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Hi, I’m Norman Effrog from the Maple Chapter, and I’m here to talk about some exciting new
developments in environmental sustainability. The old model was that environmentalists had
to be in opposition to corporations. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have some exciting new plans to work with
business. For example… We don’t need the whole ocean. We’re happy to cede it to business interests
who need oil, rocks from the bottom of the sea, or put telephone lines down there. We can take every fish in the ocean as it
is right now fill up every building and skyscraper in a
mid-size city such as Cleveland that’s barely being used. And put all those fish inside those buildings. What about all the displaced people? Well, you can have a hospital on a roof, it’s
not hard. Here’s another example that’s already in play: We’ve been gathering pinecones and burying
them in cemeteries. They’re unsightly and they don’t really grow
trees. What about whooping cranes? Don’t we need those? We do. But. Whooping cranes have tiny little feet and you can actually fit them in a pretty
small place if they’re just standing. We’re able to take acres of marshland turn that into valuable places to put canoes that haven’t been sold yet. Wow! The desert’s an ugly, dusty place. Can we do something with that at last? You can ride your ATV out there and take photographs
with all your friends and buds. That sounds like a pretty fun compromise if
we can just get the camels and scrubs out of the way. Partnership with business allows us to manipulate
camels into any shape and size. Now a thousand camels can fit into a shoebox. And that shoebox can fit underneath a bed,
inside a filing cabinet, or anywhere you please. Thanks business. How can you help? You can start as small as clinking one of
the links and supporting one of our business partners. Or it can be as big as finding news ways through
business to help put nature in different places then
it was before. I’m Norman Effrog from the Maple Chapter hoping you or a business you know, is figuring
out a way to finally get whales small.

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