Sen. John Kennedy hits back at Hillary Clinton’s Russia accusations

Sen. John Kennedy hits back at Hillary Clinton’s Russia accusations

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  1. Hey Trumpies – what happened to "lock her up"? I guess that is sitting right next to "mexico will pay for it" – or my favorite – "I hire only the best" (my son-in-law is the best according to my wife/daughter so there you go…)

  2. There is hacking, from Russia. And then there is a Ukraine person who basically just said he doesn't like Trump.
    That's not interfering, that's opining about another person.
    Saying they both tried to interfere with the election is horseshit. That's like stealing a wallet and saying you would like to steal an Apple but not even doing it.
    He's muddying the waters so much and it shitty

  3. "Hillary Clinton once famously called for a “full investigation” of the Russian electoral system in the wake of that nation’s 2011 parliamentary (Duma) contests….most Americans have already forgotten the Obama-Clinton tag team attempt to depose Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu in the 2015 elections."

  4. All the criminals from all the different corrupt elements of all governments are freaking the hell out because they know they are being exposed!
    The Trump train is coming down the tracks and picking up speed! Thanks to Joe biden's loose lips NOW they are ALL tied to the tracks!!!
    Bwahahaaa haa!!!…CHOOO CHOOOO!

  5. Human trafficking drug dealing and getting into the government stealing people's rights land and lives is how they have all gotten rich… And kept us poor! Just because a pedophile is running for president doesn't mean he's suddenly not a pedophile.

    just because Nancy pelosi is speaker of the house does not mean she is suddenly not still part of a KNOWN Mafia associated family.

    Just because a criminal is in government does NOT then suddenly absolve them of their crimes AGAINST HUMANITY!!

  6. — Bill and Hillary Clinton visited billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “Zorro Ranch” in New Mexico “a whole bunch of times,” according to former estate workers. —

  7. My favorite politician. Republican Senator John Kennedy is presidential material. What you see is what you get. As Joker 64 says, "He is a character!"

  8. Hillary is the one who did not go the brief. On the stand many people said under oath, meetings were set up for Hillary and she purposely did not go to them regarding her
    use of a unsecure phone and her private email system.

  9. Why should we believe Hillary? She's been out of government for 7 years. Does she have ties to Russia we don't know about? I'd like to know her sources. The intelligence community should not be sharing any current secrets with this woman.

  10. I am still waiting for Hillary to break down and run for President. She is waiting so she does not have to campaign.

  11. His name was Seth Rich and he downloaded the DNC-Podesta Emails there was no Russian hack. And they killed him for it as showen in the Podesta Emails "an example must be made" "wet work".

  12. There is NO EVIDENCE of Ukraine here. I'm sorry. This is simply a partisan defense STRAIGHT FROM PUTIN.
    Is Donald Trump really this hero to you all???
    You claim he's sent by god… How do you know you aren't worshipping the golden calf… I don't see Jesus or his father approving of this "gospel of wealth" CRAP. You're giving atheists high ground.
    THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO BACK KENNEDY UP. He had to apologise for LYING on MSNBC. I don't even like them. But at least they will fact check this tool.
    So if you're rooting for him. It's only cuz you have your MAGA hat on… Not because he didn't break the law.

  13. Hillary is such a corrupt and murderous lying witch, while Senator Kennedy is a man of honor and wisdom who knows and shares the facts.

  14. Yeh, Hillary only did back room deals to sell off all the Uranium…. Nothing to see here…. Stop parroting the Kremlin please. Keep updated with the deep state briefings.

  15. I think Schiff actually believes his own made up lies, collusion, treason, etc. This man is really demented and needs to be run out of Washington on something very painful. He loves these press conferences and hebelieves people really care what he thinks. NOT!!!!!!!!

  16. I hope Sen. Kennedy has alot of security! The count is getting higher everyday!? Sen. Kennedy is one of my favs! God bless him and keep him safe!??

  17. Kennedy is ignorant of the facts. Reputable publications? I got news for him. They are all fake news. Funny how us ordinary people know more than these gov't officials.

  18. Love that you're trying to do & say the correct things BUT You totally around the 3:30 marker by saying you Trust those newspapers and their reporters!! Haha. WHAT A JOKE!!!!????? NO ONE TRUST A WORD OUTTA ANY OF THEIR MOUTHS. NO ONE. HAHA. MADE YOURSELF LOOKS PRETTY STUPID AFTER ALL THAT

  19. Clearly democrats only find it a problem when foreign interference does not help their side or when they lose. Otherwise they have no problem with foreign governments interfering in elections.


  21. This coming from a man who went on Fox and said the Ukraine hacked us, then a few days later went on CNN and said the opposite and then on Sunday went on another channel and said both the Ukraine and Russia hacked us. Really, this is the character that Republicans can trust, or not, or maybe, or who knows any more. He can't even keep the same talking points from day to day to day.

  22. Hillary did what Biden did, but in a much grandiose way. Extortion and kickbacks were their criminal modus operandi. Being the Secretary of State, she used her position to easily Quid Pro which basically amounts to treason. Investigate how she extorted money from Arab countries with threats of civil unrest. First, she starts in LIBYA where Muammar Gadffi was ousted and killed. This became the catalyst for the uprisings in the Arab world where many long standing leaders were deposed. The Clinton Global Initiative is nothing more than a treasonous extortion racket. I bet Huma Abedin knows too much being her Arabic translator. Huma contimues to be with Hillary even after her husband turned her laptop to the FBI in 2016.

  23. If you say it long enough, people believe it. Russia, Russia, Russia!!! Collision, meddling. Haven't seen anything. There is no STORY!!! But keep reporting nothing for YEARS!!!

