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A recent study shows that people aged 55 and over buy technology but don’t know how to use it. Farai Bennett takes a look inside a company that works to make you feel more comfortable using your devices. Scottsdale-based GroovyTek strives to help clients not just use but engage with their TV, printer, scanner or any smart device in less than an hour. A lot of our clients are people that have been extremely successful whether it be you know heads of law firms or whatever it may be, and then they sit there and the only time they may feel kind of stupid is when they’re learning how to use their new device. One of Groovytek’s main clients, Joni Herbst says the company helped her step by step with scanning computer files for her husband’s business shortly after he passed away overseas in a plane crash. When you work for a corporation you always have your IT people and they introduce you to the latest and newest things.Nnot having any of that corporate support just left me all alone trying to figure out all these things. Herbst says she finds Groovytek different than learning from friends because they’re more patient. They sit down in front of the computer and they just go click click click click click and you’re watching and you but they don’t let you do it, you know they want to fix the problem but they’re not teaching and George was so good about that because not only could I ask the question but then he would let me hit the buttons. Learning to use technology by getting hands on themselves. In Scottsdale, Farai Bennett, Cronkite News.

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