Schiff, Trump’s lawyers’ rhetoric at times undermines their positions: McCarthy

Schiff, Trump’s lawyers’ rhetoric at times undermines their positions: McCarthy

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  1. A true American takes this seriously. A real American knows that Trump can easily avoid impeachment trial by resigning or committing suicide. Neither is punishment enough for this corrupt president or the corrupt GOP followers!!

  2. Someone…hire a baby sitter or mental health professional..for ADAM SCHIFF! ever hear the 60's song.."They're Coming To Take Me Away?

  3. If Trump is innocent shouldn't he have his guys testify & exonerate him? Seems like Mitch is pulling a Merrick Garland trick again.

  4. in the meantime the Fed is injecting billions into the economy to keep it afloat and Trump wants to re-brand the Max. MAGA!

  5. Russia and the majority of the World is laughing at how dumb propaganda has made the American people. Everybody obviously see's how corrupt and inept Trump is, yet the American people have to argue, debate go to a trial and waste our money about it. SMH North Korea is forced to watch propaganda, Americans run toward it.

  6. Isn’t this whole witch hunt about the dems trying to dig up dirt on THEIR political rival in hope of interfering in OUR election??? They have spent YEARS and OUR MONEY trying to take away OUR VOTE for our President! Think about THAT!!!! President Trump ask a question about the corruption OBVIOUS CORRUPTION of the Bidens stealing our money funneling through Ukraine and having it come back to pad his pockets! And My President ASKING about it is a crime??????? It’s over guys! The world has gone completely mad!

  7. Republican questions if trump is convicted who becomes the president A Obama B Pence C Clinton

    If someone is on trial, would they A want witnesses and documents B hide documents and demand no witnesses

    So please get a clue in life.

  8. 🍓 best friend: Bush 43
    🥦 best excercise learned from Putin:
    Eat your raw vegetables: OBAMA.
    🍊 best tv color make up: 45

  9. Why is it being ignored that all Democrat Senators are presumed to be voting to impeach? That in and of itself indicates a biased jury. All the emphasis is being put on 4 squeamish RINO Senators.

  10. So let more witnesses come in… Hunter Biden & Joe Biden, Adam Schitt, Pelosi, Nutty Naddler, and all the others. No matter how many witnesses there are, Trump is still innocent.

  11. Either Trump is the real deal or he is in on it with the Dems/ demons and this is a big theatrical show to divide us and they are laughing their asses off! I hope and pray that he is the real deal but non of this makes any sense whatsoever.

  12. 3:03 Who's this chick that tries to get past the cop? She looked like she thought she should be allowed free passage.

  13. an American National, who always starts his Day in the early Morning by talking to the "Mirror" & says Mirror look I am very Handsome, Intelligent, listen my Songs & see how groomed my Hair Style is, Sings & keep on Combing. Mirror Smiled & Whispers Mr.Donald Trump why did not you asked previously "Nancy Pelosi" to take you on her "Wendy Broom" & let you fly with her during full Moon, with "Sounds of Music" & loving Songs? Mr.Trump thought for a while, smiled & always said "Do not worry & sings merry songs Mr.Mirror, her Impeachment Case for me, is not a Document of Divorce?

  14. I wouldn't imagine that FOX news could ever use a logical argument, McCarthy is seriously impaired, just like FOX news.

  15. this dude did not hear what Schiff said.. he clearly explained that the case is strong even without calling witnesses, but the public needs to hear them anyways…

  16. That scene in Indiana Jones, Last Crusade: where the the rats are scrambling all over each other to get away…Fox News.

  17. The government of Ukraine has finally announced that they are conducting an investigation – but it isn’t the investigation that Trump has been wanting them to launch. This investigation is into whether or not Ukrainians engaged in spy ops on former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. This could provide further evidence that Trump’s friends broke the law, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

  18. President Trump today attending and taking care of America's business at the World Economic Summit, while 435 Congress and 100 Senate members are doing what exactly, and we want to fire the person who's been working tirelessly for the American People from Day 1.

  19. Lies and deceit. Politicians and attorneys. I have a simple trust that the Democrats extreme manipulation over the last three years will be exposed.

  20. Senate Trial is going on live and Fox News refuses to show it. They have Tucker and Jeff Sessions boo hooing instead. They don't want their viewers to know the truth.

