SARDiNES Hide And Seek IN A Cinderella CASTLE / That YouTub3 Family Family Channel

SARDiNES Hide And Seek IN A Cinderella CASTLE / That YouTub3 Family Family Channel

– Hi guys, welcome back to, – [Family Together] That Youtube Family! – Today we’re playing
sardines in a castle. (cheering) – So the rules of sardine,
is just like a reversed hide and seek, one person will go hide and the rest of us will
then split up and go try to find that person. If you find that person, you have to hide right next to them, thus the name sardines. You gotta get into a squishy spot. The last person to find everybody loses. And the rules here,
we’re gonna say there’s no off limits except for
the front parking lot. So we can hide anywhere in the castle, and anywhere on the back or sides or on the balconies. So there’s lots of places
to hide in this big castle. You guys ready? – I’m sw-eady. – Alright so Audrey’s
gonna go first to hide and then the rest of us are gonna go find her. I’ll text you when I’m done. – Okay ready? – Let’s go. – Ready, set, go! – So it’s my turn to hide first, and there are so many different places you can hide in this castle. Like, I don’t know which
one I’m gonna pick, but let’s go look around. This would be fun right here. Or in here, this would be fun, too. I’m gonna go up to the third level, ’cause I’m pretty sure
there’s a really good hiding spot up there. I’m gonna hit the elevator and let’s go. Why thank you imaginary
ghost opening the door. Let’s go to floor three. Alright so on floor three
there’s an outside balcony area, and I think I know where to hide, there’s a ton of like, there’s
like a photo booth up there and kind of like different boxes and it makes a really good place to hide because things will be blocking you and outside there’s some birds which I think would be
scary for some people that open up the door. And so if I hide up there, then I might be able to last longer. Okay this is floor three. Oh, there’s tons of stuff. Look at all these chairs. Oh my. Let’s see, should I go outside? Look, there’s a pigeon. Where should I go? (screams) That’s what I’m talking about, scary. I hope they didn’t hear me, ’cause I just screamed, no. Okay, I’m gonna go in here. So I’m in this little balcony place, it’s like a little, just a little lookout. I’m gonna wait for them
to come and find me. – Okay, so Audrey’s hiding right now in this big mansion right here. – [Ty] We’re outside. – The castle. – She could be anywhere. There’s three floors,
there’s a huge back yard, this is gonna be hard to find her, but when we do it’s gonna be awesome, because I have a feeling we’re gonna all be able to squish into
some really fun spots. I think she’s ready, we’ve
given her three minutes to hide. – [Jordan And Father] Let’s go. – [Jordan] Ty, which way? – Let’s go out around. – [Father] I’m going this way. – [Jordan] Straight in. – Let’s go out, in case that
she’s out there, we know. Because once we scout out
everything on their side, we can go up in. – [Mother] Do you think
she’s out with the pigeons? – If she’s all the way up
there with the pigeons. – [Mother] Maybe. – And the exit thing, in the
middle of the exit thing, so when one person
tries to find, get find, go by her, she just runs away. Because when she’s in the middle, she could go in the other thing and hurry. – [Mother] Wait, there’s dad. – [Ty] We need to go through, we need to go through. – [Mother] Go on in. – Now the only way they
can come up and find me is through this door or
the door on level one and walk all the way up, because none of the doors will open, and I can’t get back
through this door, look. It’s locked, so if I wanna escape, I have to go to floor one. Let’s see if I can see them outside. So far, no sight. But look how pretty it is, it’s so pretty. – [Ty] Echo. – [Mother] They’re right there. – [Ty] Upstairs. – [Mother] You wanna
check behind that white, let’s check right here. She could be back here behind the screen. I’m thinking probably not. Okay. – [Ty] We have nothing, mom. – [Mother] Where do you think she is? – [Ty] Up to the top of pigeon lane. She snuck up to the pigeon way. – [Audrey] I hear them, let’s see if we can look over the edge. (gasps) They’re on floor one right now. (labored breathing) Did you know I was up here? – [Father] No. I figured you would be. I’m so tired. – [Audrey] Shh, be quiet. (heavy breathing) Look, look, there’s so many bikers. Dad, look all the bikers
are gonna go, ready? Here they go right here. Go bikers, go, go
bikers, go, go bikers go. Try opening up that door, dad. – It doesn’t open. – [Audrey] How do you know. – I tried, I’ve been in here before. – [Audrey] You have? – If you look out there, that’s a walkway. – [Audrey] Yeah, I know,
