Selfish Fellowship

Selfish Fellowship

People go after fellowship with other people,
with other Christians all because of selfish reasons. It is all about THEM. They don’t
want to be lonely, they want to be affiliated, they want to be accepted. People want Jesus
for what they can get out of Him not for the sake of being with Jesus Himself and that
is why they look for the company of other people.
If we love Jesus and we want to spend eternity with Him we will already do s RIGHT NOW. We
will constantly make ourselves aware of Him and His presence. We will treasure HIS FELLOWSHIP.
Where our treasure is there our heart will be also .
Is our heart WITH Jesus and with being pleasing to Him or do we seek the approval, acceptance
and fellowship of other people? May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Can you please pray for my sister Sana she has leukemia cancer, she's 28 years old and has two children a boy and a girl and my entire family has been praying for her and I watch your videos for spiritual inspiration and would love it if you can say a healing prayer for her. Thank you and God Bless You….. You can email me directly at [email protected] I would love to hear from you there are so many questions I wish to ask you about God…

  2. We need Jesus as the Center of our hearts and lives and we need our entire lives to revolve around  Him.  This also means relationships.  If we desire to keep on pressing on toward Him in our lives- then He should be the most important Focus of that friendship.  Too often  one person desires to keep growing closer to Him, while the other friend just wants to have a good time and doesn't have that conviction or need to get closer to Jesus.   When one who desires a closer relationship with Jesus wants to talk about Him with the other person, the other person gets aggravated or bored, because there is no true unity in spirit —    Only the Holy Spirit can bring two people together as genuine friends.      
    We Christians act like the rest of the World and form friendships based on things we have in common in the flesh- like hobbies and such.    But a true friendship where both grow closer to the Lord is one based on the Lord- where He leads two people together because both desire Him above all else.
    It all comes down to that Jesus must be the Center of our desires–

    Sorry for such a long message reply, but the Lord is really showing me what He is saying   through our Brother here.    Amen!

  3. Set's dumbfounded ..after experiencing some extremely selfish christian church going folks … Lord JESUS open eyes and Hearts ……. for YOU King JESUS i need Most Desperately

  4. Эгоистичное братство.

    Люди идут за общением с другими людьми, с другими христианами, всё – из-за эгоистических побуждений. Это всё о НИХ. Они не хотят быть одинокими, они хотят быть связанными каким-то членством, они хотят быть принятыми. Люди хотят Иисуса за то, что они могут выйти от Него, не ради того, чтобы быть с Самим Иисусом. И вот почему они ищут компании с другими людьми.

    Если мы любим Иисуса и хотим провести вечность с Ним, мы уже это будем делать ПРЯМО СЕЙЧАС. Мы будем постоянно сами познавать Его и Его присутствие. Мы будем дорожить ЕГО ОТНОШЕНИЕМ. Где наше сокровище, там и наше сердце будет также.

    Наше сердце с Иисусом и угождением Ему, или мы ищем одобрения, принятия и общения с другими людьми?

    Да благословит тебя Иисус.

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