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  1. Seu negócio é no Brasil e deseja fazer um Tour Virtual em 360° dentro do ambiente da sua empresa?

    Entre em contato comigo, pois sou certificado e autorizado no Brasil a fornecer o serviço Google Business View: (11) 99151-6472/ (11) 94751-5772 – [email protected]

    Sem estar fisicamente no local (similar ao que já pode ser feito no Google Maps com o Street View), a unidade da sua empresa pesquisada mais próxima do cliente ganhará destaque nos principais serviços do Google (Maps, Buscador e Google + Meu Negócio), exponenciando a divulgação da marca, facilitando a fidelização de novos clientes e aumentando o número de visitas diárias à sua página oficial.

    Fico à sua disposição!

  2. Hi, how does one add a "See Inside" thumbnail from the search results? I recently became a Google Streetview Trusted Pro and there's no instructions on how to create a virtual tour with the "See Inside" as advertised in your videos.

    The only option there is available on the Streetview app is the option to upload the photospheres and that's basically it. I've looked everywhere and couldn't find an official resource. My clients really prefer to see the "See Inside" thumbnail when their business is searched as it does look more actionable than "See Photos" Thanks!

  3. Providing businesses in New York and across the USA
    Google Business View INSIDE your Venue
    Show it Off: With a 360 degrees Virtual Tour, If you have a well-kept office, Restaurant, Beauty Salon, Jewelry store, Hotel, Real Estate, or any Cain of business why not show it off! You can increase the chances of converting a potential customer by showing them that they will be coming to a clean, warm and professional environment. Adding Google Business View to your Google search Google Maps, Google Plus, Website, Social Media, etc
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  4. Mirage Media is your local expert to help your retail business get visibility on Google Search…

    It will now be even easier to help get your business onto the Google Business Directory.

    Mirage Media is now the first company in Kenya to be awarded the "Google Trusted" Status as part of the official Google Street View Trusted programme.

    Every day, millions of people are making local searches on Google. They are searching for local information for every possible category, on every device and at every step of the buying process. Research has shown that nearly 18% of all local searches end in a purchase, and even more end in a visit to the store that is found.

  5. Sehr geiles Video! Wenn du ein Geschäft in und um Allersberg-Nürnberg-Neumarkt hast und ein Google trusted photographer suchst, freuen wir uns auf dich – horao360 com – We are DIGITALS

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