  24. This is the problem with Republicans. Being polite to a psychopath like HC and your "friends" in the communist Democratic party isn't going to push them towards rational thinking. Any more than it would have for GWB when his war machine was in full swing.

  25. Flash to Dems: If Trump were impeached today, the lunatic otherwise known as Hillary Clinton would STILL not be president!

  26. For 3 yrs Trump and most, if not all the Reps have adamantly denied claims and proof that Russia infiltrated the 2016 elections. So as you can imagine I was dumb founded and shocked to hear Elise Stifanik and Jim Jordan both have the audacity to try to deligitimize Dr. Hills testimony ( during the impeachment hearing) when she stated that "people on this panel seem to think Russia had nothing to do with 2016 election". Stefanik denied Dr. Hill's claim and went on to read something from a piece of paper in an attempt to try to make this exemplary career federal employee look as if she did not know what she was saying. I was wondering what planet I was on. Well now Senator Kennedy has spilled the milk and has revealed that they truely don't believe that Russia was involved and that Ukrain was the culprit. Same thing Dr. Hill was saying. This week all reps are restating their claim that Russia is innocent and our ally Ukrain was involved. Hmmmm. So I ask Stefanik and Jordan, what say you now? Crickets….. Wow, Im just shaking my head at the emence sadness over the number the lies.

  27. Was there a specific purchase date when RT bought FOX? When you see Tucker openly saying he supports Russia over Ukraine, something stinks at FOX.
    Kennedy didn't answer if he missed the Senate briefing.

  28. I think that people like Napolitano, Schumer. Pelosi, Schiff and many others of the Far-Left's
    incessant and continuous  inverted, perverted, distorted interpretations and accusations of President Trumps motives (as he does his needed and valuable Presidential work internally and abroad)
    are despicable and ludicrous and their yammering only slows down and harms a lot of our Nations much needed function and work. I sincerely hope that the Far-Left will be supplanted for better people soon.                                                                                                                             God bless President Trump and our First Lady.

  29. Hide hillary there comming for you your criminal azz is going to prison and you know its comming before christmas better run fast ?

  30. I truly wish Sen. Kennedy was from my state I want to be proud of the people representing the great state of California this state is a embarasment

  31. If the U.S.A ever gets nuked by Russia and or China and gets completely destroyed, it’ll be thanks to assholes like this Kennedy clown and and all the other clowns in U.S government in the senate and house. What kind of politician talks that way about a whole country with a population of 150 million and thousands of nuclear missiles? So many corrupt and stupid politicians in the U.S, but rarely do you see a smart diplomat. U.S is basically like the Roman Empire before its fall. Completely corrupt and incompetent from-within, and foreign policy relays only on war and global domination by any means necessary. It’s all down hill from here for the U.S empire, especially now that Russia and China are strategic allies in all areas including energy, military, intelligence, and economic. ? The world is changing folks!

  32. @ 3:30 + Only the perceptive & discerning people KNOW it WAS & IS the "Gilligan Island Government" who was/is historically and organically corrupt and GILLIGAN ISLAND GUHMUNT colluded with President Trump.

  33. why call he secretary she is has been why do they call them by a tittle that no longer is .she is simply mrs clinton !!!

  34. The “intelligence” community they keep using as proof of Russian meddling has been completely discredited over and over.
    Report on the Syrian chemical weapon hoax, please and remind us of the Benghazi video hoax while your at it. There is a pattern here.

  35. George Nader, a convicted pedophile that special counsel Robert Mueller used in his Russia investigation, was indicted on Tuesday for allegedly concealing millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions to then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    “The Justice Department refers only to an unidentified 2016 presidential candidate, but campaign finance records make clear that the candidate was Clinton,” Politico reported.

  36. So why wouldn't Trump be skeptical of giving millions to such a corrupt country??? And NO other country kicks in at all!???

  37. Hillary Clinton accepted illegal donations from Lebanese now in jail for Jeffrey Epstein type crimes. Why is bill Clinton not in the news about Jeffrey Epstein crimes. demoRats and liberals with main stream media are protecting him for this crime. Records show 26 trips with Jeffrey Epstein slick willie says only 3. Big lies from all demoRats and liberals are now on display for everyone to see and vote accordingly in 2020.

  38. Dims are digging themselves a grave they truly think they can say whatever they want without proof, dims have 0 credibility with me they look like pigs at the trough ,I'd rather watch pigs at the trough at least they're functional

  39. There Needs To Be Term Limits, These Should Not Be Lifetime Jobs, Republicans Were In Total Charge For 2 Years, No Ukraine Investigation, Hunter Biden Left In 2012, No Concern, Not A Word, Election 2020 Coming Now Let's Investigate The Biden's. Michael Cohen Told You Trump Is Incapable Of Playing Fair, He Cheats At Golf, A Game Based On The honor System. United States Does Not Allow The Justice Systems Of Foreign Countries to Investigate Americans, This Is Done through Senate, Congress, FBI in The light Of Day With The Cooperation Of Other Countries Played Out In Plain Site. American Citizens Are Not Sacrificed To The Justice Department Of a Foreign Government, That Trump Himself Says Is Corrupt. I Will Sacrifice An American Citizen To A Foreign Governments Justice To Be Jailed To Win An Election? The American diplomat Who Ran Over a 15 Year Old Boy In The U K You won't Send Back to The U K, But You Will Sacrifice An American Citizen To Ukraine Justice Department Hunter Biden To Win An Election

  40. it Wont matter the Truth comes out Bill and Hillary Clinton Were Regular Guests at Epstein’s Ranch in New Mexico and Even Chelsea Stayed There….. she will be running again

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