  21. Here's Jeff Epstein's pedophile buddy Alan on impeachment: “It certainly doesn’t have to be a crime,” Dershowitz said in 1998, “If you have
    somebody who completely corrupts the office of president and who abuses trust and who poses great danger to our liberty, you don’t need a technical crime.”

  22. Of all of the many men on the long list of socialites, billionaires, and politicians associated with Epstein, the shadowy financier with a predilection for underage girls, perhaps no name had been tarnished as seriously as Dershowitz’s. As Epstein’s lawyer, he had helped him to thwart prosecutors; as his houseguest, he was accused of enthusiastically joining in Epstein’s alleged sexual abuse.

  23. This season's House of Tards will be the best yet 👍Will the Trump crime family get locked up? Is the Russian underwear model the whistle blower? Will gutless republicans grow some balls and go after traitor Trump? Stay tuned 🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃

  24. "We, the undersigned legal scholars, have concluded that President Trump engaged in impeachable conduct.
    We do not reach this conclusion lightly. The Founders did not make impeachment available for disagreements over policy, even profound ones, nor for extreme distaste for the manner in which the President executes his office. Only “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” warrant impeachment. But there is overwhelming evidence that President Trump betrayed his oath of office by seeking to use presidential power to pressure a foreign government to help him distort an American election, for his personal and political benefit, at the direct expense of national security interests as determined by Congress. His conduct is precisely the type of threat to our democracy that the Founders feared when they included the remedy of impeachment in the Constitution."

  25. Channel: Brian Tyler Cohen
    Video: Schiff humiliates Trump's legal team by debunking EVERY lie they told at the trial

    I dare you to repeat that again after you've seen his videos.

  26. This may be a waste of time to watch the GOP Senators lie to the people of the United States of America of this President misconduct and the senators of the GOP being complicit of obstruction of justice of the Constitution of the United States of America📜🇺🇸
    If the GOP senators not follow the Constitution we will vote you out of office Tuesday 3rd of September 20/20

  27. Sciff, Schumer and the other dims forget to mention that there were actual impeachable crimes in the Clinton impeachment.

    Bill Clinton was accused of 11 actual crimes:

    Five counts of lying under oath

    Four counts of obstruction of justice

    One count of witness tampering

    One count of abuse of constitutional authority

    The 2 articles Pelosi finally sent over to the Senate are NOT impeachable.

    'Neither of these proposed articles satisfy the express constitutional criteria for an impeachment, which are limited to “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Neither are high or low crimes or misdemeanors. Neither are mentioned within the Constitution.

    Both are so vague and open ended that they could be applied in partisan fashion by a majority of the House against almost any president from the opposing party. Both are precisely what the Framers had rejected at their Constitutional Convention. Both raise the “greatest danger,” in the words of Alexander Hamilton, that the decision to impeach will be based on the “comparative strength of parties,” rather than on “innocence or guilt.”'

  28. We have heard all this crap for weeks years,! The underlying issues with all this an what probably really pisses of the president,,, i know it does me. Is that these same people prosecuting this phony impeachment. Are the very same that started the overthrow of the president. Right from the door! I would bet that that army guy leaked to c
    I. A. Agent Eric Carmella the phone call with the absolute fact adam schiff was involved. These are sedition acts! Don't have to be Harvard lawyer. Look what this president has done with this constant harassment. Nothing short of miraculous!! C. J. And Ruthie B

  29. Can't the Senate (at least the Republicans) figure out that this is a sham? Due Process: What Due Process? Evidence: What Evidence? Facts: What Facts?

  30. Where is there OVERWHELMING evidence? There is overwhelming evidence that the Clintons are clearly guilty regarding the Clinton Foundation. There is so much that it's ridiculous. There is Biden who convicts himself on the Ukanian deal which appears to be a crime, convicts himself with his own words and brags about it. Give me an F'ing break. Where the H is AG Barr? Where is the Republican PARTY?

  31. Trump being in office has highlighted so much obvious corruption it's ridiculous. He is quite possibly the best President we have had for many decades. Maybe even the third greatest President we've ever had.

  32. How can you have an impeachment trial without relevant documents and witness testimony? What is Trump and the GOP covering up?

