Sen. Blackburn ‘astounded’ by Schiff’s closing arguments: He should retract it

Sen. Blackburn ‘astounded’ by Schiff’s closing arguments: He should retract it

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  1. I can see an election setup for 2020. I see the Democrats setting up a clear and obvious hack of the 2020 election and blaming it on the Russian with Trump behind it all. They would say that they caught Trump and the Russians red-handed. The Democrats will stop at nothing to regain their control of America and it's free tax handouts.

  2. Senators need to walk up to pencil neck Adam schiff, the penguin Nadler and mrs. Doubtfire Chuck Schumer and punch each one of them in the that lying mouths!!!!!! And don’t forget to drop kick Pelosi across the room,,,,,”!

  3. Schiff, nadler, pelosi are fighting for their lives. It’s beautiful to witness. I wish one of them would stroke out on the senate floor.
    Dems know they are done.

  4. Schiff just lied over and over…. We the people sick of hearing him. Why we can't do anything about him? He is mess. Why he is still out there. Just clean him up. Or arrest him. he is just messing up our country. Republican should be much stronger to them.

  5. 1st of all Adam schiff is lying again as usual, those who don't know that by now are just stupid! Secondly the person that wears a military uniform is to be respected if they are an honorable person, lieutenant colonel vaneman is none of that, he is a traitor to the United States and therefore no one should give 2 shits about his service!

  6. Shify: head on a pike, I don't know if it's true, but, im gonna spread that anyway. Same with his sham impeachment, unable to prove his nonsense . His lies mount, But he will just continue when this fails too. It's the agenda of the left and 90% media.. it's so good they are failing over and over.

  7. Remember a fair trial is guaranteed by the Constitution- not fair to a prosecutor, police, DA or the Democrat accusers, but fair to the accused.. The defendant. In this case Donald Trump. A trial that is fair to him is his right.

  8. So if you don’t know if it’s true, why repeat it publicly? A bit irresponsible for an Attorney and a fake public servant. This is not or ever should be acceptable.

  9. Just take a look at the Dems involved, they ALL look like weasels. I wish Trump "was a King" because they knew how to take care of traitors.

  10. More likely it was a hidden threat to the Dem Senators – considering everything the guy says is projecting what he and his party has done

  11. We, the American people, do NOT have to thank or honor any service man or woman who dishonors or betrays their Country!

  12. So let me get this straight. Schiff wants us to believe that in order to get dirt on Biden he came up with a massive criminal scheme to withhold aid to Ukraine and then get his entire senior staff to help and to cover it up. Completely ridiculous and not Trumps style.

  13. Shift has done nothing but lied to everyone and threaten the Senate and the American people he needs to be arrested and removed from office and hanged for treason

  14. Does anyone need any examples of spiteful rhetoric from Republicans? It's pathetic how offended fake Republicans get. It was reported, it was reported, it was reported, they said…therefore "I" can bash Col. Vindman because I heard he was a left wing activist.

  15. More blatant lies from an already proven LIAR. NOBODY cares what this LIAR has to say ANYMORE. His head should be on a Pike!!! Why do we tolerate these DIMWITTED DUMBORATS

  16. More blatant lies from an already proven LIAR. NOBODY cares what this LIAR has to say ANYMORE. His head should be on a Pike!!! Why do we tolerate these DIMWITTED DUMBORATS

  17. A uniform in no way protected Lt.Gen Flynn. It is only convenient to use that as a shield when it suits Democrat purposes.

  18. Big Chicken Dinner ( BCD) for Vindman. He violates chain of command, leaks info, and bad mouths the USA to the Russians. You Sir are disgraceful! Enjoy Ukraine.

  19. Schitt doesn't help his case when he attacks the very senators who have the power to convict. But, the dumbs don't have a case, anyway. Enjoy Trump's reelection, scum bags!

    Vindman is a straight up traitor and should be treated as such. Lose all rank, pay and benefits, including any retirement pay and be sent straight to Leavenworth.

  20. Schiff knows nothing that has escaped his mouth is truth. VINMAN should be punished by UCMJ for going outside his Chain of Command and be given a Disorderly Conduct Separation from service with no benefits. There are rules that the Military has to follow when reporting on your chain of command, and he did not follow them. He is a coward and a traitor, regardless of him wearing a uniform.

  21. Adam Schiff was a prosecutor and it seems to me that Schiff lies and distorts the facts all the time. The AG of California should review the cases Adam Schiff prosecuted. There probably are many occaisions that Schiff lied to achieve a conviction.

  22. I can't thank Adam Schiff enough for repairing the Republican Party. For guaranteeing 4 more years of Trump and getting the Congress back to conservative. Please don't criticize him.

  23. He knows it's not true because that's what the Democrats are doing to their Congress people you don't vote with us do you have no place to go.

  24. The globalists are losing their ground, things have changed, Schiff knows his horse has bolted, his next move should be a 25 year holiday courtesy of the federal gov't.

  25. As for Vindman. Served more than 20 years, Ranger tab, purple heart, scuba badge, Combat infantry badge, Combat jump wings, and he's a LTC? He should minimum be a full Col and most likely would already have his first star. To be over 20 as an LTC in the Infantry, after all of these wars, should tell everyone everything they need to know. He's not promotable, and he's mega butt hurt that will all these awards, they don't offset his mouth.

  26. I think trump has proven himself to America…I know many had fears what might happen… trump is a honest man..loves our country and all the people in it…( legally) trump has excellent skills when dealing with foreign policy..our economy has been breaking records for 3 strait years …he is improving people’s lives..minority’s have never done better…trump 2020

  27. Quick question: why hasn’t Schiff been arrested for sedition?? And the rest? Waters, Pelosi, Nadler and the rest?

  28. Ukraine-born Vindman has some skin the game here, it needs to be uncovered. I would be curious to know if he has family/interests in Ukraine.

  29. The only people jamming metal objects into people's skulls are Democrats and the majority of the heads being "piked" belong to babies under the guise of "women's health".

  30. Was it not Pelosi that said just last week that "this issue is just too important to leave to the voters to decide"

  31. You don't care if it's true ….. and if you pulled that in court you wold be found in contemned. Schiff's is a total HACK.

  32. Impeachment should be BIPARTISAN (involving the agreement or cooperation of two political parties that usually oppose each other's policies.) If it's NOT biparisan it shouldn't happen.

  33. This Lt.C needs to be brought up on charges of Conduct Unbecoming to his uniform and rank. He should be Dishonourable Discharge from the Military and serve time in Leavenworth for treason, spying, passing information. Before anyone says, I don't know what I am saying or how darn I say this about someone in uniform. My parents were Diplomats for the U.S. and my husband is 34 year career Military Officer. This Lt. C. is a disgrace! Personally, I am surprised he has not become a sad case of "friendly fire".

  34. Hey Blackburn, I live in Tennessee, why don;t you do something about our healthcare, my daughter has had to fight for chemo, PET scans, she never asked to be fighting for her life, welcome to the most republican state in the USA

  35. Schiff and Nadler are gaslighting the public. Anyone who disagrees with their version of Trump’s actions and motives is a traitor to democracy or some kind of foreign agent. Vindman needs to go.

  36. LTC Vindman is off-limits according to Dems, Tulsi Gabbard, however, is not and it's ok to call a female pilot a Russin asset…Dems just make up rules as they go along.

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