Saving Endangered Animals with Business : Then That News

Saving Endangered Animals with Business : Then That News

Hi, it’s me Normarn Essrog from the Maple Chapter If you’re worried about endangered animals
like I always am You’re going to be happy to hear That businesses are helping them out. Let’s here a few ways that your business community
is making the world better. The howl of an owl When it lets out a yowl makes the business man scowl and growl with
his jowls Businessmen aren’t liking the owls that are
nesting on the ledges outside their windows Their hoots are too loud! and preventing people from typing fast enough By thickening window panes suddenly window
ledges are a lot smaller and owls can’t go there. businessmen can get stuff done in an environment
of calm and quiet and look at pictures of owls on their computers
if they miss them which many we interviewed do not. Here’s something exciting There’s a kind of koala bear, I guess that
was going endangered because it was useless and no one wanted them
around. They’re crawling up in the trees, little furry
guys, and shking the leaves down as they eat them. It gets in the way of people with wheelchairs. What are we gonna do with they guys? Turns out. If you put koalas in a windowless environment
they’ll stress lactate and produce more milk in a day than a cow. It’s only a couple more ounces but that’s
pretty good considering their size. It’s twenty sixteen and America is finally
waking up about salamanders. They’re great I don’t know if alligators are still endangered cause no one said something in awhile. but here’s an idea businesses could put into
play. what about making the female of the species
a little skinnier? Through chemicals or hormones or whatever I leave that to the tech guys but once they’re smaller they’re taking up
less space in rivers even as they get more and more populous and the guys feel big and muscular when they
look at the gals. A little confidence for alligators? sounds like the world’s getting better. I’m Norman Effrog from the Maple Chapter please clack subscribe below to receive bonus
videos of our volunteers eating out of troughs alongside
endangered antelopes. and thanks for helping.

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