  33. Lying schiff for Brains needs to take his rhetoric and put it some where. Maybe where his parents should have put the "board" of educatoin, when he was caught lying to them.

  34. Why didn't the Senate Republicans vote to subpoena the whistleblower and Hunter Biden that the House refused to call as witnesses? I thought they were essential to Donald Trump's legal defense and the basis for calling the House proceedings unconstitutional.

  35. Hey sekulow why you calling for the whistleblower so much looking to exact a little vengeance or encite mob violence? Hows that helpful to trump right now, start making a case with substance evidence testimony documents that back up trump or let it go, losing more Republican chairs cant be worth all this.

  36. The democrats/socialist/communist Criminal Organization needs to be Tried & Prosecuted for all of their crimes including the attempted coup'etat and treason.

  37. "Let us, all lay our hands on the sacrifical Lamb, Donald Trump and let the World behold, as his blood is shed, for the Sins of the World. Not a sin, in so much as we committed them, but the greater sin, in not having done anything to prevent, this corrupt man, from living out his, 'Flat Earther' life… Now , like the Sacrifice atop the Aztec Temple of the Sun, watch as he is beheaded and his heart removed, as his blood, pours down the alter."

    Seriously though, he believes that his lies, can save him…

  38. Why is everybody acting like this is complicated? He did it. He said he did it. He went on camera and tried to do it again. What he did is illegal. It's not brain surgery people.

  39. We have entered la la land. We’ve got a pathological liar as President, and now his own lawyers are lying and gaslighting the public with their own lies. I think this country is in serious trouble when the “truth” and “facts” no longer matter to one side. It is surely a sign of moral decay on the right when they refuse to acknowledge the truth, in order to support our narcissistic President, the most ignorant, incompetent, and immoral President we have ever had. Nixon looks great beside him. George W. looks like a genius in comparison. So sad for the country.

  40. No, the real scandal is that King Con and his sycophants will go down in history as the most corrupt administration in history. Moscow Mitch and assorted weasels will make sure that they will retain power at any cost. They will keep their heads in the sand when King Con is obviously guilty as sin of Bribing Ukraine for dirt on Biden… for Obstructing every attempt by Congress to get documents and witnesses and for illegally withholding money from the OMB. But we knew this would be the outcome… America has now entered the status of a Banana Republic.

  41. "It was a perfect conversation"
    But we won't let any witnesses testify or let any new evidence be presented at the trial.
    That's how perfect the conversation was.

  42. They already vote in the house, they didn't subpoena the witness they want now 🤔.Why withhold the articles and go on holiday if Trump was such a threat to America 🤔Why do they think senate should do their bidding now, when they didn't do the investigation them self? Why do they think the laws apply only to them? Why Trump wasn't allowed to have his defense in the house impeachment inquiry? 🤔WHO THE HELL THIS PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE? GOD?

  43. Can we hear about all the great news thats happening in our Country ? For one all of Gods Angels are on deck I can see them floating arround Trumps legal team wow that is incredible they are Gods War Angels with powerful mity swords their here to slay all the ugle lies put out by fake news thats the side that stands by & with the evil doers who will burn in hell for anything they have done its recorded In Gods good book & Jesus will read it aloud for all to hear any Fakes on all media & social sites will have to answer to this. Your time on this earth is short dont waste it with peity nonsence thats never gonna bring you any peace.✌ LOVE is Knowledge to understand the difference between the Lie & Truth. Follow your hearts Love & peace on earth is the only answer right now. Love you all stay safe people.

  44. These millennaires were adding industrial/manufacturing products names as their last names and also involved in adding last name of WISE RICH PROSPEROUS PEOPLE and created malfunction of tampering census database and corrupt blood bank report's with crops MANIPULATION genetic DNA engineering.

  45. Another one arguing against witnesses and documents. This is republican propaganda for this cover up attempt in progress.

    No witnesses = Coverup

    Here’s a secret (for the gullible), they don’t want documents and witnesses because they know Trump is guilty.

  46. Oh shut up McCarthy! I watched every minute of the trial, and the Defense Team is doing an excellent job of exposing the real tyrants and putting them in their place! They will expose the Democrats for using their power and our money to play out their personal vendetta against the President that WE THE PEOPLE elected!

