Sen. Cruz: Senate will not let itself become the circus the house is

Sen. Cruz: Senate will not let itself become the circus the house is

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  1. I applaud Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, who ran against Trump in 2016, for their continued support of the Republican party and the Trump administration! Both have shown America their greatness over the last few years; continued service with humbleness and national concern. I've really grown to respect Ted Cruz and would consider supporting him if he runs in 2024! Cruz/Crenshaw???

  2. I could ALMOST respect the Integrity of this SHAM. If it were not for many Democrats calling for Trump's impeachment before he even warmed the seat in the Oval Office.

  3. Really sucks that I like Cruz a heck of a lot more now than back when he ran for the (R) POTUS nomination. 2024?? Maybe???

  4. Ted Cruz – one of the reasons i left the democrat party and went republican . The other reasons were that …omg ….”squad” …i couldn’t take any more of that “squad” ….they are trying to bring America down . I support Ted Cruz 100% in any election .

  5. Politicians should never be put into a celebrity status. I don't care whether your team A or team B, the political class needs to be squashed like a bug, they live like kings as they step on average Americans. Term limits are needed, and what about preventing these tax dollar socialist pigs from exceeding a certain amount of money?

  6. Yeah, whatever, Senator.
    You and the rest of the RINOs in Congress LET IT HAPPEN FOR MORE THAN THREE YEARS.
    Where was your resolve in the Obama Crisis?
    Where was your resolution when Trump immediately felt the heat of the Unholy Demon-crat Crusade before even getting inaugurated?
    You keep saying you support the President, but here we are, and you and the rest of The Bunch are still legitimizing this coup d'etat just like it was a matter of serious consideration and proper due process!
    You disgrace yourself, you use the Senate for a toilet and you passively and actively assist in the dissolution and ruin of America!
    We see the President standing up for us, fighting beyond fatigue for all of us, and we also see HE'S TOWING THE LINE ALONE, ALL ALONE!!
    You hypocrite, all your words are worthless, we are three years into The Fall and all you can do about it is toss out platitudes and empty assurances, you and Martha and the rest of the Commies that work for Fox!

  7. Remember Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He's playing his role and as dirty and untrustworthy as any democrat politician.

  8. Political theater has become a reality tv show for people who can't do their own research and like being spoon fed regurgitated information like a baby bird.

  9. This is exactly why the laws should be changed for impeachment. It should have to be Bipartisan and it should require 20 votes from the minority. And if they are not alleging a crime, I don't understand why this can't be dropped. Does anyone notice that the Democrats either use criminals or hearsay witnesses? Never anyone that's credible.

  10. Cruz carries out Trump's instructions pretty well. It's good he understands now who's in charge of the republican party.

  11. I appreciate Senator Cruz's candor…his straight up…no nonsense way of doing things!!!


  12. The House failed when they had control over it (because it was a sham & they had NOTHING), and now that some weeks have gone by they realize how weak their case is and they are trying to force the Senate to adjust the rules in their favor.

  13. Given what happened in the House, only the President’s side should get witnesses this time. Only that would restore balance and justice.

  14. DemoCRAPS did not regard the Constitution, broke every law they can, brought payed witnesses to testify, and even brought law scholars to interpret the law and Constitution but nothing went to their advantages. Now demoCRAPS want to control and dictate the impeachment proceedings in the Senate. What a pity no demoCRAPS can take the POTUS.

  15. Republicans don't want fairness, we want the same treatment of Democrats as they had of us. No witnesses and no bipartisan decisions. That's fair. This only gives the media more fodder and more gotcha moments taken out of context.

  16. Creepy Joe Biden had a little lamb, his nose as white as snow, and everywhere that Creepy Joe Biden went, the lamb was sure to make lots of dough!

  17. 100% correct! You don't have to learn to read tea leaves in order to see what's in the future for this "impeachment trial"…know your enemy. Thank you Senator Cruz!


  19. Why should the democrats be allowed to call witnesses. They did not allow the republicans to call anyone. That is fair. Senator do not give them anything. Put some backbone into the republicans.

  20. Donald Trump will be re-elected again- strong forecast by Indian Astrologer Sant Betra Ashoka & Prof. Allen’s forecast yet to come, whose forecast came true during his first election. All current
    impeachment issues will die down suddenly & permanently on January 24 2020, when Planet Saturn transits from its current house Scorpio [Trump’s zodiac] as per Birth chart. Next 7.5 years it will be completely Trump’s America alone.

  21. The witnesses have to be relevant to the specific charges refuting or validating them. So for example, for Hunter Biden, what was his role in making the Trump pressure Ukraine’s government. Why was Trump required to break the law because of Biden. No relevance to the articles against him.

  22. If Biden testifies, then Rudy and his indicted goons should testify. If that happens, then let Bolton speak as well. Let the chips fall where they may. BTW, Cruz is a slime ball car salesman. Only grew a pair when he defeated Beto.