that’s how I came in. I went to the top. – There’s so many stairs to climb. – [Audrey] I know. So dad was the first one to find me. I heard everyone downstairs. Do you know what their plans are? – They’re going separated, but they saw me take off into the kitchen, because you have to go through
the kitchen to get here. – Or upstairs, level three. – [Father] How’d you get in here, then? – Through this door. – [Father] You came through this door? – Mm-hmm, but you can’t get back through. – [Father] Oh really? – It’s locked. – [Father] So you had to
go across the walkway? – There’s pigeons attacking. – [Mother] This is a
lot, wait we got a lot to search up here, sirs. – [Ty] Plus we’ve got
an elevator to go down. – [Mother] Click the elevator. – [Ty] Why it didn’t open. – [Mother] She might be there. – [Ty] We need to look outside. (elevator dings) She might be outside. – [Mother] I know, but let’s check it, because what if she’s in the elevator? You watch the elevator,
I’ll look all over up here. – [Ty] Waiting for the
elevator so we can see. – [Mother] I don’t know if we’re supposed to be up here or not. (labored breathing) It’ll be alright. You’re checking the elevator? – [Jordan] Yeah, we’re waiting. – [Mother] Not there, okay Ty. Looks like Jordan’s following us. – [Jordan] I know where you’re going. And I’m going the. (screams) Ah, there’s birds. Oh the birds were
everywhere, that was scary. – They’re coming they’re coming. I hear them attacked by the pigeons. They’re coming through
this door, are you ready? – [Ty] Guy’s let’s go around. Guys let’s go all around. – [Mother] Okay, run around,
I’ll wait here for you. Oh wait, Ty, come here Ty. – We got you. Hey, there’s dad. – [Mother] What? Is Jake here? – [Jordan] No. – [Mother] We have to go down. – [Ty] Yeah you can go down. – [Father] You go through the kitchen, but how’d you get up this? – [Mother] How’d you get up here? – Through the kitchen. – [Audrey] He went down
through the kitchen. – [Father] There’s a stairway up here. – This is the third floor. We went all the way around. – [Audrey] There’s Jake! – [Mother] Okay, Jake found us. Alright we all found Audrey,
that was pretty clever, but not clever enough. Jordan’s turn to hide. – Yep, let’s go. Okay it’s my turn to hide. So I’m going around the top
little bird area to find a spot. Let’s go downstairs. I saw them. They don’t even see me. What, they don’t even
see me, wow that’s funny. Let’s go in the elevator. Alright I’m riding the
elevator to floor one, because I’m gonna hide outside, yeah. Okay we’re out of the elevator, let’s go find a spot to hide. I’m gonna hide outside. This is a really cool, castle, though, I just gotta say. Shh, hopefully they don’t
lean over the edge and see me. I don’t know how far I can go. Can I go in there? I don’t know if I can go in there. I’m not gonna risk it, ’cause I don’t want to break the rules. But I am going to hide outside still. Going to find another spot. I’m gonna to to the backyard. Okay I’m back where we
did our little intro, I’m gonna hide out here. Here’s our bridge. I’m not gonna hide on the bridge. Not gonna hide there. Instead, I’m gonna hide over here. There’s a few steps
leading up to the fence. Oh I forgot, there’s a snake over here. Nevermind. Okay, I guess I’m going back inside, I don’t want to be next to snakes. Wow I am really indecisive. This is not good. Let’s go to the third floor, no let’s go to the second floor. Let’s go to second floor and hide. Let’s see. Let me hide, ooh. I’m gonna hide in this
room over here, okay. I don’t think many people
will think of this. It’s the bride’s room. Let’s go in here. Ooh, that was loud. Oh my, okay. Alright, I’m gonna tell them to come. – My strategy is that I
think Jordan is outside, and if she’s down there, she can hear me. – True, I was gonna check the backyard. – Where you going Ty? – Hmm, I don’t know. Second floor. – Second floor. – Jake, Jake? – [Mother] Where you going, Jake? He’s tip toeing off to get an early start. – What about you, mom? – I guess I’m going to the second floor, ’cause it’s the easiest. Ty and I are sticking together, man. Us two slow people, yo. – [Father] Good luck. You’re gonna need it
with team short stuff. Okay she said let’s go. – So I’m just chilling. This room is kind of nice, because it’s got a couch I can sit on. And if I need to go to the bathroom, there’s one right there. Yeah I could just chill in here, yeah, party in the bride’s room. This is kind of weird. Party in the sitting room, woo. Oh I hear them. I feel like they’re coming. I hear them, I think they’re coming. Oh I can hear them, they’re opening up the elevator right now. This is weird, because I
can hear everything that they’re doing, they can
probably hear me, too. Hopefully they don’t find me fast. Hopefully I can be a very good hider-er. And I’ll win at this game. This is hard though,
