Senior Postdoctoral fellowship 2

Senior Postdoctoral fellowship 2

I’m in an area called geometric topology, which is a subfield of topology and topologists like to imagine that the whole world is made out of infinitely bendy stretching material and you can stretch it as much as you want, but you can’t cut it you can’t poke holes in it and my area called geometric topology. Involves studying the geometry of these topological spaces. So the way I described the topological space it’s very stretchy and there’s no rigid structure on it. So my field puts a rigid geometric structure on on top of one of these stretchy topological things and then we study how you can deform it and what happen when you do that. And what attracted me here was that there’s a very strong and active research group in my area. So we have a weekly seminar where we spend the whole day together every Wednesday. There’s like 20 people and we’re like not just listening to research shots, but really learning new things together and I really wanted to be a part of this community and it’s been really fantastic for me because I have people to read a paper with or learn a new topic with I always have someone to talk to about whatever I want to learn. I really appreciate how efficient the staff is here, like everything is incredibly organized in it. It’s built in a way so that I can be as productive and as efficient as possible in my own research. So I remember when I came It only took me two hours to set up everything that I had to set up and within two hours I was already in an office and working on my I’m interested in natural photonics, so I’m interested in how animals make colors and how animals see but using crystalline materials to make those optical properties. So I’m interested in the materials of color, the materials of vision and in particular and how animals crystallize Organic molecules and use these crystals to manipulate light in different ways Coming to Weizmann had a choice to make do I come here or the other places? The striking thing for me was the philosophy of research which was like overwhelmingly attractive. Which gives space to blue sky research and to follow your nose and your sort of scientific instinct and really values knowledge for the sake of knowledge. I think. So I’ve had the opportunity the obvious thing is that I’ve had the opportunity to work with world leading scientists in a very famous group with incredible facilities. So one of the biggest things here is the electron microscopy unit, which is sort of being my bread and butter for the last four years Such a facility doesn’t really exist in many places in the world.

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