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Hi I’m Rob Hattrell over 200,000
businesses big and small use our UK marketplace it’s their shop window to
the world and they’re all run by real people like you up and down the country. Whether what you sell is brand new or used refurbished or antique eBay is a
place that you can grow. The people shopping with us are equally diverse. In
the UK we have over 25 million monthly visitors. That’s one in two households. Each one of them is looking for something different. To keep winning new
more buyers we need to keep eBay competitive in e-commerce we’re
investing in TV and radio advertising that promotes Click and Collect, returns
and free delivery. We’re highlighting items that offer these features on our
homepage and event pages. And now we’re
introducing changes to help you grow your sales, improve your sell experience
and giving you more protection. Keep watching to find out more. At eBay it’s
simple we succeed whenever sellers do. Whenever we announce new features,
changes or policy enforcements it’s to ensure we’re meeting the evolving needs
of all our users and that includes you. Some of you have sent me feedback saying you feel we’ve been too focused on what buyers want. The good news is my team and I have been listening and taking action behind the scenes. Here I’m just going to
give you a taster of what’s coming. With comparative pricing, market
research and international growth tools eBay shops are becoming even more
valuable. Your Multi-Buy, Best Offer and Send Offer to Buyer tools are being
enhanced, plus we’re making Promote Your Listings more accessible and easier to
manage. We’re always working to make eBay as fair and safe a marketplace as possible for you. Based on the feedback we received
from the selling community we’re proactively dealing with abusive buyers
and preparing for increased seller protections later this year. Of course
there are also changes to listings. These are designed to help you get your items
seen by more buyers. Make sure you check out the details of the requirements vary
depending on the categories you list in. As always with lots of options out there,
we thank you for choosing to be part of our business selling community. To get
more updates, tips and guidance from the eBay team, subscribe to our channel on
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