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In today’s Shopify Dropshipping 2019 video I’m gonna show you the three best Shopify products and product categories that you need to sell to make a hundred thousand dollars in profit in 2019 let’s go in my computer find out. All right, so just a little bit of proof right today. The sales are 1835 profit from that is around nine hundred to eight hundred dollars So about a thousand dollars in profit for today once the day is over So in a year, that’ll be three hundred sixty-five thousand dollars. I’m gonna show you the exact products We’re selling and the exact products. You should sell if you want to do these numbers Consistently so three products to sell to make a hundred thousand dollars in profit in 2019 we’re gonna go over a little bit of why they work why they’re easy to market and easy for a beginner intermediate advanced Whatever person gets into this products why they’re easy to sell and how to actually sell them, right? So why they work their premium quality and they have a branded feel to them? You’ll see when I show you the products They have like a brand feel when you see them and you you know, you’re potentially want to buy them They have that brand feel they have that like brand loyalty feel that you normally don’t get with like general random trendy products The second thing is they’re easy to market through Google and Facebook and I’m gonna show you Exactly why they’re easy to market and in what ways you can market them And then the third one is they have strong upsell and cross-sell Potential and they also have high ticket potential so you can essentially sell them a very very high ticket product Starting off with that low ticket that you have now, right? So these products are low ticket to medium ticket all the way up to about a hundred They can range over to two hundred dollars, but they’re starting at like ten or twenty dollars So they have a potential to also be high ticket But a potential to be low ticket depending on how you promote them and how you sell them. So how to actually market them we’re gonna go over the product these are the top three Products and I’m going to go over each and every one and I’m going to go over a store that is promoting them Profitably and a store that is doing a lot of money with these products each and every single one of them So the first one is as you can see aroma Right, why does aromatherapy work so well and why are people buying these types of products? It’s because it’s a very Passion nice and the people that are into it Spend a lot of money on these products like these diffusers I remember one of the first products that I ever sold in drop shipping was these diffusers essential oil? That they essentially put oil all over your house and that smell that nice smell over your apartment or house. These are essentially What a top products to sell one because as I just said, I’m gonna scroll up here. So I just said they’re premium quality They have that branded feel even if you’re just a complete beginner or somebody that just set up a Shopify store You can make them feel Branded and very high quality. They also are easy to market because on Facebook you can target I don’t know therapy. You can target out on a therapy brands like Young Living Essential I used to target all these brands and it’s it’s quite easy to actually target people that are into our therapy aromatherapy Is an interest on Facebook so it’s really easy to just sell these products to pretty much Everybody interested in that and they’re interesting that they’re definitely interested in these sized products You can see there’s a lot of categories and all other products to sell in this niche Like for example here you have a lot of nebulizing diffuser Which is they they just like smoke up the whole room then you have these fancy Diffusers and then you have you know other products like laser engrave diffusers color diffusers And then the essential oils and just to prove that this dish is profitable Let’s say how much they’re making so they’re raking in about three hundred twenty one thousand in Traffic this is using similar web similar web as a tool that lets you know How much traffic from where that traffic is coming from everything about a website the bounce rate pageviews? categories everything literally everything about a website lets you know, and what I like to do is half that so 321,000 as you can see in my store that I just showed you it was $1,800. Let me pull that up really quickly so my store actually we are at 1835 with 1536 so it’s a one to one ratio and Usually with these big brands that one-to-one ratio stays or up to half so up down to half so from half of That 2 all the way to 1 to 1 ratio. So this company is making all the way from $150,000 all the way to 300,000 dollars every single month selling these products So when I say that it’s a good niche to south into Canisius out the Shopify website it’s a very well built website and you can give that brand and feel even if You’re not a brand just by selling these kinds of products. So the second one is premium, baby products right like strollers anything has to do with like premium baby or parenting products parenting’s Parents tend to buy a lot of products for the kids and they don’t really care about the price Honestly, like most parents don’t buy something premium for those children Even if it’s super expensive because they want the best for their kids Remember your parents, you know, they probably want the best for you don’t buy anything to make you happy especially at that tender age when you’re like One-year-old or less than a year old 2 to 3 years old so These is this is definitely a niche that I recommend for people that have a little bit of experience in Shopify have a little bit Of experience with Facebook Ads with Google Apps You can actually crush it with products like this like strollers as you can see, there’s other like bedding nursing baths health Basically anything baby or toddler related? Like this like this is this website. It’s called byebye, baby And as you can see similar with rakes in about 3 million per month Right, that’ll be about 3 million dollars or 1.5 million dollars every single month. It’s a huge store it’s a huge niche and it’s a very very profitable niche that can also be Made high ticket so it can also be like made that you can sell some of these strollers like some of these double strollers They sell for like four hundred seven hundred even a thousand dollars some of these like 500 bucks 40 bucks these products sell really really high and It’s easy to give them the brand and feeling it’s easy to promote them through phase through Google Ads when parents are searching for