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– Hi guys, welcome back to – That Youtub3 Family. – And today we’re playing
Sardines in New York. – And we’re also here with
our friends Jaycee and Kaycee. – Hey. – Hey. – They also did a sardine’s
video on their channel so we’ll link that video down below. So our teams are me and
Audrey, Jaycee and Kaycee, and the boys. – The winners. – Dad, Ty, and Jake. – So we are at a castle in Central Park and Jordan and I will be hiding first and they will all try to find us. You ready, let’s go. I want to see what’s over there first. – We’re hiding. We’re hiding first. – K I think we should hide over there. – I wanna see what’s over here. – K so there are hiding right now. We’re gonna give them two minutes to hide here and then we’re gonna go seek them out. Jacob where do you think they’re hiding? – In the castle. – Yeah. – Yeah. – You think they’re
gonna be in the castle. Is that where you guys were headed for? – Or maybe the hut. – Alright. – I don’t know. – So we gotta go different directions. So which way do you guys wanna go? – I guess castle. – Castle. – K, they’re gonna go to the castle which is good because you guys can get past the crowds of
people better than I can. And then we’re gonna go look for them over on this other side over here. So we can give’em just a couple minutes and we’re gonna go find’em, right boys? Where’s Ty Ty? Ty Ty, alright. – I feel like they’re
gonna find us so fast if we go outside. – [Mom] You think so because (mumbling). – I feel like we should go over there. – [Mom] Crouch over there. – Okay. – That’s a good idea. – I guess we’re… – We found our hiding spot. – We’re hiding right here. – [Mom] They’re over there with the steps. – We’ll see if they find us. (laughing) – Cello… – We’re hiding behind the cello. – Is it blocking us? – I think so. – Yes. – Yes. – I know dad won’t go in the castle. – Yeah. – So he’ll find us fast. – Mom’s our camera person today, and she has a bright shirt on so she’s has to hide too. – Alright three minutes is up, we gave them an extra minute because they said that they needed more time to hide. – Let’s go. We’re gonna go to the
castle first and see. Okay. – [Dad] Jake, Ty, go left. You be looking for’em. Alright Jaycee and Kaycee thought they went with the castle. So we’re gonna try a different area. Let’s try over here guys. Over here. Let’s see if they went down here. I don’t see ’em. Do you guys see’em? Let’s try over here. Try this way. What? – I think they’re on the
wall, let’s try up here. (mumbling) Okay. Where are they? – [Dad] You think they’re
up there in the castle? Let’s go see if they’re hiding
over here on the steps, win. – [Mom] They found us. – [Jordan] No. – [Ty] Jaycee and Kaycee
went in the castle. – They went in the castle. Jaycee and Kaycee went in the castle? That’s funny. – They’re not around here. – If they’re not on the top
we went up here for nothing. – I know. – Are they not up here? – [Kaycee] I don’t think they are. – They’ll see us from up top. – It hurts to sit in this position. – My feet hurt. – [Jordan] That girl right
there, she’s found us. – So our camera battery died
but they weren’t in the castle. – Nope. – So I don’t know where we’re gonna look. (mumbling) – You did? – Yeah. They’re over here. – Wow we lost. – Yeah we did. – For sure. (screaming) We went all the way up
to the top of the castle. – [Jordan] All the way up? – Yeah. – Yeah. (laughing) – [Dad] We didn’t. – [Jordan] That’s awesome. Good job. Round one the boys won. – K so this is round two
we’re in Time Square. We’re at one of the stores,
we’re at the M&M store. Just right up the street. And so we’re gonna hide,
Jacob, Tyler, and I. We’re gonna hide in the store
and see if these guys can find us, it’s three levels of M&M’s. So you guys ready? Alright let’s go. – I’m gonna go upstairs. – There are so many
people here it is crazy. It’s like ten o’clock
at night and everybody’s here shopping for M&M’s,
you go figure that. This is awesome though, what a cool store. Where do you wanna hide? – M&M’s. – [Dad] In a M&M. Where do you wanna hide? – M&M’s. – [Dad] But where though? You wanna go up to the third floor or stay on the second floor? – Probably the… – [Dad] You wanna go to the third floor? – Second. – [Dad] You wanna go that way? – No the second one. – [Dad] Take Tyler over here
in the (mumbling) things. Over here. K they want to hide behind these towels. So we can… We’re gonna hide behind the towels. See what we can find here, maybe not. There’s already people behind the towels. That’s crazy. K, so we’re gonna go
up to the third floor. They’re gonna be coming
after us here in a second. We gotta find somewhere. K we’re hiding… – There’s an elevator. – [Dad] No we can’t go in there. – No that one’s the,
one of there’s that… – [Dad] You wanna go get in the elevator, you wanna hide in it? K let’s go. K we’re gonna hide in the elevator. – We’re hiding in the elevator. – It’s been like two
minutes and now we’re gonna go inside and find them. I think we can do it. Let’s go. – He’s gonna hid in sneaky spots. – He’s a trickster. They could be anywhere
in this whole store, we wouldn’t even know. – And there’s three levels and it’s huge. I don’t know how we’re gonna find them. – I just want some M&M’s. We should go upstairs. – Yeah. – Let’s go. This might be a mistake but
we’re on the first floor. – Like see them over here. – So we got the whole
elevator to ourself right now. It was so cramped. It’s so crazy out there. But I have a bad feeling
they’re gonna find us real fast. – Jaycee and Kaycee might win this round. I don’t know. We’ll see. – We’re going upstairs. – Let’s just go straight
up to the third level. – You think they’ll be all the way up. – Yeah let’s go to the very top. – I don’t know if they’d
