Hey there, everybody! So, yeah, sorry I didn’t post this ages ago like I was supposed to. I should’ve done it before I left, but then everything went wrong! How’d you like the new camera, then? Shiny! Oh my gosh, I have so much space to move around in. Ah… Mmm… Anyway… So, yeah, the month of January was generally a bit hectic for me. I had just left my weekend job, and then I had to do UKESF, and then I had to rise for psychology, and go to a tutor, and I had to get birthday presents, and play Guitar Hero, and it was all a bit, “Blah!” But, yeah, the reason I was really busy is that, for the whole month of January, full-time, I was doing work experience in a law firm in London, which was very serious. But, yes, I had to get up at seven, and then I had to go to London, and I had to dress smartly, and then I had to do lots of filing, and then watching people do lots of horrible, horrible legal things. Very serious. So, what I thought I’d do one day is that I would sneak a camera into my bag and then walk around like a weirdo, recording everything, so I could show you in a montage. Serious business! Serious business. Eh, serious business, ra ra ra, serious business, eh eh eh. Na na na, serious business, *various noises*, blah blah blah, serious business, serious, serious, serious. So, yeah, this is the lift. It’s the only place I can talk to myself without getting… kicked out for being a freak. Um, this is how I stay awake every day. It’s called a “quadruple espresso.” How To Make A Quadruple Espresso! Firstly, you get a cup. Then you press the double espresso button. Twice! Mmm… Then you add hot milk. Ooh, steamy! You then add eight packets of sugar so it doesn’t taste like arse, and stir vigorously. And there you have it: the perfect quadruple espresso. May cause heart palpitations. Serious business! Welcome to the filing room, where I spend all of my day filing, and all your dreams are dead. So, yeah, right now I’m hiding in the bathroom ’cause it’s the only place left I haven’t been caught talking to myself. Elevator: Floor seven. Dan: Shut up! Serious business. That door is the most terrifying thing in the entire world. Oh, woah, woah, woah, woah, wah! This is where I come to check out my hair. Ha, yeah, serious business. Oh, the massage room, is it? Yeah, like I believe that’s what goes on in there. Serious business. So, yeah, this is the door! All I know about about the door is that I’m not allowed to know what is behind the door, and that only a couple people in the whole office know what is behind the door. All I know is that people go in and they don’t come out for half an hour, and that there’s nothing behind it because it’s a cupboard but it’s not; it’s a portal to another dimension! Serious London… is serious. Ha ha, naked. Blah! But, yeah, I’m supposed to be going to university in September and doing a law degree, so, uh… Can you really imagine me as a lawyer? I don’t think so. But, yes, in other news, in case you haven’t already noticed, I have recently made a second channel, which is rather ingeniously named Danisnotinteresting. I’m actually very proud of that because I have no imagination whatsoever. But, yeah, the reason for making a second account is that, basically, if I want to do a video response or I record something funny with my friends or I want to do something serious or arty– Phil spitting into a sink. Phil: Ugh. Dan: and generally anything that isn’t necessarily main channel material– *singing* I can put on there. So, yeah, if you’re interested in seeing a different side of me, or you’re one of those people who nags about me not making videos enough, then go subscribe to the channel that I will link to in the sidebar, or if you’re watching this in “fat mode” ’cause you’re really cool, it will be there. But, yeah, go subscribe to that because there’ll be videos on all the time. But, yes, I case you were wondering, I’m not actually in England at the moment. I’m in the middle of a family holiday in India. As you can see from all the palm trees and animal noises and general not horrible winter-ness that I left behind in England. So when I get back next week, I’m gonna have some 15-minute, HD India vlog that’s gonna take me 12 billion-ty years to edit together. But, yes, now all the serious business is out of my way and I’ve got a lot of free time. I can get down to making loads of cool videos for you guys, so I hope you are doing awesome-ly, and I will see you all soon. Mwah!

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  1. knowing that the whole dan howell lawyer au thing almost became a reality makes me fucking scream

  2. I love how in the description it says "sorry for the four week gap (fail)
    Sure dan… suuuurrrrrreee

  3. “sorry for the 4 week gap!

    danny danny
    yes, random commenter who i don’t give a shit about?
    will there be another 4 week gap?
    no, random commenter who i don’t give a shit about.
    telling lies?

  4. goes back to binge watch dan **reads description* there will never be a 4 week gap EVER!.

    2018 True … its a 4 year gap!

  5. dan mate what were you thinking taking law when you hated every minute of work experience and couldn't actually see yourself being a lawyer DAN WHY

  6. am i the only who still wonders where dan’s beauty mark went??? 9 yrs later and i still have no clue where it is

  7. Sorry for the 4 week gap? It will never happen again!? YOU HAVENT POSTED FOR A WHOOE FUCKING YEAR! but it’s okay you need time to be happy and get happy

  8. Sorry for the 4 week gap. That will never happen again. Yeah dan you've been gone over a year :'(

  9. "So yeah, now I'm hiding in the bathroom…"
    (any BMC fans here?)

  10. “Sorry for the 4 week gap”
    2019: a year without a new vid from dan and a 6 month hiatus

  11. I think if he found a way to do law and youtube at the same time there would be a ton of murders committed by teenage girls who all asked for the same lawyer

  12. From a purely selfish standpoint, I'm pretty thrilled that law school didn't work out for Dan. Though it doesn't seem that he'd have been happy doing that either.

  13. sorry for the 4 week gap! (fail)



    thats in description


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