarded on to
the offending businesses you can tell her q-tips our budget you know I should
be there now well thank you very much so maybe with
just a little prodding boats finger back to that simple notion of taking pride in
a job well done historically when the economy slows and
unemployment rises as we’ve obviously been seen the light employers find themselves with more
people vying for fewer positions and as a result the better qualified workers
are brought on and customer service improves still many businesses continue
to cut back on the amount of money they spend training their employees
preferring instead to pass along those savings to the consumer through lower
priced merchandise in the end you get a better deal on what you’re buying but
that decrease price often results in decreased service

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