SEL should be about kids, not adult agendas | IN 60 SECONDS

SEL should be about kids, not adult agendas | IN 60 SECONDS

In any school, it’s vital that kids feel
safe and valued. These are among the laudable goals of social and emotional
learning, or SEL. But SEL advocates need to keep in mind some crucial cautions.
Here are two: One, promoting student safety should not turn into an excuse to push
an agenda. Some SEL proponents seem particularly taken with “restorative
justice” and tend to overstate the evidence that it “works.” Students should
feel safe and valued, and strategies to make that happen should be held to a
consistent empirical standard. Two, Concern for the emotional well-being of students
cannot become a free pass for academic folly. It’s healthy and natural for
parents and teachers to care how children are doing socially and
emotionally. But, ultimately, schools must be places of learning. SEL must remain
tightly linked to a focus on how kids are doing academically. Absent these
considerations, SEL risks becoming more about adult agendas than about what kids
need. Do you think that school improvement efforts usually serve the needs of adults
or kids? Let us know in our poll. Also, let us know what other
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  1. "Restorative Justice" (AKA, "revenge") is just the way Marxists are bringing back an Old Testament cultural precept: "the sins of the father shall be visited upon the son." Sad that Google/YT's algorithm only allowed 200 people to see this video.

  2. Most of everything that goes on in present day education serves agendas and is mostly just indoctrination. This is so clearly harmful to children and destroys both learning and critical thinking. US "education centers" are just better disguised versions of China's re-education camps. But what do you expect when Marx has been the dominant view in education for the last 70yrs.

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