  47. As an independent, thank goodness, I don't have to defend any party or politician from their pathetic behavior. It allows me to be free and critic bad actors without jaundice. I advise all partisans to leave party loyalties and join the chorus of independent thinkers who stand on principles instead of being overwhelmed by the sinking quicksand cooked up by profiteers posing as heroes. NO Evidence? NO witnesses? SHAME ON SENATE FOR PRETENDING TO BE IMPARTIAL JURORS! THIS RIGGED TRIAL IS A MOCKERY OF MOCKERY! And shame on anyone who defends this farce!!

  48. Trump's "best people" lol even his lawyers are a bunch of crooks, liars & thieves. Dershowitz is also a pervert, he loved to defend other perverts like Jeffery Epstein & Bill Cosby along with murderers like O.J. Simpson. Good job Evangelicals…Jesus would be proud of your support for Trump.

  49. Dismiss this sham and quit giving microphones to these idiots! Bunch of deep state losers running the show, obviously!

  50. Can you believe this liar Schiff and Schumer talking about bias, and fair trial? His Self-Righteousness is astounding! These guys makes me sick to my stomach. He is as sickening as Hillary!

  51. So, what they will do is use the "new evidence" to attempt to impeach him again. Because we all know this isn't going to end.

  52. Since when does the defense call defense witnesses before the prosecution presents their case.
    The House of Representatives should have pursued the documents and witnesses they wanted in court.
    They have as much as said they were scared of Trump and they need their big bother to stand up for them.
    There is no difference in the out come. Trump invokes executive privilege and the Senate has to take him to court.
    And it;s amazing how Lev Parnas hits MSNBC just as the articles of impeachment are about to be transmitted to the Senate. That gave the Democrats the argument that new information just became available. It is obvious to most level headed people that the media and Democrats collude regularly.
    Just a stalling tactic to give Joe Biden plenty of time to bring his poll numbers up.

  53. The main point for President Trump's defense need to be that it is his duty to be sure corruption is being fought before giving US taxpayers' money to a foreign nation. In addition, if the criminal activity of Vice President Joe Biden is as obvious as his confession of firing the prosecutor of Burisma, the company his son, Hunter worked for is true; it is important that it be known to the public before the election. IT IS THE PRESIDENT"S DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to our nation. It would be against our country and the US Constitution to ignore the obvious incriminating confession of Joe Biden just because he is a presidential candidate.

  54. All senators currently running for president sitting in this impeachment hearing needs to recuse themselves as this is a conflict of interest. They have all to gain by removing their political rival. Why is this not being mentioned?

  55. Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find their away around the laws.

  56. President Trump's lawyers and the Republican Party should finish this impeachment drama quickly so we can all focus on the 2020 election!There is, there are no high crime and misdemeanor that was committed by President Trump!He is in Davos making deals.He is doing great for America!We the people want him as our President and we elected him as our President.Pelosi, et al has no right kicking him out of office. it is unconstitutional!Why they are doing this is beyond the working people's thinking!

  57. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler etc… are puppets to the Ukrainian oligarchy. Think about it, Trump wants to stop the corruption that exists between selected people within Congress and foreign government. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost, when you try to cut the head of the snake its bound to strike back. Look at the relations that Hillery had with Russia. Look at Pelosi's, Shiff's relationship with the Ukrainian oligarchy. They will not stop their own corruption. They have gotten rich off the tax payers money. How did Shifft make his money? Buy miss use of their congressional power

  58. No other president in history utilized their power to benefit themselves politically other than Nixon and he would have been removed. Not to mention what Trump did is even worse because not only was he trying to help himself politically like Nixon but he also was endangering one of our allies. It's absurd to try to defend what he did as ok. Here are a list of some laws that have been broken by Trump.

    18 U.S. Code § 872
    2 U.S. Code § 192
    18 U.S. Code § 610
    18 U.S. Code § 595
    18 U.S. Code § 607
    52 U.S. Code § 30121

    You can compare the public record of videos of trump, documents, and audio files to check me on every one of those. Not to mention GAO report that came out telling us that him withholding the aid was illegal as well.

