SavvyCard: Mobile Business Card Solution

Hello, and welcome to SavvyCard; the most
advanced digital business card system available today for your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
SavvyCards are free, easy to use, totally customizable, mobile-ready and SavvyCards
don’t require you to download an app to view, send, organize or receive them…that
means the people you send your SavvyCard to don’t have to register or sign up to view
it, and it doesn’t matter what type of device they’re using to view it, either.
A SavvyCard is like a simple “micro” website that advertises YOU!
SavvyCards don’t require you to pay for a domain registration and they definitely
aren’t just scanned versions of paper cards … so they’re a completely green solution.
OH, did I mention SavvyCards are free. You’re going to hear that word a lot!
Visually, SavvyCards are phenomenal; they take full advantage of your high resolution
device so the engaging graphics are crisp, colorful and beautiful. As a result, they
are perfect marketing and branding tools. And since they’re digital, never again will
people lose your card, destroy it by mistake, or – most important – have outdated information
when they need to contact you. You can update the information they have in real time…so
relax… if your phone number, address, email, logo, title or other important information
changes…just edit your SavvyCard! And because the creators of SavvyCard understand
the frustrations of other digital business card solutions, they’ve made it easy to
totally customize your photo and background graphics for maximum brand expression and
impact. They’ve also included a powerful contact management system so you can easily
keep track of and share all your contacts, an email signature so you can don’t have
to duplicate all your contact info in your email program, a global SavvyCard search engine
so you can find other SavvyCard users in a snap, a QR code generator so you can share
your card by QR code, and a powerful yet easy-to-use card editing system so you can literally have
a card built and fully functional in only a few minutes.
For corporate users, SavvyCard is perfect; you can use your own in-house designers to
create and control a company card that all your authorized people can use. AND… if
you’re one of those artistic, right brain people who love to create your own look and
feel, SavvyCard gives you the freedom to go nuts!
Now if you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t have a designer and my creative talent consists
of a fat crayon, a piece of yarn and a glue stick”- SavvyCard can turn you into the
Michelangelo of business cards! How, you ask? Well, the system comes complete with an impressive
library of professionally created stock backgrounds and pictures so you can choose any combination
you wish for your SavvyCard. The number of combinations is so vast, chances are pretty
good you’ll come up with something unique! Besides looking beautiful and always being
up-to-date, SavvyCards give you the power to refer people to information you think they’ll
find valuable by including links on your card to websites, social networks, and other SavvyCard
users that you recommend. Imagine a real estate agent’s business card that can hook you
up with loan officers, home inspectors, moving companies, and school districts… and you’ll
begin to get an idea of the power of SavvyCard. Altogether, SavvyCard has given you everything
you need to extend your brand reach, virally market your business, make direct, personal
connections to your customers, control your information in real-time and stay ahead of
the competition; so start today, you’ll be amazed by the results.

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