Sean employs Ole values in global relationships

Sean employs Ole values in global relationships

My name is Sean Buress I’m class of 94
based here in Chicago at Kimberly Clark’s marketing capabilities
headquarter I’m a senior director of global media research and analytics.
Today what I do is I work on multinational brands with the intent of
building a one to one consumer relationship. You know when thinking
about a liberal arts education at St. Olaf what I appreciate about it is it
gives you a well-rounded experience what I think is exceptional is the fact that
you build your moral compass and it’s something that you can apply in a
variety of scenarios St. Olaf opened my mind to traveling abroad and now my
current role is a global role where the experiences that I had gave me a lot
more comfort to be able to apply that today on the job I’m often reminded when
I’m with other oles that we’re pretty grounded you have a sense of self and
you have a sense of value for the world in which you exist

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