Selling Cars with Google 102: Local Business Ads

Selling Cars with Google 102:  Local Business Ads

MALE SPEAKER: Welcome to Selling
Cars with Google 102, the second in a series of
educational videos created specifically for car dealers. This presentation was put
together by a team at Google that works with car dealers
across the country. We’ve seen, firsthand, how
Google can help you sell more cars and trucks while saving
time and money. We want to demystify how Google
can work for you. Selling Cars with Google
102 is focused on local business ads. More and more people are using
the internet to find local businesses, get their phone
numbers and addresses, locate them on the map, read reviews,
and visit their websites. Google can be a powerful tool
for finding local information. If a Google user’s search term
suggests they are looking for local business listings, Google
will provide results that include local business
listings layered atop a map. This provides a fantastic
opportunity for businesses to reach engaged internet users
through geographically and contextually targeted
advertisements. Local business ads are an format
option for advertisers to promote specific business
locations. These ads are associated with a
listing on Google Maps, and they are targeted by keywords
and geographic areas. This ad format can allow car
dealers to reach local car buyers while they are
searching for nearby dealerships, and generate
leads through a rich interactive ad that shows car
buyers exactly where their store is located. When local business ads appear
on Google Maps, they include a highlighted text ad in the
sponsored links section of the maps search results. They also include an information
window that expands when users click
on its map marker. Ads can also appear on and our other search partners as text ads with
an additional fifth line that specifies the city and
state of your business. Car dealers’ ads will stand
out and be identified by either including the standard
automotive icon or by uploading a custom icon. Local business ads can
automatically target car buyers based upon
their location. Using their IP address, or the
address assigned to their internet connection, we can
determine where a user is searching from to provide the
most relevant search results. For instance, two different
local business ads appear for the terms plumbing supply, based
upon the location of the person searching for this
type of business. When the search is conducted on
Google Maps, the IP address of the search user is not
considered, because they’ve already identified the
geographic area they want to search. So two viewers in two different
locations would see the same results because they’ve
specified the area they’re interested in. There are several ways car
dealers can benefit from using local ads. This is an opportunity to
reach users looking for businesses near them, or
in a specific area. Users will not only see that
you’re out there, but find out exactly where you are. This is also a cost-effective
opportunity. You only pay when the user
clicks through to your website, and you get to
determine the price you’re willing to pay. All of the times that users see
your ad but don’t click are completely free. This means that car buyers will
become both online and offline leads by either clicking
through to your website or simply finding out
where you’re located. This concludes Selling
Cars with Google 102. We hope you found this
presentation useful. Our next presentation, Selling
Cars with Google 103, focuses on search and display
opportunities with Google.

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