be all the way up. All right, start looking. – Oh, it’s so crowded. – I don’t know where they are. This is a really hard game. Like this store is very big. We haven’t found them yet on level two and I think I’m gonna go up to the top. – [Ty] I saw mom. – Did you? Tyler says he saw mom
but I didn’t see her. K I’m gonna send them a clue cause… – [Jake] No, don’t, no, no, no. – I’m gonna send mom the clue. Cause it is super hot in here, I’m dying. – [Jake] Say it’s cramped and hot. – I keep hearing it, I keep hearing it. Dad’s doing his whistle whistle. Are we imagining? – We thought we heard
whistles like he does this certain whistle to get
our attention we thought we heard that but no, I don’t know. – Are we imagining the whistle? – I thought he did it. And I was like where’d it go. There they are. – Okay so now we’re headed to the elevator because we can’t find them anywhere. – Yeah. – I’m just afraid. – [Dad] We’re gonna get it now. They couldn’t find us. – Yeah but we’re going up. – [Ty] Hope so no one heard them. – K so I sent mom and
Audrey a hint that it’s hot, cramped, and this is moving. So that should give
them a pretty good clue. – We found you guys, yes. – Yes, yes, yeah. – There’s that one upstairs,
I already checked it. There’s a guest elevator
on the other side. – Guest elevator, let’s see. – So we found them and
we’re in the elevator and it’s very hot. We hope Jordan and Audrey comes too. (laughing) Yeah you guys found them. – Finally. – We found them. – [Ty] Ah, bye bye. – [Dad] Open the door. – I guess we’re getting on. (laughing) – It’s round three and Jaycee and Kaycee are hiding this time. – Yay finally. – We’re going to Time Square. – It’s really busy there, so
it’s gonna be easy to hide. – Yes. – [Dad] Okay good luck. – Yay. – Yay. – [Dad] Don’t get lost. – Hopefully not. – [Dad] They’re headed
down there somewhere. Somewhere down there
where it’s a lot of light. – It is now our turn to
hide and we’re going to Time Square right now
hopefully we can find a good hiding spot. – I don’t even think
you like need to hide. – It’s really busy, I don’t know. – Yeah. – We’ll find a place and show you it. We’re going in the middle of this mess. We’re going up steps right now. We are hiding in a huge
group of people right now. I don’t know if they’re
gonna be able to find us. – I know I’m like. – People are like standing up around us. Yeah. – We’re gonna go find’em. – K we’re here in Time Square and now we gotta try to find’em. They’re gonna be hiding
amongst the people. Because there’s really
not really hiding places. But there’s so many people here that it’s gonna be hard to see them. – [Mom] K where do you think they are? – I have no idea. – I’m thinking maybe on top
of the bleachers somewhere. I have no clue. – [Mom] Oh that’s a good idea. And if we go up there we can see them. – Yeah true. – Yeah. – [Mom] Let’s go. – Let’s go up there. It’s gonna be crowded. Second thought I don’t think
they would go up on that. – [Mom] Look for two blonde hairs. Okay everybody do you see them? I don’t see them. There’s so many people. Where’s Waldo? I mean where’s Jaycee and Kaycee. – Honestly that is the question. – It’s crazy. – [Jaycee] I just wanna say
it’s gonna be extremely hard for them to find us in this crowd. – [Kaycee] Yeah. – This is like humongous. I don’t know like we’re just sitting here. – Dang it I found people that look like them but it’s not them. Ah, so close. – K so we cannot find’em and we’re looking everywhere for’em. There are so many people. K we’re gonna walk up
here where there’s like a little sit down restaurant place and see if we can see’em there. – We think it might be
on the stand over there. – [Dad] Yeah let’s go. I see’em I think. I do I see’em. Okay, I see’em, there right up there in the middle of the stands. (laughing) – [Jaycee] So we have been spotted. – [Kaycee] Okay here he comes. – [Jaycee] Yeah he found us. They’re coming up, so Jake, Ty, and the guys found us. – [Dad] Oh we found you two. – We’ve been spotted. – This is extremely hard. I think they won. Cause no one can find them. – [Mom] You think they’re on the stairs. – Maybe we’re in the same spot again. – Maybe we should check the stairs. – K there are so many people. I’m gonna pan across here, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but we found’em. Look at all these people here. If it’s like this on a
Sunday at 11 o’clock at night could you imagine what this
is like on New Years Eve? Can you imagine? I bet it’s crazy, comment
down below if you’ve ever been here on New Years Eve
to watch the ball drop. – Oh no we’ll go get on
the side of the stairs. – We’re not any good in a crowd. – [Mom] Yeah let’s go check. – We’re avoiding the
stairs, we don’t want to go on the stairs cause
it’s so crazy up there. (fast upbeat music) This is so hard. – [Audrey] We’re gonna
have to go on the stairs. – No we came down on this bit right here. There on the stairs, I bet. – [Mom] Wow. We gotta go down and around Jo. Alright there, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go. Now baby you can get through. – [Audrey] Do you see them? – [Mom] No I don’t. – [Jordan] I see them, up there. – [Mom] Are they are up there? – [Audrey] Jordan see’s them. – [Mom] Go Jordan go. Go Jordan go. Woo. – I can see’em. – [Mom] Is dad with them? – I don’t know, yes they are. – [Mom] Oh we’re the last ones. – [Jordan] We lost. – No we lost. – [Dad] Here’s mom, there’s Jordan. – I saw Jaycee’s face and
I came up here and then I saw that you guys were already here. – [Dad] Yeah buddy. – [Jordan] Man you guys
were extremely hard to find. – Are you kidding, no. – That was really good. Thank you guys so much for
watching and if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up and make sure you check out Jaycee and Kaycee’s channel, the link is down below, to their video. They also did Sardine’s. We’ll see you all next time. – Bye. (slow whimsical music)

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