a stroller or a Luxury stroller Premium store they want they want that product. They’re gonna buy that product through Google so it’s definitely easy to market it through Google now the third one is their surfboards here, but I want to touch outdoor gear and general outdoor gear is a great way to Dominate Google and it’s not a niche that many people get into many people They stay away from outdoor gear just because they think it’s difficult. There’s not enough people There’s like big brands But it’s good that there’s not that much competition and its products that when people are interested in this niche They will buy a lot and a lot and a lot from it So for example surfboards people that are actively surfing and surf a lot they will buy surfboards Constantly, they will constantly buy surfboards one after the other after the other and there’s also obviously snowboarding wakeboarding biking mountain bikes are Extremely profitable niche. I have one of my students selling products for cycling He makes about fifty to sixty thousand dollars right now a month Definitely very profitable and just to show you some proof similarweb 3.8 million visits per month making that about 1.5 million all the way up to 4 million Dollars in revenue from this niche now These are the top three niches the top three types of products that I recommend you to sell. I know I made another video Recommending other three, but this is going more in depth into why they work Examples on how they work and essentially some of the categories that work the best But the most important thing and why you should say until the end is how to actually sell these products So before we go into it if you want a special Module that I made on finding products and finding winning niches All you have to do is comment secrets down below comments secrets This is the seven-figure secrets brand So comments secrets down below and I’ll send you that module that I made it only for my inner circle But if you comment secrets, I’ll send you that winning product winning each module right now Alright, so how to actually market these types of products. The first thing is Google shopping ads with very specific keywords so what you can do is for example in the air on a therapy one premium oil diffuser or oil diffuser for home write products like that the Keywords that there are very very specific and key words that when people search for them They want to buy them. I call them high intent keywords You want to focus on those and it’s very easy to sell these products Through Google Shopping ads if you want to know about Google Shopping I have a video on that here on the channel Facebook Ads Second thing is targeting brands. For example in the outdoor gear one. There’s high-end brands like Rea or Trix Other brands about outdoor that are very very strong in the market and people that like them they like outdoor gear Timberland You know people that like those brands they like outdoor gear they like outdoors say if I hiking they like these types of products Behaviors for the parenting niche you can target parents specific ages one to three years old two to three years old three to five literally anything you want you can target with behaviors and then For the outdoor gear as well and also for the parents and depending on what kind of product it is if it’s a warm Product or a cold weather product? This is more for the outdoor one Like if you’re certain selling surfboards you want to do that in the coast so you can do like, California, Texas Florida All the way up to like New York places where people surf You want to target those regions and it’s very easy to target those regions, right? It’s easier to sell these products and selling whatever trendy or whatever random product there is because one competition is lower, right? there’s not that many people doing them and to inside you can dominate the market if you figure out how to sell one of these niches or one of these types of products or you Find the issues and find products order this one. So remember can’t secrets down below for that But like if you find products like that you will succeed and you will beat everybody else That’s just doing random stuff. Like I love you guys I love my subscribers I cared for you, and I know and I want you to be successful I don’t want you to just target whatever product copy someone else put around the video I want you to truly make money with drop shipping And how you doing is you find a unique product and a unique way to market it. That’s literally all that it takes Testing products finding a unique market a unique product and a unique way to sell it and you’ll kill it. You absolutely kill it I know that you guys have the potential to kill it and you’re watching this video So, you know that gives me some hope for you guys and for drops in general. They also like I want to go a bit down into the strong upsell and cross-sell potential so How you mark it and how you test some of these products is by starting out with a low ticket one Let’s say you want to sell like a surfboard Then you might sell a surfing accessory as the first front end and then the surfboard as the upsell so the upsell and cross-sell as well as retargeting already bought things or people that Add to Cart on a Surfing accessory, you can target them with a surfboard that’s called a cross sell or a cross up sells, right? So essentially you have so much potential in these niches specially I don’t know therapy. You can cross sell from Essential oils you sell them oils cross sell with essential oil diffuser or the same thing you can upsell Diffuser to essential oils or upsell oils to diffuser do the same thing with baby products You can upsell let’s say it’s like a crib a high-ticket crib You can upsell a stroller or if it’s like just some baby accessory a baby bottle. You can upsell the stroller So there’s a lot of things that you can upsell and cross-sell in this case for these types of products and why I recommend them So much. But yeah guys, these are the top ones that I recommend you do I definitely think that if you guys try some of these you can make a hundred thousand dollars in profit this year if you have any other questions Please drop them down in the comments below and if you want to watch how I made twelve Thousand dollars in a single day. The video is right there in this little Box it up. You’re right There are twelve thousand dollars in a day full step-by-step breakdown Subscribe to this channel like this video if you liked it join my facebook group, and let’s crush it. I love you guys Let’s crush 2019. Let’s make some money and let’s roll. Thanks for watching. I will see you in the next one

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