SEM and Profit

SEM and Profit

What’s up guys, it’s Brooke again
with another installment of “Pit Stop.” Today we’re covering Paid Online Advertising, specifically Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. In short, SEM is a paid digital marketing
strategy we use to increase site visibility in search engines like Google or Bing. If you don’t already have Online Advertising services,
you may be wondering why SEM is important. Well, one good reason is because it costs less
to attract customers online with SEM than with traditional advertising
like newspaper or billboards. In the hands of an expert team,
SEM is able to target online customers already looking to buy a specific product
and help them find it more effectively. According to our Business Analyst team,
dealers sell over 2x more on average when switching from a plan without
online advertising to one with it. At SimplePart, SEM falls under our
Digital Marketing umbrella, meaning you can always check your SimplePart
Control Panel to see a dollar-for-dollar ROI report regarding the money you put into
Digital Marketing and SEM. We offer full transparency on your return, so you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re getting
back for each dollar spent in those areas. Speaking of dollars spent, you might be asking how much you should spend on Digital Advertising. Effectively spending your Digital Marketing funds depends on your business goals and needs. We have experts who will work with you to determine what the best level of spending is for your business. Plus, SimplePart is currently a proud partner of 15 OEMs, so a number of our services are considered co-opable. In some cases, your OEM may cover some or even all of the spending for your dealership’s
Digital Marketing ad budget. Contact us and we’ll review your options with you. That’s all the time I have for today, guys! If you have any more questions or want to sign up for our SEM services, call our sales department at (404) 620-9764 and our team of expert SEM specialists can start creating an Online Advertising Strategy that best fits your needs. Be sure to give us some feedback on this video at [email protected] If you found it helpful, keep an eye out for
other videos made by my SimplePartners. See you next time!

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