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  1. He acted like the fool that he is at the Kavanaugh hearings. He'd ruin anyone's life if he could. Goodbye Sparticus.

  2. Bathroom Booker can run for LGBTQP office. Or planned parenthood abortion nurse. I heard Isis is hiring. New position open. DOE.

  3. What will we do without bugged eyed Spartacus, the only black man in the universe? Guess he started to believe his catch phrase, politics be damned 😄

  4. He saved himself a lot of tears and humiliation none of these demonrats are going to win against our President anyway. bye bye asparagus good riddance you weren't going to win any way you total moron. President Trump 2020

  5. He never had a potkchops chance in a bulldawgs pen. The last thing we need is a vegan idiot in the white house. He couldn't win if he was the only one running

  6. GOOD!!! Now back that up with your congressional seat also. You do not qualify to do that job. Just because you’ve been doing it that for a time does not qualify one to do it. You are a son of Satan and need to repent for that

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