Self Introduction for YSEALI Academic Fellowship Spring 2020

Self Introduction for YSEALI Academic Fellowship Spring 2020

Hi, Sa Wad Di Krup, My Name is James. I am community builder. I spent three years try to build, help and initiate youth development and youth community in Thailand I have researched about youth development and ecosystem in Thailand I found out it could be better improvement if we focus on connecting public ,private sector and youth development community together. I have experience in any state of transformation education and Innovative thinking and I has ever discussed with Mr. Prayut JanoCha, Prime Minister of Thailand And I also have experience working with YSEALI network in occasional even such as Tech-Assistance in SMOGATHON and group facilitator in MY BETTER COUNTRY HACKATHON So my commitment is clear. I am going to initiate Ecosystem of youth development and youth community by cooperating with young entrepreneur With change maker with public and private sector across my network I hoping that YSEALI fellowship could bring me the great and strong network, people and resources And I honestly believe that my ability Could enhance YSEALI Network to go beyond than ever stronger and more funny Because I am one who? Would like to push the man in the light job and I am one who wish to be put in the right place, too so hope to see you in the interview session in next round. Thank you

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