Scholarship opportunities for waiting for you at the Fellowship Center

Scholarship opportunities for waiting for you at the Fellowship Center

I got a notification on my phone and it
says, “Congratulations, you’ve been awarded the Fulbright.” And I was just completely
shocked I was … was stunned. Speechless. You know it was just a moment of just
shock and disbelief in terms that I was like, ‘Did they send that to the right kid?’
I was at first a little bit confused but then I was elated. I’m really excited to
be a part of kind of this year’s group of students who’ve received different
kinds of fellowship — national fellowship and scholarship awards. It’s something
that I definitely didn’t envision happening to me when I started my
freshman year here at Pacific. College is your foundation from which you can
explore other opportunities and my office will help you figure out what
those opportunities may be. I’m Susan Weiner.
I’m the fellowship adviser at University of the Pacific. So, the process of
applying for a scholarship is arguably even more important than the results. You
can start applying as a freshman and we start with the writing process. And I
would say that every student who works with me his or her writing improves from
the process of applying for scholarships. Dr. Weiner’s help was invaluable. She
really did give me some great insight onto or into how to go about approaching
the personal statement and how to kind of craft it in a way that really would
set me apart from, you know, the typical kind of applicant pool. The experience, in
terms of just refining what your own career is, what your vision for your life
is a few years down the road, is incredibly empowering. There really are
opportunities for students of all different kinds, you know — different
interests, different majors. I think, like I said, the important thing is to keep an
open mind and to be willing to take whatever opportunity comes across you.
This opportunity to go abroad it’s just something that I’m extremely
grateful for and wouldn’t have seen coming in a million years. It is never
too early. and it is never too late. you

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