SCP-1554 The Damaged Fellowship | object class safe | book / artistic / sculpture scp

SCP-1554 The Damaged Fellowship | object class safe | book / artistic / sculpture scp

Item #: SCP-1554 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1554 is
to be kept in a fireproof Safe class storage locker in Site 629’s anomalous media wing.
Testing is to be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Walters, and all instances of SCP-1554-A
produced are to be stored on a case by-case basis: Viable biological specimens are to be kept
in Site 629’s greenhouse. All fauna created from SCP-1554-A is to be euthanized, dissected,
and incinerated following testing. Models produced by SCP-1554-A may be displayed
in Site 629’s archival wing, provided they are not hostile in nature.
Inanimate objects are to be disposed of on a case-by-case basis following inspection.
All metallic objects are to be melted down and converted into scrap.
All testing is to occur in a room with a waterless fire extinguishing system. No flame tests
are to be carried out on SCP-1554 under any circumstances. Description: SCP-1554 is a copy of the book
The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien, published in 1969 by ██████ Press.
SCP-1554 is in very poor condition for its age, with several pages being marked with
pen, pencil and crayon, moderate water damage to later chapters, and the entirety of the
chapter In The House of Tom Bombadil being missing. By itself, SCP-1554 will gravitate to the
nearest flat, dry surface and will stand on end, opening itself to the first undamaged
page. The act of damaging any pages of SCP-1554 in any way produces an instance of SCP-1554-A.
SCP-1554-A are items that form themselves out of a page of SCP-1554 that has been damaged
in some way. The instance of SCP-1554-A varies depending on the type of damage caused to
SCP-1554. Water damage typically produces quasi-biological specimens, tearing out pages
of SCP-1554 produces small, often autonomous sculptures depicting scenery and character
from The Fellowship of the Ring, and marking on pages produces inanimate, usually damaged,
objects such as clothing or weaponry. Finally, burning the pages of SCP-1554 causes a sudden
gravitational shift of approximately ██ G in a random direction, invariably resulting
in severe injuries and major damage to all individuals and objects within a 5-meter radius
of SCP-1554, including SCP-1554 itself. Typically, gravitational anomalies will continue until
SCP-1554 is extinguished. Addendum: Sample log of tests performed on
SCP-1554. Non-viable instance of SCP-1554-A. Deformations
are due to simultaneous marking damage and water damage.
Passage Used: None; front cover was damaged Damage to SCP-1554: An “X” was drawn on the
front cover using a felt-tip pen. Resultant SCP-1554-A Instance: No reaction
from SCP-1554. Passage Used: Prologue, Concerning Pipe-weed,
page 8 Damage to SCP-1554: Application of 5 milliliters
of water to the passage. Resultant SCP-1554-A Instance: SCP-1554-A-4
is a species of Nicotiana resembling Nicotiana rustica. Analysis shows that SCP-1554-A-4
has a relatively low concentration of nicotine. Upon incineration, a large quantity of smoke
was produced, described as smelling “vaguely sweet and homely”. Passage Used: Book 1, Chapter 1, A Long-Expected
Party, page 27 Damage to SCP-1554: Crossing out of passage
using No. 2 Pencil Resultant SCP-1554-A Instance: Damaged page
was converted into SCP-1554-A-10, a large rocket-type firework. SCP-1554-A-10 was disposed
of in a nearby bomb-disposal range, due to the possibility of damage to the casing causing
instability. SCP-1554-A-10 was detonated with no anomalous effects. Passage Used: Book 2, Chapter 5, The Bridge
of Khazad-dûm Damage to SCP-1554: Tearing out page 265
Resultant SCP-1554-A Instance: SCP-1554-A-21 was an animate model of what is believed to
be the Balrog encountered in this chapter. SCP-1554-A-21 was on fire at time of emergence,
and was quickly extinguished to prevent damage to SCP-1554. Extinguishing resulted in formation
of 15 new SCP-1554-A instances due to moisture damage; waterless fire extinguishing system
installed following this test. Incident 1554-7: SCP-1554 was ignited due to a cigarette lighter
smuggled into the testing chamber by D-1554-7, a known pyromaniac. Following this, D-1554-7
was thrown to against the northern wall of the testing unit, and reported severe difficultly
moving and breathing as SCP-1554 continued to burn. D-1554-7 was ordered to smother the
flames by rolling over SCP-1554, but was unable to comply due to the strength of the gravitational
force. Fire extinguishing system activated; D-1554-7 terminated due to a lack of oxygen
in the testing chamber. Addendum: The following document was found
written on the back of SCP-1554’s original catalog card in the █████ University
library. The card was attached to a length of string intended for use as a bookmark. Right, Enough of This. Enough of you lot tearing out bits and pieces
of this work. I’ve had it with you lot tearing up Tolkien’s work. You simply don’t understand
the man. He is a gift to English literature, and if you ruin ONE MORE FUCKING PAGE there
will be consequences. The more you destroy, the more you shall create. Words are art. Respect them.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. I wonder what sort of SCP might come into being from the 1965 Ace paperback edition of The Fellowship of the Ring, published under the erroneous impression that LotR was out of copyright?

  2. Now this raises some serious questions. Could objects and creatures spawned from the book be considered the definitive representations of their book counterparts? Do they represent what Tolkein, the enchanter, or the victim would have imagined?

    I hope its tolkein because finally we would know if the Balrog had wings.

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