Sen. Ted Cruz: Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment circus is done

Sen. Ted Cruz: Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment circus is done

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  1. WHY NO WITNESSES? Scared of something (the truth). Everyone that comes forward can't all be Democrat spies. Just admit that trump did that sh*t..

  2. Why? Isn't it obvious Hannity you frat boy silver spoon hack? The public have the right to know exactly what went down in Ukraine, Lev Parnas has just spilled masses of evidence, the world outside fox has seen and heard some of it, plenty more to come. Any trial can have new relevant evidence introduced at any time, funny how trump and sycophants are so desperate to block everyone in the know from testifying, again. Nancy has trump's balls in her purse, she played 3d chess, he's still chewing up checkers chips…

  3. Without a defense from President Trump he still wins. Their case is entirely Unconstitutional.
    They had their opportunity to gather and make their case. That part is done. Now Senate do your job and make your decision on the information they have already sent.
    They want to illegitimately carry this on until they finally lie and manipulate and get their ends. Don't let them. Put a stop to this. Now.

  4. Ted is correct, as usual., we would be just as pissed if he was elected and this was being done to him because if he was they might have slandered him and his colleagues just the same.

  5. Looks like Nancy is signing the DEVIL'S pact and handing out the poison pens after, total sham and disgrace. I wonder if George soros is pulling the strings and he was quoted saying to bring down the United states you need socialism and communism for the world to be shaped in his vision

  6. Letโ€™s see the trial! The American people deserve to decide for ourselves. Kangaroo court was …the senators leaving the room during the inquiry, and coming back in with, their clowns claiming they didnโ€™t have access to the inquiry. ๐Ÿ™„

  7. if Schiff were expected to speak under oath they would have police in the room to arrest him for perjury as soon as he gets up.

  8. Yea sad this is a circus but the actors of this circus is trump and his republican minions Hey Cruz u sucks like a spanish u some thing else and Rubio to I hope u get out like senator and work for ur country Cuba

  9. Dem managers present charges…President's attorneys counter…Senators vote…Impeachment concludes…President exonerated…No witnesses.

  10. President said no quid pro quo…. Sanders said there was… so did mulvaney… so, whose lying? Trump! No surprise either. Go ahead bring in your witness… we donโ€™t care. The impeachment trial is on trump… move through that and then bring Biden up on charges, but we all know you have no facts… none! Still even if they did, doesnโ€™t excuse or take away from trumps criminal wrong doings. He had Barr… why didnโ€™t they just open an investigation from the states… they seem to have all the power. Trump is corrupt as all get out, and the people that believe this ๐Ÿ’ฉ… god help ya.

  11. I agree with Kevin Mc Carthy they delayed it 3 weeks to keep Bernie locked down in the Senate and give Joe Biden the edge to become the nominee.

  12. You really want to pull the wool over pplโ€™s eyes! I hope your viewers arenโ€™t all total idiots to believe youโ€™re BS, especially given the evidence thatโ€™s come out as of today, with more surely to come. Weโ€™d not be in this place IF Trump had not obstructed the House in the first place!! The House makes a case to indict, where the Senate tries the case

  13. Should have switched the papers when she wasn't looking for self-commitment power of attorney forms for an insane asylum.

  14. Weโ€™d not be in this place IF Trump had not obstructed the House in the first place!! The House makes a case to indict, where the Senate tries the case

  15. God i can't get enough of this guy Sen Ted Cruz.. i hope you have him on A LOT more. i love listening to his take on things

  16. SUBPOENAS where IGNORED and NO SHOWS by the republicans demanded by the so called innocent president …. FACTS …not alternative facts ….

  17. did you see her shake that one pen because it wouldn't work right ? you know those pens were made in CHINA.. they aren't even American made pens.. hypocritical Democrats
    She used Chinese pens because they gave to her reelection campaign

  18. Ted! What are you doing on Hannity? Still trying to get back in Trump's favor to get your nuts back? Bet your wife wants them back. You don't know what to do with them…

  19. Our country needs good honest people again in DC. We need to support the truth and not listen to these scurrilous trump enablers.

  20. What do you want for you President ???A traitor Pedophile Liar Corrupt DEMON C RAT …Or a American Warrior ๐Ÿ™ That Fight for this Great Country and for you Trump is my President โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘‹ ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹โค๏ธ

  21. Hollywood who she plays too will want her pens.they are not who America thinks they play in make believe. It's actually proven how much we laught at them at the award shows.

  22. Yuk – Ted Cruz, what a smarmy little toad he is. He can grow as much facial hair as he likes but it won't earn him respect or dignity. Pathetic how people like this are in the senate.He has no vision, no morals.

  23. Dem Senators running for Prez need to RECUSE THEMSELVES from being JURORS. They are trying to take the job of the Accused (Pres. Trump).

  24. It's OK if Democrats are mad,they wont have to worry about who wins in the next election. Their actions have assured Americans will not vote for them again because the crimes they allege are very serious and they're the ones who are guilty of committing every single one.

  25. It's going to be sad to see the other presidents that deserved impeachment to be lifted in dignity when the impeachment process is now seen to be this abusable.

  26. Ted Cruz is the most gutless politician in Washington. Trump insulted his wife and he still sucks up to him. Truly pathetic.

  27. Folks

    You are witnessing the END of the present careers of the criminals in the Rethugnican Party.Especially this anti-American waste of your viewing time.Cruz has nothing to offer anybody,what is his platform? He watches as people of his ancestry are tortured and killed on the border needlessly and shamelessly.He cowered as Trumpov castrated him on debate stage and wimped out as Trumpov made fun of his wife.What a simp.
    And you voted for him.

  28. Hey Teddy What did trump call your Dad again ? Hey teddy what did you call Donald Trump during the election ? An idiot THATS what you called him. Your a traitor to MY country. Traitor.

  29. Looks like the ol' boiler in blue wasn't happy with HER pen……though Maxy looks like she won the GOLD !!

  30. YAWN…….As a conservative I have bigger fish to fry, specifically the tyrannical governor of Virginia funded by George Soros & Michael Bloomberg. Understand; Without the 2nd ammendment the dems can and will do whatever the hell they want!FOX News has said NOTHING about this story!

    HOW CAN ANY DEMO WHO HAS PUBLICALLY SAID Trump should be empeached even get to vite in the chamber ? They are biased. This is so crazy.

  32. So SICK of people saying the dems are MAD about Trump being elected – when it goes WAY deeper and much more deviant than that, and anyone that says that is undermining the truth and what's REALLY wrong with them and going on with them!

  33. Pelosi and Democrats want to undo Americans votes in 2016 so badly. She hates Trump and Americans people, who voted to elect him

  34. They should do away with the idiocy of signing with multiple pens in general. It's cheating. Just use one pen and if someone else wants a souvenir – tough.

  35. They are infuriated their spying and lying charades failed to manipulate the American voter. It didn't work in 2016. It's not working now. As for 2020, I hope they are ready for some real hard de ja vu. The coup failed! MAGA & KAG ! Trump 2020.

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