Scholarships in Australia | Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships in Australia | Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

hello friends welcome to my channel
exploring universe if your dream study destination is Australia but you don’t
have the means to finance your studies there then this video will act as a
guide for you because Australia offers scholarships and fellowships let’s move
to the scholarships page endeavour scholarships and fellowships Australia
awards and there were scholarships and fellowships are Australian Government’s
competitive merit-based scholarships and fellowships providing opportunities for
international students to undertake study research or professional
development in Australia guidelines for international students to apply you must
be from a participating country and region here you may find a list of
eligible participating countries and regions you may check if you are
eligible to apply or not endeavour scholarships recipients will also
receive tuition fees paid up to the maximum study or research duration on a
pro-rata basis tuition includes student service and amenities fees here you may
find the categories of international students the categories mainly are
postgraduate scholarship research fellowship or vet scholarship vocational
education and training scholarship you may find how much you can get for your
degree duration you will receive travel allowance up to 3000 or 4500 under
special circumstances establishment allowance up to 2000 for fellowship
or 4,000 for scholarships and a monthly stipend of 3,000 a health insurance and
a travel insurance you may check the applicant guidelines you may view this
file in either PDF or docx this file has all these guidelines you need for
applying in different kind of scholarships it is a very detailed
document you must study it once or twice and you will get all kind of
information related to the scholarships I highly recommend this document you
must read this document if you are going to apply for Endeavour scholarships and
fellowships it has all the details necessary for the application and all
the guidelines then we will move forward to application example you will find an
application form already filled it is just a sample for you
on how to fill the application form for endeavour scholarships review it
carefully and fill the application form accordingly then we will move forward to
referee report form you will find a referee report form this is a kind of
letter of recommendation by your professor you will send the link of your
application to your professors and they will fill fill this referee report
themselves so this is the referee report form for Endeavour scholarships this is
a sample just for your then we will move next towards example of
evidence of enrollment for applying in endeavor scholarship and fellowships
you must have obtained admission in any Australian University to be eligible to
be eligible to apply for the scholarship this is the sample of evidence of
enrollment you may ask your university or department head to provide you a
letter of enrolment you will upload this letter of enrollment in your online
application then we will move forward to the certification example this is a
sample of how to certify your documents you need to get certified copies of your
documents from from the wrote notary public or other officials in your
country this is the sample then we move forward to the completion of your
undergraduate degree so you will need to provide a proof of that proof that you
have obtained your undergraduate degree or you are going to complete it very
soon you will you will upload all these documents in your online application so
if you are going to apply you need to read these application guidelines and
review all these documents for securing scholarship in the next video I will
discuss how to optimize your Endeavour scholarship application to be a
successful candidate thank you very much and best of luck subscribe my channel
for future updates thank you

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  1. hi sir, i have a doubt."the letter of enrollment" part at the video time 4.28 . Do we need to get the letter head from the university I am studying in India or from the university in Australia that would have accepted my admission? And Sir, when and how to apply endeavor scholarships…since I went across the application in University if Melbourne in an online application. There is no mention about Endeavor Scholarships. Should I have to apply this together with University of Melbourne Application or as a separate process???

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