Self Employment Assistance Program

Self Employment Assistance Program

Introducing the Self Employment
Assistance Program. The program that allows you to tap into your
entrepreneurial creativity. Through the Self Employment Assistance
Program you can develop your own business while receiving unemployment
insurance benefits. Here’s how it works. First you must be out of work through
no fault of your own. Be receiving unemployment benefits and have a solid
idea for business. In addition, you must be willing to work
full time on developing your business, have or be able to get the money needed to back your business, and have any professional licenses necessary. If you think you meet these criteria fill out an application for the program. You can get an application at your local
works source oregon center. Part of the application is a business
feasibility worksheet. On the worksheet describe your business
idea including, a business overview, your qualifications and skills, start-up
costs, finances, licensing and regulation. When filling out this worksheet you may
want to look into a variety of resources, including your local library or your
local small business development center for information and assistance. The Oregon Employment Department also has a lot of helpful economic information at its website Don’t forget to check your local
non-profit organizations in your area that promote small business development. Once you’ve completed your application,
mail it to the Training Programs Unit of the Oregon Employment Department. It’s
important to note that while you’re going through these initial steps you
must continue to look for full time work on a weekly basis, and you must continue to claim your
unemployment benefits each week. The Employment Department will review your application and you will receive a written decision within a couple weeks. If you’re accepted into the Self
Employment Assistance Program you’ll receive information on how to
continue to claim unemployment while on the program. You’re not officially part of the Self
Employment Assistance Program until you receive written confirmation
from Oregon Employment Department, so be sure to continue to claim your weekly
unemployment benefits and continue to look for work and till you hear from us. If you have any questions about how the
Self Employment Assistance Program affects your unemployment claim, call our
training programs unit at 1-800-436-6191 Self-employment is hard work but it can be very rewarding if you have the entrepreneurial, spirit
the Self Employment Assistance Program maybe for you. Ask a representative in
your WorkSource Oregon center for more information or look on our website

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