Secret Kyoto Ramen Shop

Secret Kyoto Ramen Shop

this video is brought to you by Squarespace in this video I’m gonna take you guys to Kyoto’s hidden secret ramen shops this is eg Choji and ultra quiet neighborhood that gets slept on by many tourists visiting Kyoto located in the northern part it’s a bit of a hidden secret ramen spot for locals and people living in the Kansai area and in this video I’m switching up the format a bit as some viewers mentioned that they prefer shorter and more focus videos so here we go one spot one video if you like this format let me know in the comments and the locals called this area ramen geeky thank you which means a high competition area for ramen let’s get her Ramadhan today we’re eating at menu okay but before that we’ve got to get in line this place is a so busy that you have to get a reservation to get just to wait in line so after a little over an hour I finally made it in ramen bo has arrived look that it looks so good you can smell the chicken base there so this is go Kay’s signature Tony Duquette creamy chicken base ramen I got a bit excited and decided to add the extra cherry topping making the bowl look like a meat sunflower and at the center a healthy helping of thinly shredded spring onions a few scallions on the side and flaked with a tiny bit of chili pepper for flavor underneath it all a set of noodles that were specifically ordered from many otega a shop that’s been delivering noodles to popular ramen shop since 1931 these specific noodles are made thin and hard so it doesn’t blend too much with a dense chicken based soup oh I can’t take it anymore hold my miso let’s just dig into this like a construction worker oh my god let me just taste this soup because it looks phenomenal this is like the biggest soup I’ve ever seen look how big that thing is it’s almost like mozzie soba oh my god that is the thickest sea I’ve ever had it’s like an umami quicksand the more you taste the deeper and deeper it gets holy crap that’s good it’s almost like gravy that’s amazing oh you can’t get enough of this soup alone I’m like a little boy in a gravy shop to try these noodles welcome to flavor City the noodles itself is kind of like a Hakata ramen it’s nice thin and very firm oh I am in love with this ball of rum and just try the chashu the chashu itself is a very firm party piece of meat actually bamboo believe it or not definitely marinate us there’s just so much flavor in here the bamboo is nice the nakey here is thinly cut and fresh like a chicken gravy ramen where you continue I want to thank our sponsor the squares fans thank you so much for sponsoring these videos what’s really cool is that Squarespace has helped me build a lot of my businesses including Tokyo zebra if you’ve ever seen our websites for this channel it’s all built by Squarespace one of the things I love about Squarespace is that Squarespace supports major content types including galleries embedding video links and even blogs Squarespace even has configurable buttons letting visitors share content easily on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and if you’re an analytics nerd like me Squarespace allows you to see how visits unique visitors and pageviews trend over time overall helping me build a better site for my audience go to Squarespace calm now for your free trial and when you’re ready to launch go to Squarespace comma forward slash Paulo from Tokyo and get 10% off your first purchase on your domain whole website check out Squarespace now Michael actually got the same ramen but she got the spicy version but almost the thing spaghetti sauce like but believe me this is a straight-up chili powder this is fire times 10 see how it tastes [Music] definitely taste the chili powders that’ll get you sweating but it’s not like chili that will burn your tongue but they put so much on here that will definitely be that like fire that’s in your you know tomorrow morning when you know we won’t even go there look how thick that is now I know why there’s a line in front of this place what I would say is if you like spicy food chili is a really really strong in terms of the flavor you’re almost overpowers the chicken flavor but if you want that spicy kick then this is it but if you want to like really really get that back to mommy then I’d stick to that chicken broth look how all that egg is cooked I love the running inside perfectly marinated this is a kyoto specialty you can’t miss this place this like the best chicken base ramen everyone has in my life that was an awesome bowl of ramen you guys want me do these more kind of like focus type videos hit that like button so I know you guys want to know what I’m doing on the daily then check out my Instagram account and if you want to help support the channel then check out the kyoto merch and probably at some point in this video or even probably right now food on my face but I just can’t help myself I just like to just turn on the camera and start recording and sometimes sometimes you just you get what you get you get me in the Rossmore I’m kind of like sashimi or even just a dead fish alright game over see you guys later

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  1. Find my Kyo-Toe Merch here –
    See what happens behind the scenes at Ramen Shop –

  2. I like the longer videos. And i especially like the day in the life ones. Id really like to see a day on the life of a student, pharmacist, police officer…

  3. Nice video. But like your longer ones. People who don't like the longer ones can just watch parts of them. But you can change it up. Sometimes just one spot and sometimes multiple. Don't have to be locked down on one way

  4. long format is better, those people who want one ride one place can shove it we are going on an adventure my dude!

  5. ooo Love "hidden local food vids" wee ~ more please ! i dont really mind the length. as long as the content feels not too draggy and not too under-informative . Love from Malaysia 😀

  6. People might say they love short videos, but for me I personally like long and detailed ones more.
    This video is sooooo good as usual (:

  7. I prefer videos that are shorter If I see a video that someone has posted that is over 15 minutes long I usually won't watch it unless it is something very, very interesting

  8. Right on bro!! I liked this video, you seemed more relaxed and show more of your personality. I definitely will add this place on my list. Thanks Braddah!!??