  23. Our Peerless, Fairly Chosen And Duly Elected Official American Public Servant, And Currently Sitting American People's American President In Stellar Standing, Donald John Trump And His Equally Excellent And Dutiful American Public Servant Vice President Mr. Michael Pence And Their Administrative Cabinet Team Of Official American Public Servants Have Very Loudly, Clearly, Laudably, Honestly, Dutifully And Very Frequently Spoken To We, The Lawfully Present, Already Culturally And Religiously Diverse American People Of This Fine, Strong, Benevolent And Free American Constitutional Republic Of, By, And For All Of U.S. In Our Own Governance Of These United States Of America, And We Shall Continue To Stand By Our Choices And The Power Of Our Voices Which So Clearly Spoke As ONE In 2016, And WILL Speak Our Free American Mind's Again In Great Favor Of Our Currently Sitting, Faithful, Dutiful, Patriotic And Honorable Official American Public Servant, The People's President, Mr. Donald John Trump Again In November 2020, Because Wherever We Go One,, WE Go All, In Our Patriotically Dutiful And Faithfully Unified Benevolent WILL To Keep America Great, And Forever The Proud And Prosperous Land Of The Free, And The Warm And Welcoming, Deeply Loved And Fiercely Defended Home, Of The Brave!!!
    TRUMP/PENCE Again In 2Q2Q!!!
    God Bless America!

  24. All Republicans are clowns. I am better understanding what the supreme leader of Iran means now. I trust Iran more than the Republican party. The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

  25. Me thinks these demotards stepped in a really deep pile of 💩💩! They waaay underestimated Donald Trump! Their problem is, they're used to dealing with run of the mill politicians who constantly worry about ensuring they retain their seat for a long profitable career, which means they have to make deals and follow political rules. Enter the Donald, he plays by his own rules and he doesn't back down, he's not a politician, so that makes him dangerous to their cushy gravy train they've created for themselves. They walked right into it and they have as yet no idea the price they're going to have to pay because of it. This quest of theirs has only raised the ire of the American people and i can tell you they're really pissed off! Not the easily led trolls that are parroting the socialist agenda, but the moderate to conservative democrats as well as the independents. Come election time, they're going to voice their opinions and the dems are going to pay a Heavy price for their behavior. I predict the house will return to Republican control and the Senate will pick up several more seats as well as the Donald getting 4 more years! 👍👍🖖😆

  26. no matter how the Republicans handle it the FAKE NEWS will be negative with a bunch of made up garbage and idiot opinions

  27. Jan 15 at 11:35 AM

    I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, but what Democrats do is just a circus. There was no impeachment. They pretended to work in Congress, spent taxpayers ' money. With the same unanimity, they could impeach president at home, in a restaurant, in a toilet, and so on… Republicans please don't participate in this stupid game of DEMOCRATS. Also, come out unanimously and say a firm NO TO stupid , corrupt people.  And the people will choose their own President at 2020

  28. >Sen. Cruz: GOP will not let itself become the circus that allows Trump to take over the party – he's a pathological liar
    {next day}
    >Sen. Cruz: Trump is my leader, & I'll do anything for him since I'm a spineless little weasel – always have been

  29. Lev Parnas is a Schiff shill. One of Schiff's staffers secretly met will him and offered possible imunity if he testified.

  30. Republicans need better facts on their defense what facts do you have that say Trump did nothing wrong. What witness came to defend Trump

  31. House Dems are like a virus you can't shake, attempting to infect the Senate. Purely and simply a Clinton Coup Cover-up!

  32. Lying again, Republican didn't want to call witnesses and dumpster Trump told his klanklown don't go to the hearing, so stop lying to your cult base

  33. I'm getting a little sick and tired of Martha and her 'baited questions'. I would suggest that she is not a friend of Conservatives or POTUS. She always throws out a curve question as she did here when asking Cruz what he thought of having the currently indicted serial criminal 'Lev' Parnas along with John Bolton as a witness, knowing full well that they wouldn't be good for Trump, and all the while having that little smirk on her face. She belongs on CNN or MSNBC…

  34. When Trump presents his case, God help them if his people want to call witnesses. If this occurs, the Leftists should begin planning their funerals. Their careers in politics are over..

  35. Do nothing Pelosi, liar schift are very dangerous to our constitution, enough is enough, we are fade up with lies

  36. The Democrats hold no weight in the Senate and we all know that if it were a Democratic president facing the same charges, they would stick together no matter what. That's why Democrats are stronger in relation to sticking with their party. Something the Republicans need to learn.

  37. The Pirates usurped the Republic in 1871. Then enslaved you via the birth Certificate in 1933.
    Endorse the back your Birth Certificate and send it to the administrator of your supreme Court.

  38. Pitifully DEEP STATE COUP PLOTTERS have grossly and/or willfully failed to comprehend “The Law Of Unintended Consequences”.

  39. President Trump is duty bound by the Constitution and by the Oath of Office to stand up against corruption. As such before the impeachment can proceed The Biden Affair must be fully investigated. If Joe (and Hunter) Biden are guilty of corruption then President Trump has only done his duty.


  41. What they do not want to look at, or talk about, by with holding military aid, potus aided an enemy of America and weakened an ally. Isn't this bordering on treason? Along with all of those who helped in this matter.

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