    People say Biden did the real quid pro quo but he did not do what Trump did. The money the Obama administration was withholding was not approved by congress. Our allies, congress (dems and GOP), and the administration all knew about not giving that money to Ukraine and it was accepted policy about general corruption in the country. What Trump did was withhold money that was approved by congress and expected to be given by our allies. It was not about corruption in general, it was about 1 company and 1 person. His political opponent. If what the Obama administration did was illegal, it would have been investigated 5 years ago when it happened but no one cared. It was on video and public knowledge. GOP controlled the house and Senate. If they felt it was so bad then, then why didnt they say a thing about it when it happened. Because it wasnt illegal and he did nothing wrong.

    Trump has verifiably lied over 16,000 times since he has been in office. Obama verifiably lied 18 times over 8 years. Fox repeats his lies. Also think about it, what is more likely, that ABC, CBS, BBC, CNN, CNMC, AP, MSNBC, Bloomberg, etc. Are all lying and only Fox is telling the truth or that only Fox news is lying the most and the others are more true. I'm not saying they are all impartial. CNN and MSNBC are definitely guilty of spin but Fox does this far more often and far worse.

  59. Its NOT a fair trial if there are no witness Testimony or Documents, Its a Fu$#@king circus. Republicans are going to pay a big price for protecting a President that is Colluding with Putin and serving himself and not the American Citizens that elected him.

  60. Rrrrrright…. Schiff is attacking (again) Trump's actual defence team… Don't forget he also put them on trial "as witnesses" to be cross-examined (unbelievably) and somehow subpoena'd their phone records from AT&T and then leaked their private call logs to the press to smear them… this whole thing STINKS

  61. Andy McCarthy overlooks something fundamental here. The Congress investigates evidences, hears witnesses and then votes and submits articles of impeachment to the Senate where the Senate then screens them against the Constitutional standard for high crimes. In this instance there is no crime or citation of criminal evidence, just hearsay up against exculpatory facts for innocence…Viz., it’s a weak case. Moreover, the Senate is obligated to dismiss these articles on those grounds…they fail the test. The Democrat Leftists not satisfied with their politically-motivated, one-party hatchet-job in their Congressional process are now hell-bent on commandeering to convolute the Constitutionally defined role & process of the Senate. This whole thing smacks of a coup against a duly-elected President, against the will of the People…and this IS where the high crime exists. This Martha is merely one of the well-paid, primped show dog shills of the deep state behind it all. The CIA long since coopted the Media to frame & steer public opinion. Ostensibly, there’s a choreography of political theater at work where determine facts via witnesses is not the Democrats’ intent.


  63. I kind of agree with what Andy is saying, but he is also going a bit in a circle himself, imho. However, having said that part of the reason why I picked up on this video, is that it strikes my the there is a little bit too much rhetoric with Trump's team also, just in general. Keep it simple, keep it streamlined, and don't try to bowl in a bowling alley with too wide an array of pins that you want to knock down, all at once. The posturing of indignation, and overflow of any emotion, or resentment (while highly justified), need not be overdone, but their pointing out of the tremendous hypocrisy of Schiff, hey!, that can't be overdone, and is a valid case. The House started all this, in very bad form, they stabbed their own foot, and really don't have a leg to stand upon, whether regarding intent, or circumstantial evidence or actions, the case of theirs is really one of crime, i.e. liberal crime, which they are committing, and their propaganda and manipulation of facts, emotions, and anyone "slow" in mind, thought, and objectivity to actually be persuaded by them. It reminds me of a lying snake in a garden, … let's see now, where did I hear about that? Oh yes! Typical ploy(s), as found in Genesis chapter 3 of the Bible "And the serpent was the most subtle beast of the field … " Yeah, subtle, conniving, and subversive. That generation, or "type" continues, in weeds having been seeded and planted into our society today.

  64. The House Democrats demanded that the Senate should protect the US Constitution. Then why did they shred the Constitution by introducing two more grounds for impeaching a president, i.e. "abuse of power" and "obstruction of Congress" which are not found in Article II Section 4 of our Constitution? Hypocrites!

  65. Yes they say the case is overwhelming then Lofgren immediately admits they have no idea what is in the documents that they requested after saying the evidence in those documents is overwhelming. I was sitting there like I hope I am not the only one noticing how they constantly conflict with their own statements.

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