#SDState Faculty Feature | Ryan McKnight

#SDState Faculty Feature | Ryan McKnight

My name is Ryan McKnight. I’m an instructor for the Ness School of Management and Economics. Being able to make a
difference for the community, make a difference for the state, make a
difference for SDSU, that’s kind of what we’re really fortunate to have the opportunity to do and that’s why we came back to start teaching. And so if you make it more real, make it more fun, make it more interesting and just seeing a few kids
eyes light up and say, “Hey, if this guy could do it, I can do it.” That’s what I’m hoping for. Outside of my job I love, I just love
living. I love doing stuff. Whether it be hunting, fishing, I’ve got two little bird dogs that we go and
chase pheasants all season around. We go and rifle hunt deer. We go archery hunt deer. My wife loves to fish. Our daughter’s getting into fishing – she’s three – and you’ll
see us at all the Jackrabbit events whether it be football, basketball, or anything, any plays. We just love the Brookings community, absolutely love it. If you want to come
talk, want to come chitchat, I’m here to help. I’m here to talk. I’m here to be nice and I
love having open door policy I love having the students come in and talk
because I feel like the taxpayers of this great state, people that are affording their
tuition that people are paying to have us be here to teach them. I feel like if
they got questions, they got concerns, my door’s always open and even if it’s not
necessarily about class or about law that I just want them to know that we
actually genuinely care for them. You come to college to learn. You don’t come here to make you feel better about re-engraving your beliefs. No, you come here to learn. You
learn about the broad aspects, you learn about the big picture and what we hope to see
is that you start to think outside the box. You start to think, “This is how it makes sense, this is what we’re about.”

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