because this castle is big. – Okay, I heard them, but I don’t know where they went. I can hear them running around outside. Where did they go? – They’re coming. Was it locked? – [Mother] Yeah. – What? Who locked it? Maybe it locked when I opened up the door, because it hit the wall
and it was really loud. I was like it’s not
locked, you can come in. – We found them, that was
easy, now we can chill. – [Ty] We knew it was on the second floor. – Yeah, we’re just chilling, woo hoo. – Okay, so, apparently
Jordan didn’t hide outside, who I almost thought
that was her right there, down there in those bushes. So I gotta figure out where she went. Oh, there’s Jacob. Well she’s not in that room, ’cause Jake would’ve been there. I wonder if she hid outside over here. Front parking lot is of limits. I’m using it as a shortcut to get to the other side of the building, so I know she’s not out here. But she could be right over here. Right in these areas. If I was playing, I would be, either right up there on that fire escape or I’m gonna be outside on the balcony, that’s where she’s at. She’s outside on the balcony. There’s two, two lost souls. – [Jacob] I haven’t seen mama. – [Mother] This is a good hangout place. – Yeah it’s super comfortable, and you can spy outside to see if they’re out there, but I don’t think they are right now. – [Mother] Audrey’s going out, though. – She is, okay let’s look for her. – [Ty] And dad’s going to first floor. So is Jake. So we’re the smart ones. I was the smart one. – [Mother] You were the smart one. – [Jordan] There she is, shh. I see Audrey, I see her. She’s looking where I almost hid, but I remembered that there was a snake. – [Father] So I heard a
ruckus in the elevator. Let’s see, nope not in there. Let’s check back here. See if she’s in this. There’s Audrey, Audrey’s right out there. Hey, what are you doing? – [Audrey] Hello. – [Father] I see somebody over there. – [Jordan] I hear dad. – [Mother] Because the window’s open. – [Jordan] No, he sees Audrey. Oh wait, where is he, where’s dad? Dad was over there, he saw Audrey. I can hear him. – [Ty] He saw us. – [Mother] Don’t let him see you. – Okay I saw somebody in the other room, but I don’t know how to get over there. This place has so many rooms, I don’t know how to get
to the other turret. Let’s see if I can
figure out how to do it. See if I was hiding,
this is where I would be. I would come outside on this balcony and hide right there. But that’s not what she did. So I’m thinking based
upon where I saw them, they might be over here. – [Jordan] Oh I can hear, he’s here. – I’m just chilling playing on the phone. – [Jordan] He’s here, I can hear him. – [Mother] Okay, shh. – [Jordan] Hello. We heard you outside. – I found them, yeah. – [Jordan] Dad, you saw
Ty through the window? – Through that window. – [Jordan] I was trying to spy and see you but I couldn’t find you. – I didn’t know how to get where you are. – [Jordan] I heard you, though. What’s really funny is
in the boy’s groom’s room there like a TV for them to play on and in here it’s just so nice and there’s like, there’s like chairs for you to sit on and the boy’s room there’s a TV. – Guess what, mom thought
these, this was bathrooms. I’m like, wait, this
is not boys and girls. – I like this one, because
you can sit and relax in big chairs. – [Jordan] I know, seriously,
that’s what I thought. I was like, I’m coming in
here ’cause it’s comfortable. – [Ty] No one’s outside. – Welcome to the party. – [Jordan] Hello Audrey. – Wow I didn’t realize this was a room. – [Jordan] Close the door
so that Jake doesn’t know. – [Audrey] It smells in here. – [Ty] Wait, where’d you find Jake? – I heard him say I give up, I tell you I give up. – [Ty] Move this is my seat. – I heard you guys talking in this room. – [Jordan] Aw, man, dad. We’re waiting for Jacob now. – Where did you think
Jordan was hiding, Audrey. – In the backyard. – I thought she was gonna
be in the side yard. – [Jordan] Yeah. – I thought you were gonna be outside. – [Jordan] I almost hid in the backyard, but then I remembered that
there was a snake back there. Like I literally walked all the way there, and then I was like oh wait, just kidding. – [Mother] That’s why we waited so long. – [Jordan] Yeah, sorry. Jacob! – I thought you couldn’t go in this room. – [Mother] Apparently we can. – [Jordan] Yay. – [Mother] We got ya. – I was saying I gave up. – [Father] Did you think we left you, did you go down and make
sure the van was still there? – No I just checked everywhere. – Thank you guys so much for watching, if you enjoyed this video
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and we’ll see you next time. – [Family Together] Bye.

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