  9. I like the longer version! and a lot would agree! we can't get enough of your videos. so entertaining, superbly edited, and your script is just amazing. Your cool personality just brings everything together!

  10. Long format for me. More detail, and I kinda feel like living in Japan through you guys. Short format still ok, but I like your longer formats.

  11. Nice video but I prefer the longer videos with multiple stops. It would also be great to see what your recommendations are for things such as museums. We had fun at the Osaka museum of Housing and Living last time we were in Japan

  12. Longer videos are better. Really makes everyone feel like they are there. Also when we visit what you recommend on your top 5,7 or 10 spots it has great content keep the longer versions please.

  13. I love this video. New info is always good. But I love your 10 ten videos 🙂 they always cover lots of different things. Which is helpful for someone who is about to visit Japan. I hope I see you around doing a video so I can say hi!

  14. Reading through the comments and the longer videos are the ones your fans prefer. Maybe those few who wanted shorter ones were the squeaky wheels & squeaky ones kind of ruin it for the majority. So keep doing what you were doing with your longer videos. We just love them.

  15. Not as big of a fan of this format. I like when you cover whole neighborhoods or specific topics. For a single place it’s really interesting when it’s “a day on the life of” or a place that is there is so much to do in one place like skytree or shinjuku station.

  16. Paolo, the "secret" Ichioji ramen shops aren't as unknown as you think. ? They're well-known to serious ramen fans in Japan (mostly because they're reachable by rail transit!), and another well-known YouTuber did a much longer video of the shops in this area.

  17. Hey Paolo, my wife and I watch your videos all the time. We actually appreciate your long 20+ minute videos because they are so well made and it gives a good amount of information on the subject. However, we enjoy your short videos like this one as well. But please don't stop making your 15+ minute videos like the top 10 or day in the life of… videos. We appreciate the long content.

  18. nice vids…but 5 minute half not enough for me :)…i just go to kitchen to take drink and back your vlog is over 🙂

  19. Been there today. Waited for an hour but its worth a wait.The food and host was so amazing. Unique tastes and presentation.
    Highly recommended!
    Thanks for the info Paolo ,

  20. I liked this video but I do love when you go to different ramen shops because it gets me more excited to visit Japan especially knowing there’s vegetarian options for me. I say do a little of both, explore one ramen spot and then go to an area where there is your favorite spots or new places to try. Either way, I love your videos ?❤️

  21. definitely the long format pls! it's very informative to know where the restaurants are located within the area you're filming in

  22. I like when you show more than one spot. It helps me decide where I want to eat when I only have a short time there. It also makes it easier than searching for more than one video at a time. Love watching you.

  23. Paolo! I just came back and sat in the same place as you did. The ramen left me so satisfied and full, it was good fuel for hiking Mt. Hiei after. Awesome vid, for sure would vote for longer.

  24. Unless the restaurant is super heavenly good and has many dishes worth featuring, I think it would still be good to stick to a few spots within a neighbourhood. After all, you are a travel/lifestyle guide creator not a Food youtuber.
    My two cent!

  25. I was so scared of what I'd find in the comments. I'm glad most people agree on the long format (10-20min). Pack as much information as you can in those. Also thoroughly enjoy the "Day in the Life" series. Thanks for the hard work!
    Edit: I understand professional Youtubers need to keep people occupied for as many minutes as possible, as that's what brings them income, but I am of the belief that in the long-term, quality always beats quantity.

  26. Never commented on your videos before, but I prefer the longer format. Its feels more personable! Sometimes less is more and more is less. But with your vids more is great!

  27. great video. I really love your long videos though. You can show more and explain more in a longer format. Either way keep it up kid! your doing great!

  28. I love all your videos ..straight to the point or not!! I love when you walk around I can see the neighborhoods that lead you to your destination!!

  29. I really enjoyed the longer version of your videos, it felt more exciting wondering where the next place was gonna be. Still, I enjoyed the video nonetheless.

  30. short format and focus on one spot only. but 10 mins i think the best for short format as you can cover all the detail about the shop as well monetize your videos

  31. Paolo, please stop uploading all these food-related videos!
    Don't you see that youtube users and subscribed viewers do not like them, and you get much less views?
    Most of your own 528,000 followers do not even open them!
    It seems that describing daily lives of various workers in Japan is generating millions of views.
    So go with that concept.

  32. I prefer your videos to be longer. I don't know if it makes a difference for youtubers nowadays to try and get 10 minutes of content for the ad revenue or revenue in general, but if it does help you we will sure as hell watch your videos!

  33. This short format feels rushed and I dont know it feels like you cant really tell us your honest opinion. Please keep the long 10-15 minutes format! (Also I believe it helps you more to have at least 10 minutes because of youtube revenue)

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